Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Pics – PROTON WIRA turned TURTLE trying a ROUNDBOUT at over 100 km/h; Young driver escaped unhurt; front & back windscreens intact

The young driver in a show of bad driving skill and judgment tried to negotiate (probably at 100 km/h) the wide roundabout at Taman Melawati, a suburb 10 km from the KL city centre.
It was amazing that after turning over and landed on a deep drain with high bunds, the front and back windscreens remain intact except the right windows was smashed. Of course the body was badly dented and damaged. (see pics) .

He must have been driving a wee bit too fast and when the left wheel touched the road kerb, it just flipped over and landed on its top. The young driver in his early twenties crawled out through the smashed door window unhurt.

And dad was called to pick up the tabs – the towing fee, the summons - reckless driving (needed a police report to make insurance claims). It was an experience to remember for the driver. The repairs probably about 5K?

Notes on accidents
There are NO accidents. If you cut your finger, it is no accident. If you stub your toe, it is no accident. If you come down with the flu, or with a virus, it is no accident. If you have a chronic physical difficulty, it is no accident. If you are creative, it is no accident. If you get good news, it is no accident.

Whenever you feel yourself powerless and frustrated, then you think accidents JUST happen and that you have no control over them. The only answer is to realize that you form physical events, individually and en mass; you FORM and CREATE the physical REALITY that you know and EXPERIENCE.

It is only when you are not willing to face consciously your own beliefs, and face them through and make distinctions, that seemingly unconscious accidents occur; when all of a sudden you are not as quick as you should be; or, when all of a sudden, your reactions are not as good; when a car comes that should not be there.

When we are enlightened we see things from a higher stand point and from a higher intelligence. We see nothing happens by ACCIDENT or due to our own doing


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