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MORE Pics – RAPE Suspect IDENTIFIED and SURRENDERED to PJ Police after RAPING Twice 24 year old AIR Stewardess abducted from CENTRE POINT on June 12

Update:(July 18 2006) The suspect has since been released on Jul 13 06, as the DNA confirmed his innonece an also the victim could not positively identified him. He should have cleared himself very much earlier to avoid the embarassment of his namr and photo of being released by the Police and published in the NST. Accordingly his photos and name have been taken off from this post. But thoes in the NST ( and other papers) will be forever as part of their archive.

Thanks Jon for the alert.

The suspect was seen spending long hours alone having drinks in outlets within
the complex three days before the incident, probably looking for victims.

Location of upmarket residential area where Centre Point is located

The suspect of the rape of a 24 Air Stewardess abducted from CENTRE POINT shopping complex in Bandar Utama surrendered to PJ Police today. The PJ contingent police chief said the suspect surrender himself at the police station at 10.30 am escorted by his cousin and a friend.

The suspect was detained at the station and the police will file for his remand tomorrow. The NST reported today the Selangor police chief has identified the man.

The image of the man was obtained from closed-circuit television footage taken in the car park on the night of the rape on June 12.

Here is the Full NST report dated - Saturday 08 Jul 2006

Caught on CCTV but still to be caught: Rape suspect identified
SHAH ALAM: This is the suspect in the rape of a 24-year-old stewardess at the Centrepoint shopping complex basement car park in Bandar Utama last month.

Selangor police have identified him .

Selangor police deputy CID chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said the image of the man was obtained from closed-circuit television footage taken in the car park on the night of the rape on June 12.

"We have learnt from those working there that the man is a regular customer in restaurants in the complex. We need the assistance of the public to help track him down," said Kamarudin.

He added the man was seen spending long hours alone having drinks in outlets within the complex three days before the incident.

In the 8.40pm incident, the man was caught on CCTV stalking the stewardess, who had gone to the complex to buy milk for her six-month-old infant. He was first seen walking down the stairs from the ground floor of the car park, where he shielded his face with a baseball cap and loitered for several minutes.

The woman drove in and as she left her car, the man was seen walking towards the vehicle, where he hid behind a pillar near the vehicle.

The 30-minute footage from four CCTVs showed the woman returning to the car and the man pushing her into it. He then took over the wheel and remained in the car for 10 minutes before driving it around the car park looking for an unmanned exit.

He then drove to a secluded spot and raped her a second time. Those who have seen the suspect are urged to call Superintendent Jamaluddin Ibrahim at 012-2073112 or 03-5514-5144/152/762 or ASP Naemah Mohd Sherrif at 012-6242092 or 03-5514-5355.

Sunday UPDATE: According to police sources the suspect denied he was involved. But if the CCTV clips show his face and the victim can identified him, then he might be in trouble. The NST reported he he had provided a DNA sample for checking.
Tye following are the from the SUNDAY Papers
the Sunday NST,
Rape suspect surrenders to police; 08 Jul 2006; Lydia Gomez

PETALING JAYA: The suspect in the rape of a stewardess in a shopping complex in Bandar Utama surrendered to police here today.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Hazam Abdul Halim said the 27-year-old man was arrested at 10.30am and is now being held at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters.

Selangor police released his photograph yesterday, along with a shot from close-circuit television (CCTV) footage taken from the basement car park of the Centrepoint shopping complex where the incident occurred on June 12.

Mohd Hazam said the man arrested was the same person identified in newspapers. He will be remanded tomorrow.

It is learnt that the suspect is a former employee at a restaurant in the complex.

...and from SUNDAY STAR,

Abduction and rape suspect gives himself up; BY LOURDES CHARLES and MARC LOURDES

PETALING JAYA: A man, sought by the police over the abduction and rape of an air-stewardess, has surrendered to the police.

The 27-year-old self-employed man, who turned himself in at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters at 10.30am yesterday, has a previous record for criminal breach of trust (CBT).

According to Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah, the man has given a sample for DNA testing.

“We will be comparing it to the semen found in the car of the victim and hope to get the results as soon as possible.”

SAC II Hadi said the man has not been living in his family home in Seremban for some time but was renting a room in a house very close to the scene of the rape.

He is known to frequent various pubs and clubs in Damansara.

“We placed his Seremban address under surveillance for two weeks, but he never showed up,” said SAC II Hadi.

The man did not bring a lawyer with him when he surrendered and was accompanied by a cousin and friend.

This followed the publication of his name, home address and picture in the media yesterday identifying him as the suspect in the case.

The picture was obtained from a closed circuit television footages taken at the car park of Centrepoint shopping centre on June 12 when the 24-year-old woman was abducted and then raped somewhere in Damansara.

Update: Jul 09 830pm
The suspect in handcuffs were brought to the Majistrate court today, Sunday Jul 09 and ordered by the Majstrate to be remanded for 5 days until Jul 13 to help police in the investigations.

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NAJIB: “If there is an UNDERESTANDING; I DO NOT KNOW” over Allegation by TAJUDIN RAMLI: Forced to BUY MAS Shares @RM8 by MAHATHIR & DAIM

Yes, we were informed; the cabinet was informed, but whatever he says
if there is
an understanding, I do not know. I cannot comment on that.
That buying
back that was discussed. But the first part, we have
no knowledge of that
.” - The exact words

Deputy Premier Datuk Seri Mohd Najib on Thursday said that he did not know about Tan Sri Tajudin allegation that he was asked to buy MAS shares by Tun Dr Mahathir and Ex-Finance Minsiter Tun Daim Zainuddin in 1994. He said that the cabinet has been informed about the buy back on the MAS shares in the year 2000.

In the Tajudin allegation published in the local media (Sun) Thursday, the corporate figure claimed he was directed to buy the MAS shares to help Bank Negara to recover from foreign exchange losses in 1994. Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli made the allegation in
his RM 13.46 billion countersuit filed last Thursday against the RM589 million suit by Danaharta, over his acquisition of MAS in 1994 and selling them back to the Government for RM 1.8 billion or RM8 a share in the year 2000
According to Danaharta, Tajudin sold the shares at a premium of RM4.32 or 117 per cent over the market price of RM3.68 per share.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang said Daim had misled the Dewan Rakyat and the country on March 21 2001 when he made several false claims regarding the purchase of the MAS shares by the government.

Daim in reply to questions in the Dewan Rakyat then had said that Tajudin was not given any special consideration when the government bought the shares from Naluri and that the acquisition was in the national interest. Now this is National Service ('Khidmat Negara')
Lim also claimed that Daim had given the impression that Tajudin had acted properly when he wanted to the sell the shares at RM15 each and that foreign investors were interested to buy at that price.

Lim urged the government to set up a royal commission (see also Ailiran's call below) to probe the matter.
UPDATE; July 07 2006
No Royal Commission For Tajudin's Claim On Forced "National Service"
KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 (Bernama) -- A Royal Commission will not be set up to investigate the claim by former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chairman, Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, that he was forced to take over the government's stake in MAS, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"It is a matter of court case. I don't think there is a need to have a Royal Commission," he said.
The Sun newspaper was the only paper on Thursday Jul 05, to break the news with the screaming headlines

Tajudin bombshell – ‘Mahathir and Daim directed me to buy MAS shares.

Read the web edition at

Tajudin alleges secret deal with DrM and Daim

Tajudin, Daim & Dr Mahathir

Here is the AP story,

Ex-tycoon claims Mahathir forced him to buy Malaysia flag carrier to save
central bank

By VIJAY JOSHI Associated Press Writer; Jul 6, 2:54 AM EDT

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- In a startling claim likely to shake up Malaysian politics, an ex-tycoon has accused former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of forcing him in 1994 to buy a controlling stake in the state-owned national airline to bail out the government.

Tajudin Ramli filed a court document on June 29 saying his purchase of the 32 percent stake in Malaysian Airline System Bhd. for 1.8 billion ringgit, then worth US$750 million (?586 million), was not a normal commercial deal as it was made out at the time but a forced "national service."

The details of the court document were published Thursday in The Sun newspaper, which described the allegations as a "bombshell."

Tajudin could not be reached for comment, and officials at the law firm representing him refused to speak on the matter.

If true, Tajudin's allegations would point to shady financial practices and lack of transparency in the government in the 1990s, when many private entrepreneurs with close links to top politicians were obliged to carry out business on behalf of the state and received favors.

The mudslinging could also tarnish Mahathir's reputation at a time the ex-prime minister has been severely critical of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who succeeded him in October 2003.

Both Abdullah and Mahathir are abroad on vacation and their spokespeople unavailable for comment.

"Tajudin's revelations involve fundamental governance questions and public interest issues which demand immediate and satisfactory response from the present administration," opposition leader Lim Kit Siang told reporters.

The Sun said Tajudin's court document was in support of a lawsuit he filed against the government and other individuals, seeking 13 billion ringgit (US$3.5 billion; RM12.7 billion) in compensation, alleging a conspiracy by the government to take over his companies.

Tajudin claims he was directed by Mahathir and his then-Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin to buy the MAS shares from the airline's main owner, the central bank, for 8 ringgit per share even though its market price was 3.50 ringgit a share.

Tajudin said Mahathir and Daim told him he was buying the shares as a national service to save the central bank, the Bank Negara, which at the time was hit by multibillion ringgit foreign exchange losses.

and here is the AILIRAN story from the executive committee.

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Tajudin's 'Khidmat Negara' and a tale of two Tuns ;Thursday, 06 July 2006

Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli's claim in his court document that he was directed by the two Tuns (former premier Mahathir and his then economic tsar, Daim Zainudin) to buy shares in Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as a form of 'national service' is nothing less than a bombshell.

Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli's claim in his court document that he was directed by the two Tuns (former premier Mahathir and his then economic tsar, Daim Zainudin) to buy shares in Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as a form of 'national service' is nothing less than a bombshell.

According to Tajudin, the transaction was to help Bank Negara recover from foreign exchange losses in 1994. It was however disguised as a commercial deal because the government did not want to undermine investor confidence or create undue public anxiety, he said, adding that he was only a nominee/agent of the government in MAS.

Tajudin alleged that the two Tuns had repeatedly assured him that he would not suffer any losses or be held liable for anything arising from his purchase of MAS shares. This special arrangement was to be a 'secret', he claimed, although the Official Secrets Act was apparently not invoked. But he was spilling the beans now because the government had not honoured the agreement, he said.

If his claim is true, it explains why he bought, through his firm Naluri, a 32 per cent stake in MAS at RM8 per share in 1994, well above the then market price of RM3.50. It was hailed as the biggest ever privatisation exercise at that time.

After the 1998 financial crisis, the government bought back the MAS stake from Naluri at RM8 per share, when the market price was about RM3. The whole expose raises a number of critical questions relating to transparency, accountability and, of course, 'national service' involving
tycoons and cronies.

* First, did Bank Negara really need help to recover from the forex losses ranging from RM10 billion to RM30 billion? How much did it actually lose and who was responsible?

* What was Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop's precise role in the forex affair? How did he end up as second Finance Minister after the forex affair?

* If Bank Negara was really in such dire straits, why was there a need to keep it secret from the public? Why wasn't its critical financial position reflected in its accounts submitted to Parliament?

* On what basis did the banks approve loans amounting to RM1.8 billion to facilitate Tajudin's purchase of MAS shares when the purchase price was much higher than the market price?

* Who actually approved the buy-back of MAS shares at RM8, well above the market value? Was the Cabinet involved in this decision? Or was it solely the two Tuns?

* Which other tycoons have been roped in for other forms of compulsory - and secret - 'national service'? Is this the original form of 'khidmat negara'?

To get to the bottom of all of this requires nothing less than a royal commission of inquiry headed by a respected judge of impeccable integrity with a broad scope to probe this entire affair. The commission should probe, among other things, how the bank loans were approved and who in the cabinet authorised such transactions.

Since we are into royal commissions, we further propose another body to investigate the corruption allegations against certain judges, which have never been fully probed, as asserted by at least two other former senior judges.

Meanwhile, the two Tuns, who have since apparently fallen out with each other, have a golden opportunity to get together again. After all, they have a lot of explaining to do.

And from Malaysiakini
Tajudin sings, Najib doesn't want to hear it; Beh Lih Yi Jul 6, 06 4:40pm [extract]

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) head Shahrir Samad said Tajudin will have to be compensated if he was doing 'national service' as claimed. But the Johor Baru MP, however, added the matter should be decided by the courts.

"In the first place, I thought it was unreasonable for anybody to borrow so much money to buy over MAS. There was not a necessity for an individual to buy over the national airline," he told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby.

"The amount of borrowing that went into the purchase was staggering because the borrower would have to pay back the loan and the interest required, (it) would require a lot of funds just to service the loan. Anyway, it was a government decision.

"In the end, it didn't seem reasonable why the government should buy back the MAS shares way above the market price. Now it seems to be re-explained by Tajudin. It will be interesting times ahead," said the PAC chief.

Shahrir was the only Umno politician to have publicly questioned the deal in 2001.

and lastly some biting comments from a reader Pak Pandir Baru in Malaysiakini

LETTERS: Tajuddin's turn to squeal; Jul 6, 06 4:28pm

A bombshell has been exposed with the former chief of MAS, Tajuddin Ramli, filing an affidavit in court naming our former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and our former finance minister Daim Zainuddin as being the two who ordered him to purchase MAS shares at a big premium from Bank Negara in order to help the latter to mitigate its losses in the forex markets in 1994.

Now the cat is out of the bag and Malaysians are privy to the hanky-panky dealings of our top political masters and their favourite tycoons and how one-sided deals have caused public coffers to be drained. One such misadventure by our central bank resulted in it being burnt big time while playing with the big boys in forex trading business and hedge funds lead by the infamous Goerge Soros.

Previously, when the Malaysian government wanted to corner the they also tin market in the 1980s,lost big time. They never learnt their lessons of not to playing high stakes poker with taxpayers' money more so with foreigners who are well-versed in their wheeling and dealing aimed at causing a big dent in our foreign reserves.

It is now payback time for the former premier as all the sins of the past which he has managed to hide during his 22-year-rule seem to be coming back to haunt him with a vengeance. With all the scandals being highlighted by the press lately, one can see he is a cornered man whose legacy will be tainted with all the abuse of power and corruption during his rule.

His strident attacks against the present regime is just a smokescreen to hide the weaknesses during his rule and the public should not be swayed by his various malicious allegations. He is only interested in saving his skin as well as to prevent his family's fortune from being investigated.

As for Tajuddin Ramli, he seems to be a fall guy for his two political mentors as a gentleman's agreement without a written contract won't hold up in court as it is only hearsay without any documentary proof. It is common knowledge that MAS' present woes started during Tajuddin's term as CEO. He cannot plead ignorance and shouldn't hide between the skirts of his two
mentors to fight the legal suits filed by his creditors.

As for the public at large, we are the ultimate losers when politicians make bad deals. They seem to be immuned from prosecutions and go scot-free for all their crimes against society. Surely it is not too much to ask the government of the day to check on the serious allegations made by Tajuddin against Mahathir and Daim. Or do we need to change the government at the
next polls before the ACA brings the culprits to book?
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MORE Pics - AWESOME 3 - CAR ACCIDENT at SRI DAMANSARA, Woman 59 killed - Driver of PROTON Iswara AEROBACK; other Cars - HONDA & Another

The smashed up Red Proton Iswara Aerobak in which the woman was killed

The smashed up Honda

The accident occurred at Sri Damansara, Persiaran Perdana at about 11 pm last night. The woman driver Yong Yee Ling, 59 was killed on the spot with severe head and body injuries when the speeding cars came out of a junction and crashed into her Aeroback. The body was taken to University Hospital

The other cars involved are a Honda and an unidentified one (too dark to see). Anyone with info can contact PJ Traffic Police 03-7956222

Can identified this twisted car??

Death is greatly misunderstood as being the end of it all, of coming too soon, sporadically at the right time, not being justified, and all of it never, never having been created by the soul, let alone being respected as such.

Death always seems to be something just out of your understanding, responsibility, control and power. This is completely inaccurate.

Death is transformation. Transformation from one way of being into another. Each individual soul creates their own life and transformation. Death is a part of the life process during which a being decides to withdraw life force from the life-sustaining systems and organs of the body in order to transform and move into another focus.

Death is created by the individual for many reasons; each case is unique. Some of the reasons include: fear and departure of life fully lived in the body, completion of life and it's purpose in the current physical vehicle - which include the desire to experience another mode of operation

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See the 9 World Cup Pics and read the FULL Account
Have you seen the 3am CRASH at KELANA JAYA?

see the latest news & Pic of Suspect (8th Jul 06, Saturday)
RAPE Suspect IDENTIFIED and SURRENDERED to PJ Police after RAPING Twice 24 year old AIR Stewardess abducted from CENTRE POINT on June 12

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The forum is organized by the Singapore's STRAITS TIMES newspaper in association with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (Iseas) and the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).

Among the topics to be discussed is the on-going POWER TUSSLE IN MALAYSIA

KL-based Malaysia Bureau Chief Reme Ahmad gave a talk on Dr M vs Pak Lah.

And the Key Players involved and what are the possible scenarios.

(NB This is NOT the official TRANSCRIPT, E & O E, but 98% to the MP3)
let me know if the official one is available

“I will now speak on the key players in this battle and what is likely to happen next. The main player of course is Dr Mahathir himself . He is very determined at this point of time to actually chase PM Abdullah from office. He has said things like; just two week ago said I will pursue the case -sampai ke lubang cacin” – in Malay that means ‘right into the worm’s hole”

That is a term you would use against your enemies. That is a very serious term to use. He has said other things despite that a mediator hasn’t been found. He has said “It is my duty to correct things that have gone wrong in the government”. And he is very angry that the selling out of the country according to him because of the bridge issue and the sand issue.

Additionally he feels that PM Abdullah has passed some of his powers to his advisers and even to the son-in-law. So that is not something he is going to take sitting down.

But one thing about Dr Mahathir that everyone would known.; in his 22 years as Prime Minister; he has fought against the Sultans twice and won; he has fought against the judges after sacking three justices and won; He has fought against Musa Hitam and Tengku Razeligh (former deputy president and vice president) and he won. He fought against Annuar Ibrahim.

In 1998 he actually fought against the currency traders; he won by closing the economy and banning the Ringgit from trading. So this is a man who has won all major battles and I think he thinks he can win this one.

Now the big question on people’s mind is actually how far he is willing to go this time. That is not very clear. People keep asking me about “What is his end game?” That is not very clear at the moment.

Now on the second player of course is Abdullah himself. He is actually barely three years in office. He will only be three years in office in October. So some people say, "come on, three years what can he do, can you please give him more time"

But to his critics, 3 years is a long time. He has promised, when he came into office he raised expectations on reforms, anti corruption, transparency, and to some people all these have stopped.

And there are also questions whether he is a consensual player or just plain indecisive. For example there are 35 cabinet committees, committees chaired by Najib and him.

And many cabinet committees to discuss things like education, illegal immigrants and reforms in police. Some people felt there were just discussing without making any decisions. And of course the problems of UMNO being used to being fed with contracts and all that and that has not happen so far.

Then the question for him is “How far is he willing to fight Dr Mahathir?” He has so far maintained his so called “elegant silence”. But that has not stopped his people from uncovering Mahathir’s misdeeds in the past or alleged misdeeds. Now it is not clear whether he is willing to fight dirty, is he a street fighter like Mahathir or not?

The third person is Najib, still 53 very very young for Malaysian politician. He has remained loyal to Abdullah Badawi and if you talk to his people, he will not barge for too many reasons both to his advantage.

If somehow, the prime Minister becomes weaker because of Mahathir’s attacks, then he will become Prime Minister, Najib. On the other hand if for some reasons these attacks make Abdullah Badawi stronger, UMNO rallies to him; people saying Mahathir’s talking nonsense. Then people said “Wow, what a great deputy, loyal guy he is” so again he will get the throne.
But the big question is - if UNMO is stirred hard enough, if Mahathir keeps attacking and attacking and the UMNO ground is moved. People are to ask, start asking, “Come on lets do something” and Najib has always seen as an overcautious politician. So will he move this time around?

In 1998 some people will say that the reason why Anuar move against Mahathir was because Mahathir was having these economic problems, the currency crisis. Some of his advisors say “Let’s move now”; that happened to be a mistake. So Najib may not want to follow the same path.

The other one, well still a side player actually in this game is Anwar Ibrahim 58. When he fell off with Mahathir after 1998, whatever he said were not published in the main stream media.

But nowadays, if he said anything, it will be published in the main stream media. So people are talking that he is being politically cleansed or politically reformed so that he can mount a franking attack on Dr Mahathir.

But it won’t be easy for him to return to UMNO because he has made certain remarks against for example the New Economic Policy that favors the Malays. He seems to indicate that this should now be abandoned.

But we are now not sure how Anwar is going to play the game. Just a few days ago, he had a press conference attended by everybody and instead of attacking Mahathir, he said Mahathir should be given the platform to say something because “he did this to me, you must not do it to him”.

But at the same time, Anwar has so many secrets against Dr Mahathir, that it will be dangerous to unleash him.

The other issue on what is going to happen next actually is the media. The media claims to be freer under Pak Lah today but they have been quite active in running Marathir’s stories. Mahathir will say all these stories are to demonize me. You made me out to be a senile old man or an angry man with no real purpose.

If they were to do that to the main stream media is because of what Dr Mahathir taught them over 22 years.. Basically he told them, "nothing for the opposition and nothing for those who have fallen out of favor with me." So they just play by the same rules.

Interesting enough, another media that is going to help Mahathir now; ten years ago when he set up the Multi Media Super Corridor; to attract the investors, he promised them “I will not censure the Internet, you can published anything

So now with the main stream media so called demonizing him, he turned to bloggers and news portals – which is quite interesting to Dr Mahathir, as he gave an interview to, just a few years ago he tried to shut them down.

And two weeks ago he gave a talk at Malaysia Today a news portal, which was a small news portal and that has now come mainstream, thanks to Dr Mahathir.

So what’s next for him? Someone suggested in one of the blog forum maybe he would start his own blog. That would be interesting, isn’t? And what if he someone else suggested he should do one kind of Pod cast where he can address the people directly since he said he is being demonize. This is something he is looking at.

Now after this, there is another thing that is being discussed as kind of fun and part superstition. Some people actually believe in this - the UMNO's version of the Da Vinci Code - which is basically that the all the Prime Ministers of Malaysia must have the name of the first Prime Minister, Tengku Abdul Rahman.

But you can see the list is R – Rahman, A – Abdul Razak, H – Hussein, M – Mahathir, A – was supposed to be Anwar. Anwar supoorters- were pushing this very hard. It is going to be Anwar, Anwar, and Anwar and suddenly it cannot be Najib because you got to fill the A.

Then Abdullah came out of nowhere. Everybody was startled. So Najib supporters are saying that N, our boss will be next. But to Anuar supporters, the N can still stand for Anwar.”

For the other
TRANSCRIPT of Leslie Lopez S'PORE FORUM Talk go:
What LIES BEHIND the STANDOFF between Dr Mahathir and PM Datuk Seri Ahmad Abdulah in KL
An insightful analysis of ongoing feud between the two, the reasons behind this widely publicized political fight and why Dr Mahathir is moving at this particular time.

And the latest posting (Jul 07) on Tajudin diclosure:
The Deputy Primier Najib is in the dark.
“If there is an understanding, I do not know. That buying back that was discussed” – his exact words.
PAC head Shahrir Samad said Tajudin will have to be compensated if he was doing ‘national service’
More details at:

Update: Jul 17 06, the folowing written account is found at

WITH former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad seemingly intent on shoving his successor out of office, political manoeuvring by the key players in Malaysia looks set only to intensify.
Tun Mahathir has said there are several issues with the current administration that he is not happy about - apart from those he has raised. So apparently there are more attacks to come.
He has blasted the Abdullah administration for cancelling the Johor Causeway bridge, on the issue of Approved Permits for imported cars and concerning Proton and its future. Last weekend, he upped the ante by hinting that Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has handed some of his powers to a coterie of young officers, including son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.
Tun Mahathir is now expected to reveal other issues over coming weeks to undermine PM Abdullah.
At the moment, it is very difficult for PM Abdullah to fight fire with fire for fear that he will be seen as ungrateful of the man who put him on the throne.
But government ministries and agencies are expected to reveal alleged mismanagement and wrongdoings during Tun Mahathir's 22-year rule.
If in previous months officials of the Abdullah administration have been using kids' gloves in revealing these issues out of
respect for 82-year old Tun Mahathir, a more vigorous response and even those damaging to him are now expected.
Some of the alleged scandals of the Mahathir era are expected to be brought to life again by a man who just months ago was a nearly forgotten leader, ex-deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim.
Datuk Seri Anwar has already filed court papers in a case involving Tun Mahathir containing mouth-watering details of alleged shady deals during Tun Mahathir's administration.
The battle is for the hearts and minds of Malaysians and especially for Umno leaders.
From the Mahathir side, they will basically be asked to decide whether PM Abdullah and his men are mismanaging the country, and should be replaced.
From the PM's side, Malaysians will be asked to state that PM Abdullah should be allowed to continue, because most of his troubles today are in fact inherited from his predecessor and he has to clean up the house.
Amid all this, one leader who is trying to keep his head below the turbulent weather but whose role will become more crucial in coming days is Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.
He has openly said he is behind PM Abdullah, and aides say he will not budge from this position.
Still, that has not stopped speculation that the 53-year-old politician - whom Mahathir said was his favourite to be PM - might be tempted, or perhaps forced by events, to shift if the going gets tougher for PM Abdullah.
Other top leaders are nervously watching, concerned that the gathering storm will spare few politicians


The 7 min robberey at Belakong; Police van
readying to trasnport the dead guard

Above:The Blood Stains at the front of the goldsmith shop

Below: The guards' body on a strether


On Monday at Belakong, 9.45pm A security guard Mohd Shukri 19 was shot dead on the scene and another worker Phang Kim Fui 36 died on the way to KL Hospital from Kajang Hospital. Another worker is seriously injured and warded. Police analyzing the CCTV records for clues.

STAR’s Report; Guard shot dead, two hurt in gold heist; By KULDEEP S. JESSY

KAJANG: A security guard was shot dead and two others were seriously injured when four robbers, three of them armed with pistols, robbed a goldsmith's shop in Balakong.

In the 9.20pm incident, the guard identified only as Shukri, 22, died on the spot after being shot in the forehead and left cheek by the robbers.

The other two – a shop assistant and another guard – were admitted to the Kajang Hospital.

The four suspects scooped eight trays of gold during the robbery, which lasted only seven minutes, and made their escape in a grey Proton Wira.

It is learnt that the suspects fired four to five shots.

The four had entered the shop on the pretext of buying gold, and one of them fired at Shukri just as he was about to shoot the robbers.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah, who was at the scene, said one of the suspects had covered his face with a handkerchief to avoid being identified.

There were three employees, including a woman, in the shop during the incident.

Employee Emily Choo said that one of the suspects scooped the gold and put it into a bag after opening fire.

“The situation became chaotic after the shots were fired.”


Above: The Kedai Emas Seong Foo was robbed at 3pm Tuesday at Cheras

Below: Police personnel looking for clues and evidence at the scence

Tuesday: After 18 hours another jeweley shop Emas Seong Foo was robbed at 3 pm. One worker was in the shop at that time. Police is looking at the CCTV at both of the shops for info.

NST REPORT; Aother jewellery store hit;05 Jul 2006

KAJANG: A jewellery store in Pekan Batu 11 was robbed yesterday, less than 24 hours after a heist at another goldsmith some two kilometres away.

Four men wearing red and black ski-masks, and armed with parangs, struck the Seong Foo jewellery shop.

One of the robbers smashed the display cabinet with a hammer before taking at least three trays of jewellery. They escaped in a Proton Perdana.

The car was found an hour later, abandoned in Taman Kota, Batu 9, Cheras.

A parang was found in the car. Checks also revealed that the vehicle was fitted with false licence plates.

A Kajang police spokesman said police are reviewing the closed-circuit television camera recordings of the incident.

He said only the owner’s wife was in the shop at the time of the robbery.

Below: The get away car, a Proton perdana found at Taman kota, Chheras

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An AUDIENCE with "KING' MAHATHIR - An Interview the AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORP apparently has to "SEEK" in order to be granted the AUDIENCE

An audience with Mahathir
Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad - 03/07/2006

When he retired three years ago, Malaysia's longtime prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he wasn't going to be a back seat driver, but in true Mahathir style he hasn't been able to resist.

The latest target is his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, and it's all over a bridge and a car. The government of Abdullah Badawi has greatly reduced tariffs and increased competition for state-backed car maker Proton, and then cancelled a bridge that was to replace a causeway to Singapore, two Tun Mahathir pet projects.

The frustrated former leader has become a one-man opposition, but the ruling UMNO Party is standing behind Mr Badawi and is threatening to discipline or even expel the man who ruled for 22 years.

* Tun Mahathir, are you satisfied that your legacy is now in good hands, what you have passed on to your successor?

Not legacy, actually, it is certain things that were done wrongly, and this needs to be criticised, corrected. And if those things are done properly there should be no problem.

* You mean the Proton car projects? You mean the bridge? Why are those two so important to you?

No, we went into the automotive industry because we need to have skills in engineering. It is something that speaks of a lot of engineering skills and that's what has happened. And it is a successful project. It was very profitable. Now that they have decided to remove the CEO who made it profitable, now they are losing money and they're not doing so well now and with the government policy to allow in an unadmitted number of foreign makes and also not too strict about under-declaration, this thing is hurting the local Proton car.

* But could it be argued that there's a different person in power, has a different style, sees things differently?

Fine, as long as he does a good job. But he's not. Where you have a company that is profitable, so profitable that it can do a lot of things with internal resources, today it is not doing well at all. So it must be that the approach is wrong.

* But the Prime Minister has the Cabinet supporting him on those decisions.

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed because this cabinet appears to be saying, "Yes, yes, yes," even before something is done. They have already said that they will say yes to anything that the Prime Minister says, and that was not my cabinet. In my cabinet before, we have very long debates and some of my ideas were thrown out.

* Tun Mahathir, when you retired you said you weren't going to be a back seat driver, you weren't going to interfere. Should you perhaps just allow the Prime Minister to do his work?

I would allow if the thing is not harmful. But to do something that will obviously harm us, like allowing another country to decide on what you want to do in your own country, you lose sovereignty. That, I cannot accept.

* This is the bridge issue?

The bridge, yes.

* Have you personally told the prime minister that you are not happy with some of these decisions?

Well, I think he knows. I have already made a statement. I'm supposed to be an advisor to Proton and, of course, if Proton does not do well I feel responsible. So I must make the necessary criticism of a policy that is very damaging.

* Do you think, though, that your outspokenness on these issues might be damaging to the government, to the country's image?

I think that the government should be strong enough to withstand that kind of criticism. If you cannot be criticised at all then it is not a good government.

* Now, UMNO supported the Prime Minister, does it concern you that you might face disciplinary action by UMNO, or maybe even be expelled from UMNO?

Well, that is something I went through before, but I think when I think something needs to be corrected, I don't care what happens to me. I have never cared what happens to me.

* Tun Mahathir, many people are surprised at your views these days. You talk about the importance of freedom of the press, you talk about having democratic debate as being very good for a country. And they see an irony in the fact that when you were leading the country you didn't tolerate those things.

That is your perception. It's not my perception.

* But when you were in power you did close newspapers.

Yes. If you stir up racial trouble in this country, we will do that. That is a stated policy... When we went for election, people know that this is our policy. If you stir up racial trouble in this country, and we cannot afford that, we will take action against you.

* Was it just on racial issues? But they're also political issues as well.

No. Not political issues. The first thing I did when I became prime minister was to release people who were detained under ISA because of political beliefs.

* As he works on his memoirs Tun Mahathir has been mulling over his legacy, his achievements and his failures. The lot of the indigenous Malays has always been a preoccupation of his. But in a multi-racial country, he feels his policies never really change the mindset of the local Malays.

My disappointment is that I cannot get my own community to take up a challenge to change their ways so they can compete with the others.

* But all those years of affirmative action have not been successful? Is that what you're saying?

It is only partially successful. Because it's one thing for the government to propose ways of overtaking the others but people must respond. And not only respond in terms of taking up the policies, but they must develop the correct and the value systems necessary to make the response successful.

* So what is keeping your people down, then? What is it? Is it a psychological factor? What is it?

Yeah. Some of them have changed but they cling to their old value system. They like an easy life, an easy way out. And I have tried to point out to them that this is not good for them because in the end they will lose.

* They will be overtaken?

They are trying to catch up. They have moved quite a bit but not sufficiently.

* Is there anything that you can do to make sure that they catch up? Were you talking about more affirmative action? What can you do? How can you motivate them?

I have removed some of their defection, and I have told them they have to undergo some kind of orientation so that they understand the values system which will contribute to our success.

* And as if that's not disappointing enough Tun Mahathir's past is about to catch up with him. Anwar Ibrahim, once the anointed successor, was sacked by Tun Mahathir in 1998 and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges. And now Anwar Ibrahim is suing Tun Mahathir for again questioning his sexuality.

I still stand by that. That is the reason why I took action. I didn't take action against him because he was trying to take over my place. I could fight my own battles in politics but I have a certain standard which I apply for people who work in my government.

* You haven't seen Anwar Ibrahim for at least eight years. Has your view on him softened at all?

No. He's still the same. I can not afford to soften myself in any way.

* He is suing you, isn't he?

Yes. He is suing me.

* Are you apprehensive about that?

No. I'm not apprehensive. I know this is something political because what it will do is, of course, to keep my mouth shut during the time because he's in a court of law. And that would serve his purpose, not my purpose.

* Are you confident that you will win this?

I'm reasonably confident, but of course when you go before a court anything can happen. So I'm quite prepared for whatever it is that the court decides.

* For decades, Tun Mahathir has been the champion of Asian values, of non-interference in the affairs of the neighbourhood, chiding Australia for what he decried as 'megaphone diplomacy'. But it hasn't worked in the case of Burma. In 1997, Tun Mahathir was responsible for inviting Burma to join ASEAN in the belief that it would change the regime's attitudes. It's done
nothing of the sort. Aung San Suu Kyi, whose party won national elections 16 years ago, despite international outcry remains in detention.

I am quite disappointed because we have tried to convince the Burmese leaders that they can change their ways and not be harmed by anyone. The problem that we face is that whenever a dictator gives up his power in order to become democratic invariably he gets arrested and thrown in jail. With that kind of things happening to neighbours it's going to be very difficult
to persuade the rulers of Burma that they should give up power then land in jail. So you have to assure them that if they give up power then they will be treated like normal citizens. So we have tried. I'm afraid we are not very successful, but we keep on trying.

* But how much more patient can you be with Burma?

Well, we have to be very patient because we have to try. People don't live forever.

* In elder statesman mode and hosting a global peace conference in Kuala Lumpur, it's obvious that retirement has neither slowed him down nor tempered his controversial views.

We are witnessing the early years of the Fourth World War. The Cold War was the Third World War. You may think I'm being alarmist or even irrational, but think again.

* Some in the west call it "The War on Terror", but Tun Mahathir sees things very differently.

The leaders of countries who wage wars must be labelled war criminals. Even as they... Will Bush, Blair, Howard, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and others, high up in the chain of command, be arraigned before a war crimes tribunal?

* In your speech yesterday, you referred to war criminals, you referred to George Bush, and even John Howard. How do you come to that conclusion, that John Howard is a war criminal?

They are responsible for killing people. They are, they know exactly what they are being. They know that when you drop a bomb, when you fire a rocket with a warhead, then you are killing people.

* But to leave now, wouldn't that just invite more carnage?

If you leave, you're going to have more fighting, if you don't leave, the fighting will also continue. And so, if you leave now, what have you achieved? You have done nothing except to excite people and cause them to kill each other. That is your contribution.

* Is Australia going to feature in your memoirs?

Well, I don't know yet but I, when I come to it, I think I will have to mention Australia, which claims to be an Eastern country, but with a Western mind, Western culture, and a tendency to preach to others, to take the high moral ground. I don't like that.

* And you don't think Australia has changed? You have, you outlasted three Australian prime ministers, so you have had experience with the colourful ones. You don't think we have changed at all, as a country?

No, I think it would... Howard is the worst of the three. He tends to lecture the people, all the time. I tried to be friendly with him, when he first became prime minister, I met him. I thought we would work together. But of course, he, condemns me as barbaric, and things like that, so I'm not going to stand up to that kind of thing and keep quiet.

* Tun Mahathir, do you give credit, though, to John Howard for trying very hard to accommodate Indonesia with Indonesia's concerns over Papuan asylum seekers, with helping out countries in the neighbourhood that need assistance? That he's trying very hard to engage in the region?

I don't think he is trying very hard. You know, otherwise I think relations with Indonesians and Australia would be good. Indonesia is much more inclined to be friendly with Australia, but Australia is not reciprocating.

* So, of the prime ministers from Australia that you've dealt with, which one do you think engaged the most with Asia?

I think Bob (Hawke) was the only one who was really very concerned. Even now, he's very much involved with Asia.

* And Paul Keating?

Paul Keating, well, I could have got along fine with him. His calling me "recalcitrant" did not hurt me, but people here were very annoyed. So, I have to be sympathetic toward the feelings of the people here.

* What sort of a country are we today?

You don't know where you are. You want to be European...

* Still?

Yes, you still feel like a European, and yet you want to be Eastern. You have to make up your mind.

* It sounds, though, like we will never belong, because of our make-up.

You can belong, if you drop this idea that you are here to supervise the region, to be a deputy sheriff and things like that.
Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad Dr Mahathir Mohamad was prime minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003.

This Viewpoint is an excerpt from an interview with Helen Vatsikopolous taken from ABC Asia Pacific's 'Asia Pacific Focus' program, first aired on July 2, 2006.

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