Friday, May 25, 2007

MORE PICS & Video – CAR Plunges 6 Floors – Proton Iswara Woman Driver 27 survived Ordeal in Mutiara Heights Apartment Complex, Penang; Loss Control

ABOVE: The Proton Iswara as seen from the higher floors. INSET: The car, all smashed up BELOW: a close up view

By : Aaron Ngui, NST.; 2007/05/24

Woman cheats death after car plunges six floors to the ground

Chan Chen Nee must have thought her life was at an end today
. The 27-year-old accounts clerk was driving down the car park complex of her condominium when she lost control of her vehicle, which crashed through the wall and plunged six floors to the ground. When firemen extricated her from the wreck of the Proton Iswara, which ended up on its roof, all she had was a broken left hand, cuts and bruises. Chan was believed to have been on her way to work when the incident occurred at the Mutiara Heights apartment complex near the Jelutong expressway at 8.15am.

ABOVE: The lucky woman driver, her time is not yet ready to go, she lives on and BELOW: with only a broken arm to show after the mishap

Passers-by who witnessed the incident rushed to her aid. They called the Fire and Rescue Services Department when they saw Chan pinned between her seat and the steering wheel. Firemen from the Jalan Perak station, who arrived soon after, took only five minutes to free her. Chan's husband, who wanted to be identified only as Teh, said he was at work when a friend informed him that his wife was involved in an accident. “I rushed home but an ambulance had already taken her to the hospital. I am not sure what exactly happened but am thankful that she did not suffer any serious injury,” the 29-year-old technician said.

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Friday May 25, 2007; the STAR account ( the name is different, and was it the right arm that was broken and the age of husband)
Woman driver survives plunge from car park


PENANG: A 27-year-old woman miraculously survived when her Proton Iswara plunged from the sixth floor of Mutiara Heights multi-storey car park in Jelutong here. Clerk Jenny Tan, who broke her left arm(?????? Right or left, see pic), was said to have been negotiating a sharp turn at her flat's car park at about 8.15am yesterday when she lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into a wall. The car landed on its top, with both the front and rear badly damaged. Tan's 32-year-old husband, who declined to be named, said his wife could have accidentally stepped on the accelerator or the brakes might have failed. A housewife said she was on her way home after a morning walk when she suddenly heard a loud crash. “I ran to take a look and was shocked to see the wreck. I then called a neighbour to contact the fire and rescue department as there was a woman in the car,” said the witness in her late 40s.

In September last year, a 34-year-old woman and her 10-year-old son survived when their car plunged from a three-storey car park, also in Jelutong.

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Watch the Video Clip (about 50 sec)

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A similar incident happened on 6th Sep 2006 in Pangsar Puri Symphony Park in Jelutong Penang


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