Thursday, June 29, 2006

MORE Pics _ AWESOME 3 am CRASH at KELANA JAYA; JDR 4485 HONDA CIVIC car involved. Any WITNESSES to contact PJ Police

The number plate was intact for punters to try their luck

The crash occurred at about 3am Wednesday (29th June 2006) along the highway in Kelana Jaya. Passerbys claimed the young driver 24 from Johor Baru and staying in Bandar Sunway was speeding his Honda Civic before the crash.
The victim's head was crushed and it took rescue personnel an hour before the body was extricated from the wreck and send to Universiti Hospital for a post mortem. The PJ police appealed for witnesses to come forward

Notes on Dying & Death
No one "dies" before his or her time. The choice and time of death is always YOURS. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on.
The young in its daily dare devil stunts in reckless riding and driving may reveal that they hold the strong belief that old age represents a degradation of the spirit and an insult to the body. Slow death in a hospital or an experience with an illness would be unthinkable to this group of young people.
What is their choice? They would prefer to choose the experience – the drama, even the terror when that occurs - to die young like a hero and leave physical life in a blaze of perception; battling for your life at a point of challenge, “fighting” and not acquiescent.
Life implies death, and death implies life--that is, in the terms of your world. You could not die unless you were the kind of creature who was born, nor could you have a present moment as you consider it.
Death is therefore as creative as birth, as necessary for action and consciousness, in your terms.
You cannot have a universe in between. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are NO victims and NO accidents. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason.

No man or woman consciously knows for sure which day will be the last for him or her in this particular life. It seems, perhaps, easier to have no conscious idea of the year or time that death might occur. Unconsciously of course each man and woman knows, and yet hides the knowledge.

But have consolation; a “death” is just a night to “soul”. In the dawn of physical existence, men knew that death was merely a change of form. You have lived before, and will again, and your new life, in your terms, springs out of the old, and is growing in the old and contained within it as the seed is already contained within the flower.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From your own perspective it must be quite revealing to know such things. I presume you must either got it from reading books or watching the movie "What the *bleep* do we know?"

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