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MORE PICS – Prelude: ALTANTUYA Murder Trial (Jun 4 07) – Accused Koperal Sirul Azhar & Abdul Razak Fishing - More Documents; Judge Decides May 28 07

Part IX Continuing the Altantuya Murder Saga & Trial

Wednesday May 30, 2007
Accused in Altantuya case files appeal

PETALING JAYA: Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, one of two policemen accused of the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, is taking his application for witnesses’ statements to the Court of Appeal. His lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin filed the notice of appeal Wednesday at the Shah Alam High Court Registry.

“We’ve obtained a certificate of urgency. If the court decides to act on it, the hearing of the appeal will probably be in a couple of weeks,” he said when contacted. On Tuesday, the Shah Alam High Court dismissed Kpl Sirul Azhar’s application for access to all witnesses’ statements ahead of the trial scheduled for Monday. The application was supported by C/Insp Azilah Hadri who is also accused of murdering the Mongolian beauty, and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda who is charged with abetting them.

C/Insp Azilah, 31, and Kpl Sirul Azhar, 36, allegedly committed the murder in Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. Abdul Razak, 47, is accused of abetting the policemen at the Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year. All three face the death penalty if convicted.
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May 29, 2007 18:52 PM

Accused In Altantuya Murder Case Cannot Access Statement Before Trial

SHAH ALAM, May 29 (Bernama) -- The three accused facing charges relating to the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu failed in their attempt in the High Court here today to gain access to the prosecution witnesses' statements before the commencement of the trial on Monday. Their application on the ground that there was no provision in the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and Evidence Act that gives an accused person the right to inspect the statements recorded from witnesses by the police under Section 112 of the CPC. He said he was bound by a Federal Court decision in the case of Husdi v PP (1979) MLJ 80 (Husdi No 1) that witnesses statements were absolute privileged documents and the defence did not have the right of access to the statements.

However, it was a win-win situation as the judge also held that the defence had the privilege, as held in the same case, to obtain the witnesses' statements only after the witnesses had testified in the trial, for the purpose of impeaching the witnesses. The trial will proceed on Monday although counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, representing Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, will challenge today's decision in the Court of Appeal. He did not ask the court to stay the proceedings pending the disposal of his appeal. Kpl Sirul Azhar, 35, had filed a formal application seeking a court order to compel the prosecution to provide them with the 112 witnesses statements and his application was supported by Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, 46.

Azilah's newly-appointed lawyer, Hazman Ahmad, who replaced counsel Zulkefli Noordin, informed the court that they were supporting Sirul Azhar's application. Azilah and Sirul Azhar were charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, in Lot 12843 and Lot 16735, Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. Abdul Razak is charged with abetting the policemen from the Special Force Unit to commit the murder at Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year. All three face the death penalty if convicted.

Altantuya's remains, blown to bits with explosives, were found in a forest area in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, on Nov 7 last year. In his oral judgment, Mohamed Zaki said the court should not apply the common law of England and Wales which allowed accused persons to inspect police statements as there was already a provision in Malaysia governing that issue and no lacuna in Malaysia with regard to supply of document. Therefore, the judge said, he found it unnecessary to make any reference to the England and Brunei cases referred to by Counsel Kamarul Hisham who had urged the court to adopt the common law of England and Wales on the disclosure of statements to the accused. "I can find no provision which can give the right to the accused to inspect the witnesses' statements.

"It doesn't matter that there are witnesses who are not potential to testify for or against the accused. The prosecution has no duty to supply the witnesses statements to the defence. I am of the view that it is undesirable for the prosecution to provide witnesses' statements to the defence as there is a real danger of tampering of witnesses," he said. Kamarul Hisham told reporters that he would invoke their right to ask the court to examine the 112 witnesses statements and if there was contradiction (with their oral evidence in court) he would apply for the statements to be supplied to the defence to impeach the witnesses. In his application, Sirul Azhar had asked the prosecution to provide him with the autopsy report, chemist reports, dental report, radiologist examination report and laboratory report and was supplied with the documents except for the 112 witneses statements which the prosecution refused to disclose to the defence. All the accused were not present in court.= == = == = =

2007/05/26, NST

'Police statements not for public view'

SHAH ALAM: Statements given to police by witnesses are classified. Head of the Classified Cases Unit deputy public prosecutor Salehuddin Saidin said these statements were privileged documents and should not be allowed access to the defense as it could result in witness tampering. "The statements are from witnesses who know about the case. It is our duty to protect them," he told the High Court yesterday. Salehuddin was submitting on the application made by counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, seeking an order to supply him the statements of witnesses in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case. Kamarul, who is representing murder accused corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, made the application on May 18.

ABOVE & BELOW: Lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin for murder accused Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar.
He has already received the ballistic, chemist and postmortem reports, but is also insisting on the statements which police had recorded from the witnesses. Salehuddin, who is assisted by head of the General Crimes and Sexual Unit, DPP Noorin Badaruddin, however, refused to give in. "If the statements are made public, society will not have confidence in thesystem," he said, adding that these witnesses would be offered to the defence during trial, which will begin on June 4. Salehuddin also said if these statements were produced in court before the trial, it might prejudice the accused. "There are no authorities which state that an accused has the right to these statements. The defense has no basis in the application. "We have provided the defense with other documents except the witnesses' statements. "Even if the accused claimed to have the right to the statements, he must state his interest.

When this happens, the court must decide if his interest overrides the public's." Earlier, Kamarul contended that these were public documents and should be supplied to the accused so that he knew the allegations against him. "Without these documents, how will we exercise our right to impeach witnesses?" he asked. "In England, witnesses' depositions are supplied to the defence. Why can't it be done here? There is no law to state that it will prejudice the accused if the statements are produced before trial ."Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin fixed Tuesday for decision.

= = = = = =Saturday May 26, 2007

Altantuya murder: Razak wants full details, too


SHAH ALAM: Abdul Razak Baginda also wants access to all the witnesses’ statements in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial. The 47-year-old political analyst, who is facing a murder abetment charge, informed the court through his counsel Wong Kian Kheong yesterday that he supported the application made by murder accused Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar. High Court Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin will decide on Tuesday whether to allow them access to all the statements. Kpl Sirul Azhar, 36, filed his application last week through counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin. In the application, Kpl Sirul Azhar is also seeking to compel the prosecution to release to him all documents in its possession which could weaken its case.

Working together: Lawyers Wong (left) and Kamarul exchanging greetings at the Shah Alam High Court on Friday. They represent different accused persons in the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu. Such documents, he said, would include records of prosecution witnesses’ previous convictions and details relating to whether any of the prosecution witnesses had asked for rewards as an incentive to testify. It is not known whether the other accused, Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, supported the application because he and his counsel Zulkifli Noordin were absent. At the outset of yesterday’s proceedings, DPP Salehuddin Saidin told the court that he had handed over to the defence some of the documents sought by them such as the post-mortem, chemist, ballistic, dental, radiologist and DNA reports.

The senior prosecutor, however, denied that his team had any knowledge of prosecution witnesses asking for rewards. Kamarul Hisham mentioned that the defence was still waiting for other documents such as photographs as well as transcribed SMSes and telephone conversations of each accused. He argued that since his client’s interest was at stake, Kpl Sirul Azhar should be given access to the witnesses’ statements to prepare his defence. Wong said the access should be given in the interest of justice and transparency. Salehuddin argued that the defence’s request was unprecedented. “I am sure if the witnesses’ statements are given to the defence, no one will dare to come forward and offer to give evidence. “The application ought to be dismissed,” he said, adding that the law currently already outlined what information the defence should get before the commencement of a trial. He cautioned the court that there might also be the danger of witness tampering

Altantuya Shaariibuu

Kamarul Hisham said that if his application was not successful, he would seek an appeal but would not ask for a stay of proceedings. Rumours had been circulating that the case would face a postponement. It is scheduled to start on June 4 and go on for a month. Even the presiding judge Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin appeared concerned with the timing of Kamarul Hisham’s application when he remarked that it should have been filed earlier.

The judge had even postponed two other part-heard cases just to hear submissions from the parties on the application yesterday. Another lawyer, Kitson Foong, has joined Kpl Sirul Azhar's defence team. Kpl Sirul Azhar and Chief Insp Azilah, 31, allegedly murdered Altantuya n Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. Abdul Razak Baginda was charged with abetting the policemen at the Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year. All three face the death penalty if convicted.= = == = == = == = = =

Thursday May 24, 2007;Altantuya murder : ‘Release all documents’; By CHELSEA L.Y. NG and EDDIE CHUA;

PETALING JAYA: One of the policemen charged with the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu wants the Attorney-General to release to him all documents that are in his Chambers’ possession that could contradict the prosecution’s case. The Shah Alam High Court will hear Koperal Sirul Azhar Umar’s application tomorrow. Lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, who appeared for Kpl Sirul, filed the papers last Friday and served them on the A-G’s Chambers yesterday. He said his client was also seeking all expert reports and statements recorded from all the potential witnesses in the case. Altantuya: Her remains were found on Nov 7. Kamarul Hisham, however, dispelled rumours that the main trial scheduled for June 4 would be put off.

Lawyer Ram Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for Altantuya’s family, said the victim’s father and cousin sister, who have been listed as witnesses, would be flown in next week along with some Mongolian government officials. A Mongolian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman said the representatives from the Mongolian Justice and Internal Affairs Ministry as well as the Foreign Affairs Ministry would be here next month to monitor the trial, which involves prominent political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda. The spokesman said they were particularly interested to see how the trial would be conducted in the interest of the Mongolian public. Sources from the prosecution side said the witnesses would be flown in a few days before the trial, which is scheduled for one month.

They said there had not been any request for postponement by any party. Zulkifli Noordin, who acted for the first accused Cif Insp Azilah Hadri, could not be reached for comment. C/Insp Azilah, 35, and Kpl Sirul, 30, were charged with murdering Altantuya in Lot 12843 and Lot 16735 in Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year. The remains of the 28-year-old Mongolian woman, who had been blown to bits with explosives, were found in a forest area in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, on Nov 7. Abdul Razak, 46, was charged with abetting the policemen at the Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year. All three face the death penalty if convicted.

= = = = ==May 24, 2007 22:28 PM

Father To Attend Altantuya's Murder Trial As Witness; By B. Hariharasuthan

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 (Bernama) -- Dr Shaariibuu Setev (ABOVE), the father of Mongolian part-time model Altantuya Shaariibuu, will be a witness in the trial of her murder, which begins at the Shah Alam High Court on June 4. Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Al Habshi said despite suffering from chronic depression and having been advised by doctors to rest, Dr Shaariibuu Setev, 56, had insisted on attending the trial. The National University of Mongolia's Information and Educational Centre director was scheduled to arrive in the country on June 2, he told Bernama. More than 20 witnesses are expected to take the stand during the 26-day trial.

Altantuya's gruesome murder received wide coverage here and in Mongolia amid speculations that besides being shot, explosives were also used to blow up her body.Syed Abdul Rahman said Shaariibuu would be accompanied by Special Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs of Mongolia Aruinbold Yadmaa, an official from the Mongolian embassy in Bangkok, Altantuya's three cousins identified only as Burmaa, Almiraa and Gal Ochir, and a translator named Aggie. He said Shaariibuu hoped the trial would run smoothly and that some of Altantuya's bone fragments -- currently held as a court exhibit -- would be flown to Mongolia's capital Ulaan Bataar for a grand burial. "Shaaribuu continues to be in a state of grief and prays that God would punish those who murdered his daughter," Syed Abdul Rahman said. Bone fragments believed to be hers were recovered in a secondary forest near the Subang Dam in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, in November last year. Altantuya came to Malaysia on Oct 6 with a cousin, reportedly to search for a Malaysian man who had befriended her in Mongolia.

When she went missing 13 days later, the cousin lodged a police report and sought help from the Mongolian embassy in Bangkok.Two policemen from the Federal Police Special Action Force, Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, have been charged with her murder. A prominent local political analyst, Abdul Razak Baginda, 46, has also been charged with abetment in the murder.

= == = there are now NI N E PARTS to the Saga documented here, a Video Clip would be compiled soon

Nov 07 06, PART 1

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Nov 12 06 Part II

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Nov 17 06 Part III

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Jan 06 07 Part V

= = == == = == = Jan 20 07 Part VI
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Mar 09 07 Part VII

MORE PICS–ALTANTUYA SHAARIIBUU MURDER TRIAL Rescheduled to June 4- 29 07 under New Trial Judge Judicial Comm. Datuk Mohd Zaki-who took over from Datuk KN Negara

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Mar 17 07

32,357 Foreign Women (from China, Myanma, Philippines, Vietnam, India) detained for Vice last 6 years; Men “Buying” Foreign Wives; Local FL Hookers

UPDATE: May 28 07

Monday May 28, 2007

Chinese women forced into vice trade

CHINA Press reported that two women from China who came to Malaysia to work in karaoke joints were forced to become prostitutes after arriving here in September. The women, identified as Tham, 30, and Zhang, 24, said they only escaped after telling their “bodyguard” that they needed to answer nature’s call.

Tham said she and Zhang were good friends from the same village in China and were unemployed when they heard that they could earn RM40 an hour in karaoke joints here. A middleman agreed to make the necessary arrangements for 6,000 renminbi (RM2,659) which included return air tickets and work permits, they said.They were to pay the money after they got their wages here, according to the report.

However, when they arrived in Kuala Lumpur, the middleman told them that their work permits had been suspended and they could not work in karaoke joints. “He then forced us to prostitute ourselves instead,” Tham claimed. When the women initially refused, they were given only one small meal a day. They were eventually forced to take in customers, she said.

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May 24, 2007 17:17 PM ;

32,357 Foreign Women Arrested For Involvement In Vice

PENANG, May 24 (Bernama) -- Police have arrested 32,357 foreign women suspected to be involved in vice activities in the country between 2000 and April 2006. Criminal Investigation Department Director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee (ABOVE) said the women were now in prison or immigration depots pending investigation before being deported to their country of origin. Speaking at a forum on contemporary security issues here today he said police rescued 344 foreign women from the clutches of unscrupulous vice operators between 2004 and 2006. To address the issue, more cooperation was needed among the affected countries, be it the source country, destination country or transit county, he added.

"The willingness and transparency of each country in overcoming this issue is very crucial in the war against this menace," he said. He said the Malaysian authorities had continuously taken steps to eradicate the problem of illegal immigrants to ensure that any party concerned would not have the opportunity to exploit the immigrants for the purpose of prostitution and forced labour. He said that although prostitution was not an offence in Malaysia, nevertheless, there were laws that related to the issue and enabled the country to combat trafficking in persons.

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May 24, 2007 15:45 PM

More Men 'Buying' Wife From Overseas, Dewan Negara Told
KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 (Bernama) -- The number of Malaysian men who "buy" and are looking for a wife among foreign nationals is on the rise, the Dewan Negara was told Thursday. Parliamentary Secretary to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said the problem existed because there were agents from overseas playing the role of matchmakers. "The agents find the match based on the suitability from information given by indidviduals and not based on acquaintance," she said in reply to Senator Datuk Nor Diana Shafie.

She said marital problems started to arise due to cultural differences, lack of understanding and also syndicates bent on cheating men in the country. To a question by Senator Datuk Abdul Rashid Ngah, Chew said Chinese men did not want to marry women with bigger income and higher qualification than them because of ego, and the contrary applies to Chinese women. The best way to change the situation, she said, was to create a gender equality concept so that men and women did not give priority the income and academic status of each other. "If this cannot be accepted, men have to study hard," she said. Chew also said that the Fourth Malaysian Population and Family Study carried out by the National Population and Family Development Board showed that the main reason why women stayed single or got married late was the difficulty in finding the right match.

She said the study found that 80 per cent of unmarried women respondents aged between 25 and 49 had the intention of getting married but could not find a suitable match. Meanwhile, Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said in reply to Senator Datuk Dayang Mahani Pengiran Ahmad Raffae that the number of divorce between Malaysian men and foreign women was 219 last year while that of Malaysian women and foreign men was 95. Replying to Senator Datuk Yaakob Mohammad, Tan said that last year, the Immigration Department issued 151,383 social visit passes to foreign nationals and among the reasons was to enable them to marry a local resident.

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Background on the FL (free lancers) Local Hookers for fun & extra cash; June 02, 2006 10:09 AM

Ladies Of The Night: For Fun Or Extra Cash?; By Nurazira Rashid

KUALA LUMPUR, June 2 (Bernama) -- Almost every night, Lina (not her real name) would visit nightspots in Bukit Bintang, in the city's golden triangle, looking for some fun and "extra cash". Dressed in skin-tight miniskirt and a revealing top, Lina would draw the attention of many male patrons the moment she walks into any of these entertainment outlets. Only 21 years old and hailing from an east coast state, Lina came to the city to get a job after getting second grade in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination. She landed a job as a sales promoter at a shopping complex in Ampang, but her monthly pay of RM700 is certainly not enough for her survival in the city. Furthermore, she has to send home RM200 a month for her parents and four school-going siblings. What about her house rental as well as food and transport expenses?

For Lina, who is gifted with a stunning and curvaceous figure as well as a beautiful face, getting around this problem is no big deal and she uses the "easy way out" by becoming a part-time lady of the night to get the extra cash that she badly needs for her luxurious lifestyle. This career is nothing new in this world. Many women who have high education and permanent employment are still resorting to prostitution. It is no surprise if there are women who do this part-time job just for fun apart from seeking that extra cash needed for a glamorous city life.

The chief of Kuala Lumpur police's anti-gambling, secret societies and vice division Supt Mohd Zaki Masroh in a recent interview with Bernama, said: "Hookers working part-time is nothing new in our society particularly in Kuala Lumpur. Those with permanent jobs like clerks and production operators are involved in this activity". Mohd Zaki said there are no exact statistics on these women. "It is difficult to get the right figure as they do it discreetly and hence difficult to nab. This type of prostitution is usually limited to individuals. "He said there is high possibility that these part-timers want a luxurious lifestyle like owning a big house, buying a posh car apart from having sophisticated mobile phones and wearing designer outfits of international brands.

Prostitution occurs when there is demand. Demand for prostitutes in Malaysia is rather high, particularly in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Ipoh. In Kuala Lumpur, the prostitutes and their dens can be found at locations like Jalan Hicks, Jalan Alor and Jalan Bukit Bintang in Bukit Bintang, and Jalan Thambipillay in Brickfields as well as the infamous red-light zone, Lorong Haji Taib. For the higher-class hookers, they can be found at nightspots in localities like Jalan Horley and Jalan Imbi. These places are the focus of wealthy patrons or those seeking out Uzbekistan "products" and those with Caucasian looks. "When there is rise in demand, this activity automatically increases. Hence, it is no surprise that many prostitutes from countries like China, Myanmar and the Philippines are being sneaked into the country to meet the demand", Mohd Zaki said.

Earning fast cash is a key factor for women to be involved in this immoral activity
. A night's work which brings in RM2,000 seems very attractive. However, this lucrative income belongs to the high-class prostitutes operating at posh hotels in the city. "As for those operating at Lorong Haji Taib or Chow Kit, they are living from hand to mouth. They would be lucky to earn RM20 a night," Mohd Zaki said, referring to the old-timers and cross-dressers at these spots. Mohd Zaki said prostitution in the city is under control and many suspected foreign women including Chinese, Filipino, Uzbek, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indian nationals had been arrested.

"I am not trying to come out with some comforting words, but there seems to be lesser prostitution syndicates operating in Kuala Lumpur despite more arrests of prostitutes. "These syndicates mainly deal with part-time hookers, and their activities are difficult to be uncovered. "The syndicates and prostitutes rarely stay in one place but frequently move around, operating from different hotels or private residences and messes." Mohd Zaki said the prostitutes and their pimps, who previously moved around in big groups, are now operating in small groups of two to four each to evade police detection. He said it is not easy to educate the public to stay away from prostitutes as the desire and refrain comes from within oneself.

= = = == and from Japan's Pink Book, Go H E R E ON

MORE PICS (below)– Book on JAPAN’s Bondage Rituals, Kinky Uniformed Woman & Clubs Caters to Fetish Cultures; MALAYSIA - Internet - Link for the Many Youth

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MORE PICS & Video – CAR Plunges 6 Floors – Proton Iswara Woman Driver 27 survived Ordeal in Mutiara Heights Apartment Complex, Penang; Loss Control

ABOVE: The Proton Iswara as seen from the higher floors. INSET: The car, all smashed up BELOW: a close up view

By : Aaron Ngui, NST.; 2007/05/24

Woman cheats death after car plunges six floors to the ground

Chan Chen Nee must have thought her life was at an end today
. The 27-year-old accounts clerk was driving down the car park complex of her condominium when she lost control of her vehicle, which crashed through the wall and plunged six floors to the ground. When firemen extricated her from the wreck of the Proton Iswara, which ended up on its roof, all she had was a broken left hand, cuts and bruises. Chan was believed to have been on her way to work when the incident occurred at the Mutiara Heights apartment complex near the Jelutong expressway at 8.15am.

ABOVE: The lucky woman driver, her time is not yet ready to go, she lives on and BELOW: with only a broken arm to show after the mishap

Passers-by who witnessed the incident rushed to her aid. They called the Fire and Rescue Services Department when they saw Chan pinned between her seat and the steering wheel. Firemen from the Jalan Perak station, who arrived soon after, took only five minutes to free her. Chan's husband, who wanted to be identified only as Teh, said he was at work when a friend informed him that his wife was involved in an accident. “I rushed home but an ambulance had already taken her to the hospital. I am not sure what exactly happened but am thankful that she did not suffer any serious injury,” the 29-year-old technician said.

= = =

Friday May 25, 2007; the STAR account ( the name is different, and was it the right arm that was broken and the age of husband)
Woman driver survives plunge from car park


PENANG: A 27-year-old woman miraculously survived when her Proton Iswara plunged from the sixth floor of Mutiara Heights multi-storey car park in Jelutong here. Clerk Jenny Tan, who broke her left arm(?????? Right or left, see pic), was said to have been negotiating a sharp turn at her flat's car park at about 8.15am yesterday when she lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into a wall. The car landed on its top, with both the front and rear badly damaged. Tan's 32-year-old husband, who declined to be named, said his wife could have accidentally stepped on the accelerator or the brakes might have failed. A housewife said she was on her way home after a morning walk when she suddenly heard a loud crash. “I ran to take a look and was shocked to see the wreck. I then called a neighbour to contact the fire and rescue department as there was a woman in the car,” said the witness in her late 40s.

In September last year, a 34-year-old woman and her 10-year-old son survived when their car plunged from a three-storey car park, also in Jelutong.

= = = == = = == =

Watch the Video Clip (about 50 sec)

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= = == = ==

A similar incident happened on 6th Sep 2006 in Pangsar Puri Symphony Park in Jelutong Penang

Thursday, May 24, 2007

MORE PICS – COURT Complex 1st Leak Flooding Canteen - Angle Deep Water; Another Shoddy work Example – UPVC End Cap was used instead of ABS class 15

According to NST, the ACA has initiated investigations into the contractor and the sub-con plumber. More details when available.
May 24, 2007 15:22 PM

Flooding In Jalan Duta Court Complex - Contractor To Explain

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Mei (Bernama) -- Upset and disappointed with yet another calamity at the brand-new Jalan Duta court complex yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz wants the contractor, Johawaki Sdn Bhd, to explain the situation as soon as Monday. "I'm going to get the contractor to explain this...we are the owner of the buiding...the fund (to build the complex) comes from our department...we have the right to know what happened," he told reporters at Parliament House here today.

Mohamed Nazri, who holds the law portfolio, claimed that the contractor had used a sub-standard material, which would be another issue to be explained."This is shoddy work," he said. The court had appointed a consultant company (Kemuncak Facility) to look at all the defects at the complex and would come up with a full report, he said. The court complex, touted as the world's second-largest court complex, began operations on May 3 and is still under warranty for defects which will and expire in February next year. Mohamed Nazri said that since it was still under warrantly, the contractor might have to bear the cost of the repair.

He said that so far, the government had only made 80 per cent of the payment for the RM270 million complex. Early yesterday, a faulty pipe burst and caused water to gush out from a service room at the basement cafeteria, resulting in the floor being covered in 7cm of water. The incident was the latest mishap to have hit the complex after two ceiling panels collapsed together with some light fittings on April 30 and cracks appeared outside Magistrate's Court 4 a week later.
= = == = == = == == = == = =

This burst pipe is yet another example of shoddy work. When there is a shortage of a part, another one of similar nature “can do”. The faulty part is made of UPVC (poly vinyl chloride) and is used on an ABS class 15 (the black ones). Of course the sub-contractor forced it on and possibly uses addition glue but it would not last long. And when subjected to constant pressure, eventually broke loose and the resulting leak.

It would be a good practice now in all the new buildings, the staff be informed of ALL the isolating valves in a building just in case of a leak; the source of water can be isolated fast enough to prevent more damage.
The replacement of this faulty cap illustrates the Malaysia Boleh culture - to do a simple job required 4 people. One to carry the pipe, another to carry the tin of glue, third to carry the tools and the last one to fix a simple job.

ABOVE & BELOW: The new Court Complex in Jalan Duta was opened for business on May 08 07

May 23, 2007 19:14 PM

Leaked Pipe Causes Flood At Court Complex

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 (Bernama) -- Less than a month since the Court Complex in Jalan Duta started operations, during which it had faced various problems such as collapsed ceiling, cracks and power disruption, it again drew the limelight today when a leaked pipe flooded the cafeteria on the ground floor.

ABOVE & BELOW: At 10.30 am, cleaners were busy mopping dry the floor of the canteen

Water seeped out to the dining area from the service room, where the water level was ankle deep, flooding about 90 percent of the cafeteria which can take 450 people at any one time, forcing those who were eating to move to a dry area. A check by Bernama revealed that members of the public, lawyers and court staff had to stand while consuming their food or drinks as the chairs and tables had been moved out. It was learnt that after the water had seeped out, an explosion was heard from the service room, believed to be due to a pipe head coming off. "The incident began about 9 am. I called two building cleaners to clean the area," said Siti Fatimah Nor Abdul Aziz, 26, a stall worker in the cafeteria. She said water suddenly flowed out of the service room, located next to the women's toilet, to the cafeteria causing people to move away from the area. "I came to know that the water came from a leaked pipe," said Siti Fatimah Nor who helps her sister-in-law who operates one of the food stalls in the cafeteria. A lawyer, Muhammad Ariff Arshad said he noticed that water was flowing out of the service room which resulted in the chairs and tables being moved, and customers having to move out of the dining area. "What is regretful and frustrating is that it had not even been a month (since the Court Complex became operational) and a flood has occurred at the canteen, a place where we come for food and drinks. This is as though, they (judiciary) were given a fake product, or product without quality," said lawyer M. Manoharan. There was also a commotion when one of the security guards at the complex made rude remarks when trying to prevent media photographers from taking pictures of the situation. It said the leak was brought under control about 9.40 am after the end cap was replaced with the end cap of the same material as the tee joint of ABS Class 13 material. The statement also said that the leakage did not cause any damage to other building compound and operation at the cafetaria returned to normal at noon.

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Thursday May 24, 2007

Court complex hit by calamity again

KUALA LUMPUR: Yet another calamity hit the brand-new Jalan Duta court complex yesterday when a faulty pipe burst, causing the cafeteria floor to be flooded. At about 9.15am yesterday, a burst pipe end cap caused water to gush out from a service room at the basement cafeteria, resulting in much of the floor being covered in 7cm of water.

The incident was the latest in a series of major incidents in less than a month to hit the RM290mil complex, touted as the world's second-largest court complex.

ABOVE: Public Works Department (PWD) director-general Datuk Dr Judin Abdul Karim arriving and BELOW: refused to give further comments, apart from the written statement

Public Works Department (PWD) director-general Datuk Dr Judin Abdul Karim said the incident was caused by a pipe end cap at a T-joint. “The end cap was made of UPVC material which is different from the T- joint which was made from ABS class 15. The end cap has been replaced with an ABS elbow class 15 as per the original specification,” he said in a written statement. Dr Judin, who arrived at the scene at noon, refused to speak to the press and tried hard to stay away from reporters.

His statement was read out by PWD deputy director-general III N. Selvanayagam (ABOVE). The statement said contractors were despatched to the affected area at 9.30am and the leak was brought under control by 9.40am. The situation in the cafeteria returned to normal by noon after the cleaning process was completed. Dr Judin said the PWD would report the main contractor to the Construction Industry Development Board. He added that the plumber would also not be spared. When reporters managed to get to him, Dr Judin refused to comment further and only confirmed that checks were being conducted on the whole building. Acting Chief Registrar of the Federal Court Ahmad Terriruddin Mohd Salleh, who rushed from Putrajaya upon being informed about the incident, also refused to comment. “We will leave it to the Public Works Department to handle,” he said. The nightmare for the new court complex began on April 30, just before the official opening on May 3, when two ceiling panels collapsed together with some lights. Less than a week after that, cracks measuring at least 3m long began appearing outside Magistrate's Court 4. A check by The Star yesterday revealed that the cracks have since been patched up. On May 7, the air-conditioning in one of the High Courts malfunctioned, while on May 9 the entire complex experienced a blackout, resulting in several cases being postponed.

ABOVE & BELOW: Malaysian work culture to do a simple job required 4 people. One to carry the pipe, another to carry the tin of glue, third to carry the tools and the last one to fix a simple job. - Malaysia Boleh!

and where in the hell is Samy Vellu? Apparently he was grieving and mourning as his younger brother 68 had just past away on the day of the first leak.

= = == = = == = and some advice from PM Abdullah (all the way from Japan)

Stop The 'Finger-pointing' – Abdullah; From Leslean Arshad

TOKYO, May 22 (Bernama) -- The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for maintenance of government buildings and there should be no "finger-pointing" whenever a defect occurs, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today. The Prime Minister said he had told Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu that matters pertaining to maintenance of government buildings was under the PWD's jurisdiction and accusations as to who was responsible must stop as it would only lead to embarrassment. Instead, he wanted the authorities responsible to carry out the entrusted tasks, he said.

"I've told Samy Vellu that the PWD was responsible for matters related to maintenance, don't quarrel among yourselves, it's embarrassing. "It's alright if you want to talk it over and carry out the repairs jointly ...what's the point of quarrelling with each other to the extent of the people knowing. If there's something wrong, talk to each other, cooperate and do it quietly...what's the point of quarrelling in the newspapers, one says they're responsible, the other says it's your problem," he said when commenting on the issue of maintaining government buildings and the leaking roof in Parliament. "Already people are unhappy with what has happened, who is to take responsibility and who is responsible have also become a public issue, two agencies quarrelling...this is not good," he said.

Abdullah said the authorities concerned must have the sense of responsibility to do what they are supposed to do. "Whoever is responsible must have the sense of responsibility to make sure what it was responsible to do. It takes action, it carries out its responsibility," he said. He said the scope of duties and responsibilities have been clearly spelled out and they should not wait to be told on what to do. "For example, if you've been appointed as a cook... why waits before starting to cook," he said. Abdullah said that allotting adequate allocations for maintenance was not a waste or a burden as it was a money-saving measure as more money would have to be spent if a building was damaged or defective.

"Maybe the building needs to be replaced with a new one. So the expenses incurred will be more than the allocations set aside for maintenance," he said. Abdullah said he was impressed with the maintenance culture of the Japanese people who are known for their efficient maintenance practices, cleanliness, public courtesy and high civic-consciousness. He believed that the 14,000 Malaysians, who have studied in Japan, would have been "influenced" to emulate the noble cultures of the Japanese in their daily lives. The prime minister also marvelled at the creativity of the Japanese who could commercialise materials that were often discarded in Malaysia.

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