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MORE PICS & Video - ALTANTUYA SHAARIIBUU; PICTURES of Early Childhood, Adulthood and Motherhood Life & TWO Children; Video Narrated by Father

PART VIII, if here is the 1st time, you can Go to PART I (Nov 7 2006) H E R E

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This Police source is to quell the rumors going through the grape vine in Ijok By-Election. The timing was a bit too late! And you will find ALL the print media will highlight and have the SAME story

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UPDATE: April 24, 2007 02:13 AM via TV3 News Bulletin, April 24 2007

A DNA test has confirmed the 4 year old son (ABOVE) of the Mongolian woman killed in Malaysia last year was her child from her marriage to the Mongolian man now her ex-husband. A police source said the confirmation dismissed as rumors that Altantuya Sharriibuu has given birth to the boy Altanshagai Munkhtulga, following an affair with a Malaysian man.

Two police officer and a forensic expert from the KL Hospital had gone to Ulan Bator on March 14 07 to conduct the DNA Test with the assistance of Mongolian Interpol. The Mongolian honary consul in Malaysia, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi said in March that the Police team had gone to Mongolia to collect DNA samples of Altantuya’s son and that the analysis confirmed that the child had no relationship with any Malaysian.

The murder of Altantuya 28 received widespread media coverage after her remains were found believed to have blown to bits by explosives in the Puncha dam in Shah Alam in Oct last year. The trial for the murder is scheduled to begin on June 4 in the Shah Alam high court.

= = == =the STAR's account; Tuesday April 24, 2007;

Test confirms ex-hubby fathered Altantuya’s son

KUALA LUMPUR: Altantuya Shaariibuu's four-year-old son was fathered by her former husband, also a Mongolian. A police source said a DNA test had confirmed that the child, Altanshagai Munkhtulga, was born to her ex-husband, and dismissed rumours that Altantuya had given birth to the boy after an affair with a Malaysian man. “We have said previously that the child was Altantuya’s from her marriage to her former husband. I hope this matter will not be played up any more,” the source told Bernama. Two police officers and a forensics expert from Kuala Lumpur Hospital had gone to Ulan Bator on March 14 to conduct the DNA test with the assistance of the Mongolian Interpol.

The murder of Altantuya, 28, received wide media coverage after her remains were found, believed to have been blown to bits with explosives, near the Subang Dam in Puncak Alam in Shah Alam in October last year.

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= = ==UPDATE; Mar 30 2007

Killing rattles Malaysian politics — Top official’s associates face trial in death of a Mongolian woman; By Yaroslav Trofimov; 9 March 2007

The Wall Street Journal Asia; English
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — On the evening of Oct. 19, as Malaysia’s Muslims broke the Ramadan fast, a slender Mongolian woman was forced into a unmarked car in an upscale Kuala Lumpur suburb and driven away. Hours later, two bullets were shot into her skull. Then, the naked body of 28-year-old Altantuya Shaariibuu was blown apart with military-grade C-4 explosives and abandoned in the tropical jungle. What has happened since is sending tremors through Malaysia’s political establishment.

The investigation into Ms. Shaariibuu’s disappearance has implicated close associates of the country’s second-most-powerful politician, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Najib Abdul Razak. A key political adviser will go on trial in June on charges of abetting the murder. Two members of Mr. Najib’s security detail have been charged with carrying it out. The connection has propelled this murder mystery onto the center stage of Malaysian politics, calling into question the near certainty that Mr. Najib will succeed current Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The coming trial is also viewed as a barometer of how far Malaysia has opened up in the three years since Mr. Abdullah succeeded his more authoritarian predecessor, Mahathir Mohamad, and began relaxing restrictions on political debate, the media and the courts. “This murder case is very important — it is a test, not just of Najib, but also of Abdullah’s integrity and leadership,” says former Deputy Premier Anwar Ibrahim, who was imprisoned on sodomy charges after falling out with Dr. Mahathir in 1998 and was cleared under the current premier.

The scandal has touched off a feeding frenzy in Malaysia’s press and blogosphere, and now opposition leaders like Mr. Anwar are riding a wave of popular outrage over the murder ahead of national elections, expected later this year. A nation of 25 million people with one of Asia’s most dynamic economies, Muslim-majority Malaysia is an important U.S. ally in the war against Islamic radicalism. It is often cited as an example of moderate, open-minded Islam.


ABOVE: Altantuya's passport photo and BELOW: Her first husband, pop idol Maadai

So far we have seen only the passport photo of the murdered Mongolian girl ALTANTUYA SHAARIIBUU and through the efforts of Susan Sloone, she managed to convinced her father to piece together a photo video album of her (with a narration in Mongolian by her father Mr. Stev Shariibuu) and a short clip of her 2nd ill son Atanshagai, 3 years old (BELOW) is reportedly to be having serious health problems. DNA tests are taken to compare with those of Abdul Razak. He does not have any resemblance at all? A typical Mongolian child.

The following pics are extracted, resized and enhanced for clarity:
Mr. Shariibuu said in his own words (translated):-

“(Altantuya) is a nice and young Mongolian girl who got killed by cruel murderers, terminating her young life.

“She was born as a dear child to her moderate parents, and like other children, she grew up, by spending ordinary days, day after day.
“She grew up playing with her sister (ABOVE, right) , who is so much like her, as birds of a feather.

“The picture of the girl sitting on the lap of her Russian teacher (ABOVE)in the remote
Chimkent city of the Soviet Union shows the beginning of her educational path.

“It was in the secondary school of Leningrad city that she began to get acquainted with the great history of humankind.

“By giving birth to her first child,(ABOVE) she became a mother to experience happiness of motherhood, although her livelihood burden increased as well.

“Besides bringing up her son she strived to learn Russian, English and Chinese. “Her master’s, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas (ABOVE) in Chinese Language and many other certificates bear witness to her increasing knowledge, certify her good command of those languages.

“But life is full of surprises, and to overcome all possible difficulties in life, she often overloaded herself with work, trying to repay her parents goodness, to rear her children and educate her sister. “She had a rare nature; she did not begrudge her friends and sacrificed herself for the sake of others. “But her lifespan was limited, yet the success she achieved in this 20+ years of life, will make you think, that she lived her life, racing to be ahead of time. “

Later, Altantuya gave birth to her second child,(ABOVE) and put in enormous effort to bring him up as a healthy boy. This is a witness of what an extremely good mother and unique good-hearted girl she was.

“The Mongolian girl who departed from this life so sensationally, deeply distressed her parents, orphaned her dear children and reminded the world of the realities of modern life. “She will be remembered by all honest people, and frankly she will serve God after her death”.
Background voice and produced by: Mr. Stev Shariibuu, Ulanbataar, January 2007. Translation by Dashvadaa, from Mongolia.

= = =The 4m 41 s Video of her photos is available H E R E (the last part 1m 26s shows her sick son crawling on the carpet.


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