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Dr Mahathir: Get Rid ISA - Elect Another Government Not Supportive ISA; Also Interviewed 1 Hr by ISA Friday; At Langkawi Lima 2007 – Alive & Kicking

Dr Mahathir: Get Rid ISA - Elect Another Government Not Supportive ISA; Also Interviewed 1 Hr by ACA Friday; At Langkawi Lima 2007 – Alive & Kicking

Malaysiakini has the early report (as below) of him being interviewed by ACA but no mention of ISA views;
ACA calls on Dr M over judiciary scandal; Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Dec 22,
07 12:12pm; updated 3.54pm Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed today that he was interviewed by the Anti-Corruption Agency yesterday in relation to the Lingam tape. One-hour interview - I've not seen the tape

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December 22, 2007 17:17 PM

ACA Interviews Dr Mahathir Over Controversial Video Clip

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed that he was interviewed by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) yesterday over the video clip of images of a person purported to be a lawyer speaking on the telephone on the appointment of judges.

ABOVE Dr Mahathir speaking to Reporters today, Dec 22 07

"The ACA interviewed me and they asked me questions and I answered them," he told reporters after the launch of a book, "The Third World and International Law", at the Perdana Leadership Foundation office here today. The book was written by Tunku Sofiah Jewa. Also present were Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali and Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim. Dr Mahathir said he was interviewed by three ACA officers for an hour at the foundation's office. He said he was also willing to testify if the law required him to do so. However, Dr Mahathir said: "I don't know whether Lingam said it or not. I did not see the tape. What I saw was on TV3, that's all. So I don't know about it." He pointed that a Royal Commission had been set up to look into the allegations. "It is up to the commission to see whether there is truth or not in the allegations," he said.

The government has appointed former Chief Judge of Malaya Tan Sri Haidar Mohamed Noor as chairman of the six-member Royal Commission of Enquiry to ascertain the authenticity of the video clip and the identity of the speaker, the person he was speaking to over the phone in the clip and the persons mentioned in the conversation.

When asked on the government's decision to invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA) on the group behind the activities which threatened public order and national security, Dr Mahathir said: "I used the ISA too."It is up to the government and the people to decide, as you know we are a democratic country. If you elect people who are supportive of the ISA, naturally the ISA will be there. "If you don't like the ISA, you have to elect people who don't like the ISA. The choice is yours." According to Dr Mahathir, he was elected by the fact that he supported the ISA. "I was elected by the people, so I thought the people approved the ISA, that's why I implemented the ISA," he said.

On claims of ethnic cleansing here, Dr Mahathir said he read a lot about ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. "I have yet to see a lot of Indians being killed here. Malays killing Indians and all that....I think that's a bit absurd." On street demonstrations, he said the people were entitled to raise (issues) but there were other ways of doing it. "Not unless they are prevented from making their presentation in other ways. "If they don't have a choice, of course they may resort to demonstrations. But if they have a choice, they have their own leaders to explain their problems. I think that should be their first choice," he said. On the newly launched book, Dr Mahathir said "This book, to me, is very important".

ABOVE & BELOW: Launching the BIG BOOK by Tunku Sofiah Jewa.(who?)

"Most of the knowledge we have about international law and the Third World comes from the writings of Europeans and they are naturally bias." He said he had not read about many of the things mentioned in the book. "That is why it's interesting, and I think a lot of Asians, Africans and American Indians need to do research and write books from their own viewpoint for a better balance."

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December 05, 2007 15:58 PM

Mahathir Delighted Over LIMA's Progress

LANGKAWI, Dec 5 (Bernama) -- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed delight over the progress shown by the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (Lima) 2007 exhibition, saying that it has become increasingly popular among those in the maritime and aerospace industries.

The former prime minister said that the ninth edition of Lima currently underway here had provided more exhibition space to cater to an increase in the number of local and foreign participants."Lima is progressing seems that Lima has become a permanent biennial event for Malaysia and proven to be popular too," he told reporters after visiting the exhibition here Wednesday. Lima 2007 kicked off yesterday with the participation of 450 well-known defence companies from about 20 countries. Its aerospace segment is being held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIEC) while the maritime portion takes place at the Awana Porto Malai.

Dr Mahathir, who mooted the idea of organising Lima which was held for the first time on the resort island in 1991, said the event had spurred economic activities in Langkawi to the extent that all hotel rooms had been fully booked for the week. "Some of the hoteliers want Lima to be organised every week as it brings them good business," he said in jest.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali were greeted by the country's first astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (ABOVE) Sheikh Mustapha when visiting the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry's booth at the MIEC. The trio became the centre of attention as many visitors whipped out their cameras to capture the moment.

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Malaysia ex-PM Mahathir quizzed in judicial probe

Saturday December 22, 2:10 PM
PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (Reuters) - Malaysian anti-corruption officials have interviewed former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad as part of their investigation into a scandal over judicial appointments. Mahathir, whose critics say he presided over a weakening of the judiciary during his 22 years in power, said on Saturday that three officials had come to interview him on Friday for about an hour. He did not reveal the questions or his answers. "The anti-corruption agency interviewed me and asked me questions and I answered them," the 82-year-old, who retired as leader in late 2003, told reporters.

The government has ordered a royal commission of inquiry into allegations that a lawyer with connections to government played a role in influencing judicial appointments. It followed the release in September by opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim of a video said to have been recorded in 2002 and purporting to show the lawyer boasting to a judge over the phone of his ability to influence appointments. In Malaysia, judicial appointments are made by the king, on the advice of the prime minister, though the Malaysian Bar Council has been lobbying for years for a special commission to handle the appointment of judges, free from politics. Mahathir has always denied he sought to interfere in the judicial process during his rule, though Malaysian justice has been dogged since the late 1980s by the perception that it is not free from government interference.

Asked on Saturday for his criteria in appointing judges, Mahathir said he had only considered their judicial merits. "Obviously when you promote people, you have to look into their qualifications, also their background and performance when they were magistrates," he said after launching a book at his think-tank in the administrative capital of Putrajaya. Mahathir said he would also appear, if required, to give evidence at public hearings of the royal commission of inquiry. The hearings are scheduled to begin next month. "Well, if I am required to testify, if the law requires I should testify, I cannot say no," he said.

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SAMY Vows to Fight On for MIC & Indians; Brags of “hollow Achievements & Deeds” By MIC for Indians; Asked -”What Money?” – Conveniently Ignore Maika

Malaysiakini has the related story of MIC's Boss: We're rock solid and that the party has not been weakened by recent incidents and says he vows to continue fighting for the community

2nd UPDATE: December 21, 2007 21:40 PM - Samy Bragging again, better talk & explain something about Maika!

Samy Vellu To Go On The Air Again Over Indian Community Issues
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will go on the air once again tomorrow to talk on the topic of "Malaysian Indian Community - Then and Now". His press secretary E. Sivabalan, in a statement, said Samy Vellu would be appearing in the Tamil talk-show "Karuthu Kalam" or "Opinion Forum" between 6pm and 7pm over RTM's Channel 2. On Wednesday, the Works Minister appeared live on RTM's "60 Minit Bersama Menteri" (60 Minutes with the Minister) programme.

Sivabalan said that in the recorded interview to be aired tomorrow, the MIC president would speak on, among others, the achievements of the Indian community and the challenges they had to face to be on par with the other communities. He said Samy Vellu would also dwell on MIC's programmes and projects as well as the government's intervention and assistance towards building a resilient and modern Indian community. "Samy Vellu would also emphasise the importance of staying united in a multi-racial country in the wake of the numerous challenges confronting the nation and the people," said Sivabalan.

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December 22, 2007 01:07 AM
Opposition Taking Advantage Of Situation - Vigneswaran
KLANG, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- The Indian community must realise that the activities of the group behind the illegal assemblies in the federal capital last month has allowed the opposition to take advantage of the situation. MIC Youth chief
S.A. Vigneswaran said this was among the negative effects of the group's activities where the opposition had exploited the situation by causing confusion among the Indians, in its attempt to fish for votes in the coming general election. In light of this, he said, the MIC Youth could not keep quiet but to be more proactive in controlling the situation. Vigneswaran, who is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Youth and Sports Ministry, called on all the divisional MIC Youth leaders to go to the ground.

"They must study the unsolved problems of the Indian community and hold discussions with Indian groups in their respective areas. "I want a more aggressive and effective network of cooperation in the MIC Youth," he told reporters after holding a special meeting with Selangor MIC Youth here tonight. The two-hour meeting was attended by about 200 MIC Youth members including their leaders in the 19 divisions in the state.

The tour undertaken by MIC Youth to explain to the Indians, current issues affecting them and to study problems faced by the community, began today. Vigneswaran said all races had their problems but the government did not practise favouritism and would strive to maintain racial cooperation and unity in the country. "The prime minister has said that all problems should be resolved through discussions in the BN spirit and based on its struggle," he said.

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UPDATE: Friday December 21, 2007; MYT 6:55:02 PM
Two Hindraf leaders file habeas corpus applications
KUALA LUMPUR: Two leaders of Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), who are detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA), have filed their habeas corpus (wrongful detention) application at the High Court here for their release. Lawyer Karpal Singh filed the application on behalf of Hindraf legal adviser P. Uthaya-kumar and its co-ordinator K. Vasantha Kumar. He filed at the High Court (criminal) registry at about noon Friday.

They named the Internal Security Minister and the Kamunting Detention Centre’s superintendent as respondents In the affidavit, P. Waytha Nayagi, who affirmed the document to support the application for her brother Uthayakumar, said his arrest in Bangsar last Thursday and continued detention was unconstitutional and unlawful. Waytha Nayagi, 41, said there had been contravention of the provisions of the Federal Constitution and non-compliance with the provisions of rules of Internal Security (Advisory Board Procedure) Rules 1972. She said the allegations against her brother were groundless and asked the court to declare the detention order null and void. She applied for him to be brought to the court and released forthwith. In a notice of motion Waytha Nayagi also asked for any order deemed fit by the court. In the other habeas corpus application, K. Vickneswary, wife of Vasantha Kumar, affirmed an affidavit for the purpose. Vickneswary, 35, said her husband's arrest in Brickfields last Thursday was not in accordance with law and illegal.

She said the minister had acted mechanically and prematurely and that the allegations of fact against her husband were baseless and that his continued detention was unconstitutional and unlawful. She applied for him to be brought to the court and be set at free as well as any further order deemed proper by the court. Speaking to reporters later, Karpal Singh said: "We are serving the papers of four applicants (lawyers M. Manoharan, V. Ganabatirau, Uthayakumar and former senior executive Vasantha Kumar) to the minister so that they will be ready for the hearing at High Court on Wednesday before Judicial Commissioner Zainal Azman Abdul Aziz," he added.

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SAMY Vows to Soldier On for MIC & Indians; Brags of “hollow Achievements & Deeds” By MIC for Indians; Asked -”What Money?”Conveniently Ignore Siphoning Maika Shares “God-Sent Wealth”?

Samy Vellu son of a rubber tapper who became a certified Architect from Technical College and rose to be the “representative” of the Indians community in Malaysia had an exclusive Bernama inspired interview and brags a lot of his “hollow achievements & deeds” he has done for the Indian community. Short is his memory and long is the sufferings of the ordinary Indians lot in Malaysia. Samy has the audacity to ask “What Money?” he has siphoned off; conveniently ignored the many questions the Maika fiasco had raised that had shamed him and the Hanky-Panky in Telekom Shares that went to the three companies representing the “interests” of the Indian community. What was Samy role in this debacle? Why did he prevent this wealth from reaching Maika? For the Personal Greed & Gain of his relatives?. (see Ailiran expose at Bottom) What went wrong for a venture that took off in a blaze of glory? Why is it in shambles today?

The poor Indians had turned to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi 4 years ago as a last resort for help. Many of them had lost almost everything in investing in the Maika shares. All they want is the return of their investment. Justice must be done to them. Now in 2007 is he responding?

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December 21, 2007 16:55 PM

Samy Vellu Vows To Fight On For Indian Community

By S. Retna

ABOVE: Samy brags a lot of his “hollow achievements & deeds” and conveniently Ignore Siphoning of Maika Shares “God-Sent Wealth”?

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- "I will continue to fight for the betterment of the (Indian) community. The question of the MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) being dented from recent incidents does not arise," said Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, the MIC supremo. Referring to recent street protests by some members of the Indian community and those from the so-called Hindu Rights Action Force
(Hindraf), he said the MIC's spirit and strength had not been weakened by those incidents. "I have always stood by the MIC and will continue to stand by the party. I will continue to fight for the community to ensure that Indians in the country continue to rise socially and economically," he told Bernama in an interview. But the MIC president, who has led the largest Indian-based political party in the country for the last 28 years, reminded the Indian community that
Malaysia is a multiracial country and that the nation's wealth must be shared in a reasonable manner.

"This is important. We cannot get whatever we have asked for and the same applies to the other races. The sharing of the country's economic wealth must be addressed in a reasonable manner," he said in a frank interview which covered a wide range of subjects involving the Indian community. Touching on Hindraf, Samy Vellu, who is Works Minister, said that when the group initially censured the government, it did not ask for anything for Malaysian Indians but was more inclined to criticise the authorities and in particular, Umno, the main partner in the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

"But they failed to realise that fighting Umno is equivalent to fighting the Malays, who are the majority in the country. This is not the approach to make changes for the (Indian) community. We have always worked with the government, which is backed by Umno, to bring changes to the (Indian) community," he said. Hindraf, on Nov 25, held a rally in Kuala Lumpur claiming that the government had failed to help the Indians over the last 50 years. Five Hindraf leaders are now held under the Internal Security Act at the Kamunting detention centre for being a threat to national security. Samy Vellu, who is often noted for his outspoken nature, said although Hindraf did not discredit the MIC or its leadership, the MIC could not stand and watch "any attack on Umno".

"I know the weaknesses in the implementation and delivery system at several stages of the government. In spite of this, I have continued to raise issues concerning the Malaysian Indian community. "Being a minister, I'm privileged to have this information and whatever we discuss at the Cabinet is classified. As such, I'm unable to divulge certain information to the public, especially to the community. "I have openly made constructive criticism of the government's recruitment and promotion of Indians in the public sector. I have also brought to the attention of the Cabinet the sufferings of estate workers, who are now enjoying a fixed monthly salary...we in the MIC have raised various matters to the government as we represent 1.8 million Indians in the country," he said. Speaking on Hindu temples, the minister said MIC had always been a "shield" for these temples although some of these places of worship were built illegally. "As for the Kampung Jawa temple (which was demolished by the authorities in October because it was built on private land after the land owner obtained a court ruling), we did our best and even the prime minister did his best but the court order stood in our way. I have personally handled thousands of temples," he said. For the record, there are more than 25,000 Hindu temples nationwide.

"I did this because I'm a staunch Hindu but I'm not a Hindu extremist. I know for a fact that extremism can never achieve anything," Samy Vellu stressed. The MIC president also said that he had been constantly "fighting" with the government to get what Malaysian Indians were entitled to and that he had records to prove this.

"On Tamil schools, I have looked after these schools because I myself am a son of a rubber tapper, who had lived in estates and I was one of the first to go to a Tamil school...Tamil is my mother tongue. "Now elements who do not know about Tamil schools and their problems are making blind accusations that the MIC did not protect these schools. The government and the prime minister gave RM1 million to temples annually. "Some quarters have asked for the acounts of this money. I only make recommendations to the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) (under the Prime Minister's Department) on the allocations needed and it channels the funds directly.

"Some ignorant people have been asking what has happened to the money. My question is, "What money? Who gave what money to the MIC?" he said. On the economic front, Samy Vellu said the MIC, through its economic bureau, had created some 50,000 active Indian businessmen, from small to big. He said these businessmen had also asked the government to allow them to bring in workers from India. This matter was raised by him in the Cabinet and approval was given to bring in 40,000 Indian workers. Following the MIC's request, the government also allocated some RM40 million for micro-credit schemes and this scheme too had been successful. "However we face problems of repayment of these loans. Despite that, the MIC through Nijhar (Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar, MIC vice-president and party economic bureau chief) has now proposed for further financial aid for Malaysian Indians," he said.

Samy Vellu also claimed that "some unscrupulous elements" were taking advantage of the current situation to hit out at the MIC and its leadership by spreading lies via the short messaging service (SMS). He alleged that these people had actually failed the Malaysian Indian community. "I have made it a point to have direct contact with the grassroots...we must hear and listen to the grouses of the people. "At no time will I give up the Malaysian Indian community. I'm always subservient to them and nobody can stop me from fighting for the community," he said.

= == = ==Background from Aliran in 2003, short is his memory

Maika: Bleeding Again; A case of noble intentions gone awry

by P Ramakrishnan; Aliran Monthly 2003:11

In its twenty years of tortured history, Maika investors have known nothing but pain and sorrow. The new dawn of a golden opportunity that was held out to the Indian poor never arrived. Instead, each passing year only witnessed dashed hopes and broken promises that littered the chequered history of Maika. Touted as an economic vehicle and a miracle to lift the Indian poor from the shackles of poverty, Maika was launched with much hype and hope. The poor Indians - traditional MIC supporters, the lower middle-class and the working class Indians as well as a vast majority of plantation workers - were mesmerised into responding enthusiastically. Respond they did, some scraping the barrel, others mortgaging their property and pawning their jewellery while the vast majority took loans at exorbitant rates to invest in a venture that promised dreams of hopes and tantalising prospects.

It’s not only the poor Indians who responded to this call to rally behind the MIC's efforts to secure seven per cent of the corporate ownership for the Indian community - which at that time had been stagnating at under one per cent since 1960. Even the middle-class Indians who were wary of the caste and communal politics practised by MIC came forward to participate.

Incorporated on 13 September 1982, Maika commenced business on 31 January 1983.

A Phenomenal Response

According to Terence Gomez, “Although the original plan by the MIC was to ensure that at least RM30 million worth of Maika shares were subscribed to, so successful was the campaign to promote the company that by 1984 a phenomenal RM106 million was raised from almost 66,400 shareholders. The largest individual shareholder with almost 2.8 million shares was MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu. The amount invested in Maika was even larger than that obtained by the MCA’s Multi-Purpose Holdings when the company commenced business.”What went wrong for a venture that took off in a blaze of glory? Why is it in shambles today?

It is a case of a noble intention that has gone awry through bad management, poor investment and sheer arrogance that brooked no question and refused to be accountable to the shareholders. If proper business ethics had been observed, if honest criticism had been tolerated and accommodated, if from the beginning Maika was run by professionals rather than politicians, Maika perhaps may not have nose-dived into the hopeless situation that it is in today.

In spite of a number of major acquisitions made into some important companies - like the United Asian Bank (UAB), United Oriental Assurance (UOA), Malaysian Airlines System (MAS), Malaysian International Shipping Corporation (MISC), TV3 and Edaran Otomobil Malaysia Bhd (EON) - Maika’s performance has been mediocre.

It registered a profit from 1984 to 1986 - the total amount was nothing to shout about and amounted to RM16.5 million only - which enabled Maika to declare three dividends which totalled 11 sen per share.

Telekom Shares: Hanky-Panky

There wasn’t any fanfare when Maika was allotted shares in Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Bhd (STMB). It was assumed in 1990 that Maika had been allotted all the shares it had subscribed to. No details were made known at that time.

Sometime in the middle of February 1992 the shroud of secrecy surrounding the Telekom shares allocation was ripped apart. Then all hell broke loose.

A journalist from Watan disclosed that “there could have been some hanky-panky in the allocation of Telecoms shares to Maika.” This was then followed by another report in a Tamil magazine, Thoothan, on April 1, 1992 which disclosed that there could have been some discrepancy in the distribution of the ten million Telekom shares allocated to Maika by the Finance Ministry. Malaysians learned for the first time that Maika acquired only one million and not the entire 10 million shares that were allotted to Maika.

Samy Vellu, through the Tamil Nesan and at MIC meetings, tried to explain by insisting that the cash flow problem faced by Maika did not allow Maika to take up all ten million shares. But, one of the directors, a one-time ally of Samy Vellu, Vijandran, issued a statement insinuating that the truth may not have been told. When this matter was raised in parliament, Finance Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim disclosed that since Maika had stated that it could take up only one million shares, the remaining nine million shares were allocated to three companies proposed by Maika because to his “ministry”s knowledge, the three companies represented the interests of the Indian community” (The Star, April 30, 1992).Incidentally, at the time of share allocation in 1990, the Finance Minister was Tun Daim Zainuddin.

Maika Didn’t Reject The Shares

The mystery deepended and bewildered the shareholders when another Maika director, Pasamanikam, contradicted the statements made by Anwar and Samy Vellu. According to Pasamanikam, Maika did not reject the Finance Ministry’s offer and did not propose that the nine million shares be allocated to any other company. He further revealed that Maika had indeed raised a RM50 million loan to facilitate the acquisition of the entire 10 million shares even before the Finance Ministry had withdrawn its offer. Why did the Finance Ministry cancel the initial offer of the 10 million shares and subsequently allot only one million shares to Maika? Who was responsible for the retraction of the original offer? Who lied to the Finance Ministry? Who informed them that Maika had recommended that the nine million shares be given to the three companies? Who supplied the names of these three companies? Who coerced the Finance Ministry to change their mind?

There was no earthly reason for the Finance Ministry to change its mind on its own after having allocated 10 million shares. Who aborted this offer?

According to Tan Sri G K Rama Iyer, the Managing Director of Maika Holdings Bhd - as revealed in his press release dated May 16, 1992 - Samy Vellu was informed at 6.10 am on october 5, 1990 that Maika had been offered 10 million STMB shares and of the probability of obtaining full loan financing and that Maika intended to take up the entire allocation of 10 million shares.(Indeed, a letter dated October 5, 1990 from Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bankers Bhd - AMMBB - offering RM50 million to finance the purchase of the 10 million shares was received on October 6, 1990).

There Must Have Been A Mistake

He further clarified that Samy Vellu replied that “there must have been a mistake. The offer to Maika should be for one million and not 10 million. “According to Dato Seri Samy Vellu, the remaining 9 million shares were for allocation to “other MIC bodies”. “Further, Dato Seri Samy Vellu stated that he would contact the Ministry to clarify the position.” It was then, after Samy Vellu had contacted the Finance Ministry, that the letter of offer was retracted and Maika’s allocation reduced to one million shares. Why did Samy Vellu prevent Maika from acquiring the 10 million shares? Wasn’t Maika his brain-child to raise the corporate wealth of the Indian community so that their economic welfare would be secured? Wasn’t he the leader of MIC which launched Maika as a business venture to enrich the community which had long been associated with deprivation and poverty?

This was God-sent wealth. Why did he prevent this wealth from reaching Maika? Imagine how much Maika would have made from these shares for which it only paid RM5 per share. When Telekom shares were “first traded it fetched a price of RM6.15 per share and that too during a bearish market. By mid-1992 the Telecoms share price was hovering around RM11-RM13,” observed Terence Gomez. According to Ram, in an article in the Aliran Monthly - 1993:13(10) - by giving away the bulk of the shares, Samy Vellu had taken away from Maika RM120 million in profit (which it would have attained had it just held on to the extra shares until then).

They Don’t Deserve 10 Million Shares

Samy Vellu made it abundantly clear that he personally decided to allocate only one million shares to Maika. According to Samy Vellu, “I could have given all the shares to Maika Holdings if not for their past business record. They don’t deserve 10 million shares because of the dismal performance of the Maika management. They have to learn to do business on their own and not depend on shares and make money out of it” (New Strait Times, 16 May 1992).

His autocratic style and arrogance comes through so forcefully: “I could have given all the shares to Maika Holdings…,” he boasts. “They don’t deserve 10 million shares…,” he berates. Mind you, he decides - not the Ministry of Finance!

It is very apparent that he keeps a very tight hold on Maika. That being the case, how could Maika undertake any business venture without his knowledge and blessing? Shouldn’t he be part of the debacle that is haunting Maika today? Shouldn’t he also shoulder the blame for “the dismal performance of the Maika management”? And why should he give nine million shares to three obscure companies, two of which were in fact shell companies with paid-up capital of RM2 each? He did it on his own, without authority or directive from the Central Working Committee. And what was the rational for doing so?

And who lied to the Finance Ministry that these “three companies represented the interests of the Indian community”? What was the motive for diverting nine million shares to three private companies? Those who sought to find the answers were threatened or beaten up. One brave soul who went on a crusade to expose this scandal was stabbed in Penang. Whenever questions regarding Maika were raised at MIC meetings presided by Samy Vellu, it was alleged that thugs would suddenly appear beside the person asking the question and that would be the end of the affair to seek answers.

Some years ago, it was claimed that at one paricular MIC meeting at the Dewan Sri in Penang, chaired by Samy Vellu, a Maika shareholder wanted to know the position of Maika. It was alleged that Samy Vellu told this shareholder that he would provide the answer after the adjournment for refreshment. In the meantime two thugs confronted this shareholder and told him that if he wanted to return home in one piece it was the right time to go home. When the meeting resumed, Samy Vellu reportedly called for the shareholder to repeat his query. But since he wasn’t there, Samy Vellu continued with his meeting without touching on the subject of Maika.

Highly Questionable

It was alleged that Samy Vellu’s son and brother-in-law were directors of of the RM2 companies, SB Management Services Sdn Bhd and Advance Personal Computers Sdn Bhd. which received three million shares each. The third company that received the remaining three million shares was Clearway Sdn Bhd. How these companies disposed of these shares and the manner the profits were channelled to Maju Institute of Education and Development (MIED) were highly questionable. Millions of ringgit were given to MIED in cash. In this day and age one has every right to suspect such transactions. Do you carry millions of ringgit in your person to pay to an educational institution? For God's sake, there is such a thing as bank transfers!

Let’s for a moment try to be logical. How did these companies come to possess this amount of money before it was handed over to MIED? They must have been paid in cheques when they sold the Telekom shares. Does it mean that they went to the bank, cashed the cheques and carried the millions of ringgit, presumably in a bag, as one crazy Malaysian guy did in Australia? This seems far fetched!

What is puzzling is the fact that in spite of so much overwhelming evidence, the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) after 17 months of investigation cleared Samy Vellu of any wrong-doing but unfortunately without clearing the doubts in the minds of the Malaysians, as was observed by Aliran Monthly. Who Benefits From Share Allocations? But the larger question as to how and why political parties are allocated shares that are monoploised by the connected few have not been addressed. These allocations are never revealed and it is not possible to know which crony benefits and by how much. This system has led to abuses and effectively blocks the wealth from reaching a wider circle of deserving citizens.

Even the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, when queried on the issue, confirmed the lack of accountability being practised by government leaders. Mahathir’s twisted logic for not interfering with Samy Vellu’s decision in connection with the allocation of shares for the Indians was: “I cannot interfere in this matter because I also don’t want non-bumiputras to question how we distribute the shares among our community.” (The Star, 14 May 1992) He wasn’t bothered whether the benefits reached the right people. He wasn’t concerned if there was a corrupt practice in place. The policy seemed to be one of non-interference when wealth resources were allocated, particularly under questionable circumstances.

Maika Scandal Refuses To Be Buried

In spite of 10 years of history, the Maika scandal refuses to be buried. It keeps on surfacing, haunting and hounding the perpetrators of a crime that robbed the poor of their fair share of their due. Ten years ago the Aliran Monthly had rightly observed, “The controversy surrounding the Maika-Telekom shares scandal appears to be far from over.” Maika will be holding its Annual General Meeting on December 19, 2003 in Kuala Lumpur. As far as we know, no shareholder seems to have received any Notice of Meeting. Neither have they received the Annual Report nor the Statement of Accounts. And today is December 17, 2003. (This AGM has now been postponed to December 30, 2003) How many shareholders are aware of this meeting? And what can they discuss without the benefit of the annual report and the statement of accounts? Will the shareholders be free from intimidation to raise relevant questions? Will they receive honest answers? But answers may not be found at this AGM. What could this AMG reveal that the previous AGMs failed to disclose? It is, therefore, a matter of urgent concern that the Maika scandal be re-investigated seriously. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, our new Prime Minister who seems to be on a crusade to wipe out corruption, should order the ACA to reopen this case. The poor Indians have turned to him as a last resort for help. Many of them had lost almost everything in investing in the Maika shares. All they want is the return of their investment. Justice must be done to them. Will he respond?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable Deliver Indian Votes in Next GE Advised by UMNO Youth Hishamuddin – Send MIC youths Nationwide 1-Week Tour for Damage Control

UPDATE: December 22, 2007 01:07 AM

Opposition Taking Advantage Of Situation - Vigneswaran
KLANG, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- The Indian community must realise that the activities of the group behind the illegal assemblies in the federal capital last month has allowed the opposition to take advantage of the situation. MIC Youth chief
S.A. Vigneswaran said this was among the negative effects of the group's activities where the opposition had exploited the situation by causing confusion among the Indians, in its attempt to fish for votes in the coming general election.

In light of this, he said, the MIC Youth could not keep quiet but to be more proactive in controlling the situation. Vigneswaran, who is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Youth and Sports Ministry, called on all the divisional MIC Youth leaders to go to the ground. "They must study the unsolved problems of the Indian community and hold discussions with Indian groups in their respective areas. "I want a more aggressive and effective network of cooperation in the MIC Youth," he told reporters after holding a special meeting with Selangor MIC Youth here tonight.

The two-hour meeting was attended by about 200 MIC Youth members including their leaders in the 19 divisions in the state. The tour undertaken by MIC Youth to explain to the Indians, current issues affecting them and to study problems faced by the community, began today. Vigneswaran said all races had their problems but the government did not practise favouritism and would strive to maintain racial cooperation and unity in the country. "The prime minister has said that all problems should be resolved through discussions in the BN spirit and based on its struggle," he said.

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SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by ...

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has no report of this Samy' Interview yet and the STAR has a partial account. And this must be Zanuddin Special RTM1 arrangement Interview for Samy Vellu SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by ...
New Baby Car Seats -

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Malaysiakini has no report of this Samy' Interview yet and the STAR has a partial account. And this must be Zanuddin Special RTM1 arrangement Interview for Samy Vellu

SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by UMNO Youth HishamuddinSend MIC youths on Nationwide 1-WeekTour for Damage Control

It has finally dawn and sunk on Samy Vellu and his MIC stalwarts that the recent HINDRAF uprising has greatly affected his ability to deliver the votes in the coming GE which might greatly affect a number of marginal seats in which the Indians votes might hold sway for the BN candidates. The BN think tank is fearful of these “protest votes and the UMNO Youth through its leader Datuk Hishamuddin has advised the MIC youths to do a quick “damage controlexercise and go on a Nation wide tour to correct the change in “loyalty”. The hurt and damage would be difficult to erase now and this is more so with the five Hindraf icons safely locked up in Kamunting. What has been done cannot be so easily undone within a week. They have been hoodwinked far too long and are now fully awakened and enlightened to realize the raw deal they have been given all along.

Samy has now asked the Indians to be given “a bit more” only; yes they are considering a bigger slice of the crumbs that are left over. To his dying days as a Minister, he is still finding excuses and explanation like eating too much “cili padi” curry and getting “hot” for that Hindraf Day and chastising them for being blind (“sightless”) to see the “progress” that the Indians have “achieved” and the “assets and savings” they have accumulated. And Samy is still clinging on to Power. Why Samy? One foot is already stepped in already and what more things you need to settle?. A few more tolls concessionary? Another Mistress? Let go Samy, you are the biggest stumbling block that is hindering the advancement of the Indians in general.

= == = == == = == = == == = == =

December 20, 2007 00:29 AM
Samy Vellu Admits Illegal Assemblies Affect Indian Community's Loyalty

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Velly tonight admitted that the recent street demonstrations organised by an illegal group, to a certain extent had affected the loyalty of Indians towards the government. He said based on feedback, there were Indians who began questioning why the issues raised by the community had not been resolved by the government. "There were those who questioned why their applications had not been entertained. So, I have asked the Prime Minister to give a bit more to the Indians (in development programmes) considering their history (in the country).

ABOVE: Samy the juggler would try to fix back everything

The Prime Minister has agreed to consider this," he said. Interviewed in the "60 Minit Bersama Menteri" (60 Minutes with the Minister) programme on RTM1 tonight, Samy Vellu said most of those who were involved in the illegal street demonstrations had regretted their actions. "I've met with many of them and I asked them why did they get themselves involved. They said they were a bit "hot" that day because there were people who made them "hot". But now they have cooled down and have come to realise that street demonstrations are not the best way to ask for something," he said. The Works Minister said he had also explained to them that most of the issues raised had been discussed by the Cabinet over the last several months. In fact, he said, steps were being taken by the government to improve the lot of the Indians in this country.

"But we must remember that we will not get 100 per cent of what we asked for. Where can you find a government that fulfils 100 per cent of the people's requests? "The problems are not just faced by the Indians but also by the Chinese and Malays. They also make demands and they too don't get 100 per cent," he said. Samy Vellu also described the illegal group as "sightless" for not being able to see the progress achieved by the Indians in the last 50 years. "In the old days, 80 per cent of them worked in the estates, just to earn wages, and had no assets or savings. But 50 years later, many of them have become professionals and businessmen with high education, and they now have assets and savings," he said. He also described the group's attempt to claim for compensation for the Indian community from the British government as unrealistic, because from his discussions with several lawyers, it would be impossible for the British to fulfil it.

"These lawyers told me that if their claim is fulfilled because the British brought their forefathers here to work in the estates, then there would be more claims from other countries such as India. The British government could become bankrupt," he said. On the question about unity among the multiracial society, Samy Velly said that it was a bit shaky at the moment and needed to be strengthened like the way it used to be when he was still a child. "I suggest that we develop subjects on unity in schools and we teach our children on the repercussions of disunity, to remind them of history and about how the people could live together as Malaysians," he said.

ABOVE: Samy will not let go of all the opportunities that are still coming his way in the Works Ministry

Samy Velly was also asked whether he was ready to let go his MIC presidency considering his many contributions during his 30 years of leading the party. He said that he would do so "when the time comes". "I shall let it go when the time comes. But I believe at the moment, I still need to settle many things. When I have settled them, I'd give up the post... another person with calibre can then take over," he said.

= == = ==

December 19, 2007 22:15 PM

MIC Youth To Go On Nationwide Tour From Tomorrow

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- MIC Youth leaders will go on a one-week nationwide tour starting tomorrow to explain to Malaysian Indians, the political situation in the country and issues affecting the community lately.

Its chief S.A. Vigneswaran (ABOVE) said the MIC Youth committee which had its meeting here today, decided that the explanation must begin immediately to inform the community what the government and the MIC were doing to address problems faced by the community. "Although we know that Indians have supported the Barisan Nasional (BN) government since independence, we are not taking things for granted, especially the recent move by the opposition to use certain groups to create instability in the country. "We in the MIC do not want Indians to cast protest votes in the coming general election.

We want the community to continue to support the BN. We will also tell them how the goverment and the MIC have contributed to the well-being of Indians as a whole," he told Bernama when contacted. He said the tour would also address the issues of "disgruntled MIC members" who were not happy with the government and the party. He said the MIC Youth would also print pamphlets to be distributed at the briefings. "It is a proven method of getting our side of the story across. We do not want the community to think that we have not and are not doing anything for the Indians as claimed by some groups," said Vigneswaran, who is also Youth and Sports Ministry Parliamentary Secretary.

He said the tour was under the directive of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and on the advice of BN Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin (ABOVE) Tun Hussein. Asked why this tour was not organised earlier, he said: "We wanted the dust to settle down and we have been talking to groups of Indians in the last three weeks and now the time is right for this kind of tour. "We have also identified some people who are using the current situation for their own political mileage... it is our duty to warn the people of the culprits," he said.

= == ==
Dec 19, 2007

KL eyes mediators to soothe race woes

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA will set up panels of mediators across the country from early next year to try to calm racial disputes before they spin out of control, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. After 50 years of independence, race relations remain a thorny issue in a country that has suffered race riots. Last week, the government jailed without trial five ethnic Indian activists from a group that brought more than 10,000 protesters into the streets over claims of race discrimination. The panels of 10 to 15 people, drawn from unity department staff trained in mediation and neighbourhood watch officials, will work with the police and tackle problems on the ground to defuse any racial tension, the New Straits Times said. 'The committees have been given the task of achieving a win-win situation for all the parties concerned,' Azman Amin Hassan, the chief of Malaysia's national unity and integration department, told the paper. The groups will initially be set up in the Malaysian capital and the surrounding state of Selangor, the northern island of Penang and southern Johor on the border with Singapore, it said. 'We are told that these are the states which have the most racial problems,' Mr Azman said, quoting federal police data. Once informed by police of a clash or argument that might take on racial overtones, panel members would swing into action and try to resolve matters, he added. Eventually, the government planned to widen the district-level panels to include grassroots leaders, local authorities and members of the police as well, Mr Azman said. – REUTERS

= = =off beat

Jeffrey Kitingan seriously injured in car crash


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan was seriously injured in a road accident near Pekan Nabalu, about 60km from here, early today on his way back to the state capital from the party’s roadshow in the east coast. The 60-year-old Jeffrey, who received head and spine injuries, has been warded at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

His political secretary, Kanul Gindul, said Jeffrey was travelling in a four-wheel drive when the vehicle went out of control at the hilly Pekan Nabalu at about 4am. “Dr Jeffrey was the only one who was injured and was rushed to the Sabah Medical Centre for a scan before being transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. “He received 10 stitches on his forehead and thankfully he is conscious and alert. His wife and driver are all right. They were on their way back from Semporna after completing a four-day roadshow,” Kanul said when contacted, here. Kanul said Jeffrey’s older brother, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who is Sabah Deputy Chief Minister and Huguan Siou (Paramount leader of the Kadazandusun community), visited him at 10am. State PKR leaders also visited Jeffrey.

= == =

Wednesday December 19, 2007; MYT 5:45:36 PM

Jeffrey Kitingan injured in accident

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan was injured when a four-wheel-drive pick up truck he was travelling in overturned near Pekan Nabalu some 60km from here early Wednesday. Dr Jeffrey, PKR’s Sabah and Sarawak liaison chief, suffered cuts in the forehead in the accident and was rushed to the Tuaran district hospital and later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital. PKR's central committee member Evelyn Gobile who travelling in another vehicle said doctors were trying to find out whether Dr Jeffrey had sustained spinal injuries. "For now he is conscious," she said, adding that Dr Jeffrey's wife Cecilia and his driver identified only as Elaiser, suffered minor cuts and bruises in the accident and were given out patient treatment at the hospital. She said Dr Jeffrey had been laying down on the back seat of the truck when the vehicle hit a slippery patch on the road. The truck skidded and overturned several times before stopping

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