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MORE PICS – HONDA All-New 2nd generation Stream Launched Malaysia -21-Nov-07; 8-litre i-VTEC Engine; Stylish Sporty 7-Seater MPV; RM149,800 - 4 Colors

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd on 21stNov 207 officially launched its long-awaited All-New Honda Stream, the second generation of the stylish sporty 7-seater MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) witnessed by Honda Motor Co representative of automobile development Yutaka Fujiwara (BELOW with 2 of the Honda girls)

Its Managing director and CEO Atsushi Fujimoto (BELOW with another 2 Honda Girls) said Honda Malaysia had already received around 100 bookings since the vehicle's launch and is targeting an annual sales of 600 units.

The latest Stream model re-offers the same 7-seater concept with 2 extra bonuses a lower center of gravity with optimized flat floor design that heightens its sporty performance;

ABOVE & BELOW: Honda has mastered in perfection - low centre of gravity with optimized flat floor design, complemented by the front Macpherson Strut suspension with a new side cancellation spring which improves flat riding comfort.

Achieving Sports Coupes characteristics improving handling over corners & straight roads

ABOVE & BELOW: An even more dynamic exterior that accentuates its stylishness, giving customers the desired improvements in both style and performance without compromising on its functionality as a family car

BELOW: With the additional optional Modulo Accessories (available only in January 2008) it will further enhance its look

= == = == = == = == = == = == = ==

= == = == = == == = == = == == = =

BELOW: Interior wise, the All-New Stream breathes relaxation and quality. The side sill has been redesigned to attain an extra 20mm of width for passengers in the first and second rows 7-seat capability. To round it off, the floor area has been leveled from corner to corner, lending itself to the highest comfort levels for city and highway cruising

The use of a slim fuel tank permits a lower floor in the third row, while the reduced cross section in the rear frame results in more width. The floor tunnel has also been eliminated for a significant gain in leg room
= == = == = == == = == == = == = == =

ABOVE: The seats are trimmed in fine fabrics and can be folded or reclined at just the flick of a lever. And it also allows quick arrangements into multi possible modes. With a single flick of the lever, both seatbacks can be folded down to create more space for storage and gaining access to the rear seats is easy.
BELOW: The luggage area incorporates two separate, lidded compartments on either side that can be used for a variety of reasons. Also, storage compartments of various shapes, volumes and positions have been added for better convenience.

All these results in a driving experience that's comfortable for the driver and the passenger. While aesthetics define the look, high grade materials impart a feeling of solidity in the cabin.
= == = = == = == == == = == = =

ABOVE : The dashboard on the front passenger side is beautifully finished, heightening a sense of security and
BELOW: The driver always sits in full command. Tilt & telescopic steering wheel adjusts to the ideal position, while a seat height adjuster optimises the driver's view of the road ahead.

5-Speed Automatic Transmission
On the move, the engine's DBW system brings out the true sporting character of the 5-speed automatic transmission, ensuring an instant surge of performance at the slightest touch. And the 5th gear has an overdrive characteristic for better fuel efficiency and quietness on the engine.

= == = == = == == = == == = ==

Climate control system
A powerful climate control system, complemented by upper vents, directs cool air to the driver and all passengers, ensuring cool motoring in the all-new Stream at all times.

= == = == == = == == = =All-new i-VTEC engine

The all-new Stream's 1.8-litre 140PS i-VTEC engine is mated to a (DBW) system to deliver the purest driving experience. At fast cruising, the Valve control is complimented by a DBW (Drive-By-Wire) system that provides optimum throttle valve control, which significantly reducing pumping losses. This allows greater energy efficiency and exceptional fuel economy

Honda places high priority to the safety design in all its vehicles

ABOVE & BELOW: For better protection, the all-new Stream has High Tensile Steel applied to more areas improving structural rigidity and safety.

Driving in one gives you the extra safe feeling as it has built in Active Safety with Advanced active safeguards.

ABOVE: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System with EDB (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and Brake Assist guarantee an exhilarating yet safe driving experience
: The airbags automatically deployed to provide head and torso protection for serious impacts. The Seatbelts with 3-point ELR seatbelts have load limiters and pretensioners

Now get ready to test drive one from any of its authorized dealers. With a Price Tag of RM149,800 (with Insurance, peninsula Malaysia) why would you get a Gray imported one for much more?. This fully imported new Stream came with a 3-year warranty and free maintenance for the first 6 months.

ABOVE, Left to Right in 4 Colours , i.e., premium white pearl, alabaster silver metallic. royal blue pearl and nighthawk black pearl
More details on Specs & pricings in Langkawi, Sabah & Sarawak , from Honda Malaysia's website

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Watch Video (2min 46s)SAMY & Government Failed the Indian Community; Over 2 Months He submitted Reports; Meetings, KIV; Now Special Committee - Eyewash?

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Friday, November 30, 2007

MORE PICS - Rearrest–PKR Leader Gobalakrishnan - Selayang Court; Johari Demands Hindraf – Pay Compensation to Damages; IGP telling Stories on Demos

UPDATE: 5.16pm- an offense almost 6 years ago

Friday November 30, 2007; MYT 3:48:50 PM

PKR member claims trial

ABOVE & BELOW: After cooling down overnight, N Globalkrishnan arriving at the Penang Magistrate Court a very much subdued man with the hand-cuffs on.

PENANG: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national integration chief N. Gobalakrishnan was on Friday re-charged in a magistrate's court with obstructing a police officer from carrying out his duties five years ago. Gobalakrishnan, 48, who was brought to the court handcuffed at about 8.30am, claimed trial to the offence. Gobalakrishnan, represented by R.S.N. Rayer and Dev Chander, denied the charge of voluntarily obstructing the then Chief Insp V. Saravanan along Jalan Utama here at 12.20am on Jan 29, 2002. He was first charged in court on Jan 30, 2002. Gobalakrishnan was however given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) by the court in December 2004.

Magistrate Ooi Sheow Yean on Friday allowed him bail of RM2,000 in one surety pending hearing on March 17. The charge under Section 186 of the Penal Code carries a jail sentence of up to two years, or a maximum fine of RM10,000 or both if convicted. Some 100 police personnel including those from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) were stationed outside the courthouse building at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah since 8am to prevent any untoward incidents. George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said police personnel were put on standby as a precaution, adding that only about 15 people comprising relatives and friends of Gobalakrishnan turned up at the court. "No untoward incidents were reported. The policemen were asked to stand down at about 12.30pm,'' he said. Gobalakrishnan's relatives posted bail.

= == == = == =Original post below
MORE PICS - ReArrest – PKR Leader Gobalakrishnan in Selayang Court; Johari Demands Hindraf – Pay Compensation to Damages; IGP telling Stories on Demos

= = ==
It is increasing clear the Police (with orders from very higher ups) are putting the pressure on the protesters and are hauling them to court for harassing and inconveniencing them by” imposing reporting every Saturday of the Month” to the nearest Police Station. The sudden rearrested of PKR leader N Globakrishnan caught him by surprise on an old charge dating back to 2002.

The most ridiculous is the call by the Deputy Home affairs Minister to ask Hindraf and others to pay for damages caused by by the Police and “cost of equipment that the police had to use” – meaning the numbers of tear gas fired and the gallons of water chemicals used? Without the Police doing the provocation, none of the so called damages would have arisen.

And the IGP is repeating stories that “the leaders could not be found” on that day until 1.30pm. This was hotly denied by PKR.

= == == == = == and on Thursday at the Selayang Sesion Court ABOVE & BELOW: The new Selayang Court House

Drama at the Selayang Court house on Thursday, 29 2007

ABOVE: He was explaining to the crowd outside the court and BELOW: the Police moved in and accosted him.

PKR national integration chief N Gobalakrishnan, 47 was arrested in the Selayang Court after posting bail for the Hindraf Rally on Sunday. He was bundled off to Penang to face a charge committed in 2002. He protested violently the arrest claiming the arrest warrant has expired in 2004.

Gobalkrishnan together with 46 others were produced in the Selayang court in the afternoon for taking part in an illegal assembly in Batu Caves and for using force to obstruct the Police. He was released together with others on Police bail of RM500 each. But at 5.20 pm when exiting from the Court, he was placed under arrest for an offence committed in 2002 in Penang

ABOVE & BELOW: He protested violently and shouting all the time that the arrest warrant had expired in 2004.

Another lawyer calmed him down and asked him to follow instructions. He was taken away to Pulau Pinang under heavy police escort.

= == = == == =Star account= == = == =
Friday November 30, 2007

PKR man rearrested after posting bail


ABOVE & BELOW: He was shouting and yelling at the top of his voice about the great injustice of his arrest

GOMBAK: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national integration chief N. Gobalakrishnan, who had posted bail after claiming trial to being at an unlawful assembly at Batu Caves last Sunday, was rearrested. Gobalakrishnan was served the arrest warrant – in relation to a charge at a Penang magistrate’s court in 2004 – as he emerged from the court after posting bail at 5.20pm and was immediately taken to Penang. He will be charged today. On Wednesday, Gobalakrishnan was charged with 39 other men, with being at an illegal assembly in front of Sri Subramaniar temple along Jalan Besar Batu Caves between 1am and 8am on Nov 25.

ABOVE & BELOW: Right up to the police car, he was complaining about this old Penang case and that the arrest warrant had already expired

The Sessions Court here had earlier ruled as valid the charge of unlawful assembly against the 40 men. Judge Hayatul Akmal Abdul Aziz set bail at RM500 for each accused. She also imposed an additional condition on the bail and ordered each accused to report to the police station nearest their residence every last Saturday of the month. She also fixed a three-day trial beginning April 28.

ABOVE & BELOW: the others affected were given a briefing

The 40 also faced an alternative charge of displaying a show of criminal force to instil fear in police who were discharging their duty there. They all claimed trial to the charge. During yesterday’s proceedings, six men who were not present at Wednesday’s proceedings appeared in court to face the same charge as the 40 charged earlier. The six also claimed trial. Ganesan told the court that the six were absent from the earlier proceedings as they had been warded at the Selayang Hospital for injuries sustained during Sunday’s incident.

= == = == == =

November 29, 2007 19:32 PM

Govt To Demand Compensation From Hindraf

SUNGAI PETANI Nov 29 (Bernama) -- The government will demand compensation for damage to public property from leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and those involved in its illegal demonstrations in the city and Batu Caves on Sunday. Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom (ABOVE) said the ministry and police were estimating the damage to public property and other losses caused by the demonstrators. "The amount of losses will be conveyed to the Hindraf leaders and others involved," he told reporters after closing a workshop on the "Role of Civil Societies in Tackling the Drug Menace" for the North Zone organised by the National Anti-Drug Agency here today.

"They also have to pay for the cost of equipment that the police had to use to quell Sunday's illegal demonstrations. The government will notallow them to escape paying." Asked on further action by the government against Hindraf and others involved in the demonstrations, he said other than the legal channels, the government could also use the Internal Security Act (ISA).

= == = == = ==Thursday November 29, 2007; MYT 7:18:46 PM

Hindraf leader released on police bail
SEREMBAN: Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader V. S. Ganapathy Rao was released on police bail after being questioned for five hours on allegations that he had uttered seditious remarks at a gathering attended by some 4,000 people at a school hall here on Nov 17. The 34-year-old lawyer was arrested outside his office in Taman Seri Muda in Shah Alam about
7.40am by a team of 15 policemen and brought to the state police headquarters here two hours later.

Talking to reporters after being released about 3.30pm, Ganapathy Rao said he was alleged to have made seditious remarks while speaking at a gathering at SRJK(C) Pei Hua along Jalan Tun Dr Ismail near here. Among the speakers at the gathering were two other Hindraf leaders, lawyers P.Utahayakumar and P Waythamoorthy. “While being brought here from Shah Alam, the policemen told me that I was being investigated under the Sedition Act 1948. I was surprised when told that I had made such damaging remarks at the gathering,” he said.

Ganabatirao said police recorded his statement and told him to come to the state police headquarters here on Dec 12. It is learnt that the police would then decide whether to charge or release him. Present outside the state police headquarters were some 100 Hindraf supporters. Ganapathy Rao calmly walked towards the crowd and briefly told them in Tamil what transpired during the interrogation and that police were polite.

“I told the police that I never made any seditious remarks at the gathering. The police then gave me examples of the remarks that I allegedly made and again, I denied saying those words,” he said. He thanked those present for their show of support and appealed to them to disperse immediately. “We do not want to create any problems. Let us abide by the law,” he said. Ganabatirao’s 32-year-old brother, V Raidu was allowed to enter the police headquarters and send him lunch. When contacted state OCCI ACP Huzir Mohamad confirmed that police recorded the statement and would decide in due course if they have a case. Ganapathy Rao, Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy were given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal by the Klang Sessions court on Monday as the charge against them -for allegedly uttering seditious remarks at another gathering in Batang Berjuntai on Nov 16 - was ambiguous.

= == = = == more stories from IGP

Friday November 30, 2007; BY JANE RITIKOS; STAR

IGP: We gave them choices

PETALING JAYA: Organisers of the recent illegal gatherings were offered stadiums and other alternative venues to hold peaceful demonstrations but they rejected them. “The organisers were adamant to hold them in the city streets,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan who revealed why the police rejected permit applications by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) for their gathering last Sunday and the Bersih coalition (on Nov 10). He said police investigations into the groups’ activities found that public security and peace could be threatened. “We cover their meetings and gather information. “If we find their activities could be critical to public order we won’t approve them,” he said during question time at his talk on Democracy, Law Enforcement and Security: Perspective from the Royal Malaysia Police at the University of Wales Aberystwyth Alumni Club of Malaysia dinner here on Wednesday.

Musa said the demonstrators wanted to be in the streets because “they want onlookers to join them”. “But not everyone likes demonstrations. When they gather in large numbers, they scare people and shops will close. “They shout slogans that make people angry. They call the police ‘dogs’ but we keep a deaf ear.” Musa said the police had no problems allowing peaceful gatherings. “For example, we allow unions gathering to protest about their salaries.” The Hindraf gathering was to submit a memorandum to the British High Commission in relation to a class-action suit they had filed against the British Government for bringing in Indians to pre-independence Malaya as indentured labourers. The Bersih gathering called for clean elections and submitted a memorandum to the Yang di Pertuan Agong. Musa said prior to the Hindraf gathering, the organisers had gone to Penang and other parts of the country where they made fiery speeches.

If the authorities allowed Hindraf to go out in the streets to voice their dissatisfaction, others will make claims too. “The Malays will say they had a good life during the Malacca Sultanate and you (the British) destroyed it ... and it will go on and on,” the IGP said. “When the police wanted to speak to the leaders of the Sunday gathering, they were no where to be found. They only came at 1.30pm. “We offered to escort them to the high commission but they said they did not want. They said they wanted to send the memorandum to the Queen, instead,” he said. On Bersih, Musa said: “We gave them an alternative venue but they insisted on gathering in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. “They are stubborn and that is the problem. We said they need not gather 20,000 or 40,000 people to submit a memorandum to the King and offered to escort them,” he said. Musa added that the police were still waiting for the Attorney-General’s Chambers to decide whether those arrested in the Bersih-organised gathering would be charged in court.

= == = == =Background - those charge earlier

Thursday November 29, 2007

88 charged, arrest warrants issued against two who failed to show up in court

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 88 people who participated in the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rally on Sunday were charged here and in Selayang. The group, which included a woman and two elderly men, appeared in the courts yesterday after being released on police bail the day before when the remand order against them expired. While 48 were prosecuted in magistrate’s courts here, 40 others were charged in the Sessions Court in Selayang.

Those charged came from all walks of life: students, taxi drivers, clerks, mechanics, lorry drivers, pensioners, the unemployed and civil servants from various states. Also charged was Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national integration chief N. Gobalakrishnan.

The 48 people charged here are between 21 and 72. They were calm upon hearing their charges and were granted bail of between RM1,500 and RM3,000 each. Each was accused of displaying a show of criminal force to instil fear on police who were discharging their duty at various main roads in the city on Sunday. They faced an alternative charge of being in an unlawful assembly that day. They also faced a second charge of continuing to be in an unlawful assembly knowing that there was an order to disperse. They claimed trial to all the charges. Facing the music: This group of men is among a total of 48 people, including two elderly citizens, who were charged in four magistrate’s courts in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, on Wednesday for their alleged participation in an unlawful assembly organised by Hindraf on Sunday.

Yesterday, two arrest warrants were issued by a magistrate against two men who failed to turn up in court to answer their charges. Magistrate Ahmad Solihin Abdul Wahid issued warrants against E. Jayaraman, 48, and M. Selvanathan, 45, on an application from the prosecution, saying that the police bail on the two expired yesterday. R. Magiswary, 45, who was supposed to face similar charges, produced a medical chit through her lawyer for her absence from court. The court set Dec 10 to mention her case. DPP Adilla Ahmad told the same court that K. Thirushul, 21, was given a special exemption as he was sitting for an examination.

Two others did not turn up in court to answer their charges. In one of the courts, lawyer Saha Arunasalam raised a preliminary objection, saying that the charges framed against his clients were defective but the magistrate dismissed it and set Jan 29 for mention. In Gombak, 40 men were charged with being at an illegal assembly in front of the Sri Subramaniar temple along Jalan Besar Batu Caves on Nov 25 between 1am and 8am. Each of them also faced a similar alternative charge as the 48 in Kuala Lumpur. All of them claimed trial.

= == == = == = == =More pictures of Hindraf supports at the Selayang Session Court

= == = = == = == = = == =More suporters

= == = == = == = == = == = == = the anguish of the parents looking for their children

= == = == = == See Also

MORE PICS – 500 Malaysian Indians Protest - Putra Jaya, Aug 12 07; Abolish Privileges, ALL POOR MUST BE HELP; Plight of Indians after 50 Years

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