Thursday, December 20, 2007

SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable Deliver Indian Votes in Next GE Advised by UMNO Youth Hishamuddin – Send MIC youths Nationwide 1-Week Tour for Damage Control

UPDATE: December 22, 2007 01:07 AM

Opposition Taking Advantage Of Situation - Vigneswaran
KLANG, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- The Indian community must realise that the activities of the group behind the illegal assemblies in the federal capital last month has allowed the opposition to take advantage of the situation. MIC Youth chief
S.A. Vigneswaran said this was among the negative effects of the group's activities where the opposition had exploited the situation by causing confusion among the Indians, in its attempt to fish for votes in the coming general election.

In light of this, he said, the MIC Youth could not keep quiet but to be more proactive in controlling the situation. Vigneswaran, who is also Parliamentary Secretary to the Youth and Sports Ministry, called on all the divisional MIC Youth leaders to go to the ground. "They must study the unsolved problems of the Indian community and hold discussions with Indian groups in their respective areas. "I want a more aggressive and effective network of cooperation in the MIC Youth," he told reporters after holding a special meeting with Selangor MIC Youth here tonight.

The two-hour meeting was attended by about 200 MIC Youth members including their leaders in the 19 divisions in the state. The tour undertaken by MIC Youth to explain to the Indians, current issues affecting them and to study problems faced by the community, began today. Vigneswaran said all races had their problems but the government did not practise favouritism and would strive to maintain racial cooperation and unity in the country. "The prime minister has said that all problems should be resolved through discussions in the BN spirit and based on its struggle," he said.

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SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by ...

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has no report of this Samy' Interview yet and the STAR has a partial account. And this must be Zanuddin Special RTM1 arrangement Interview for Samy Vellu SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by ...
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Malaysiakini has no report of this Samy' Interview yet and the STAR has a partial account. And this must be Zanuddin Special RTM1 arrangement Interview for Samy Vellu

SAMY’S Dilemma – Unable to Deliver BN Votes in Next GE Advised by UMNO Youth HishamuddinSend MIC youths on Nationwide 1-WeekTour for Damage Control

It has finally dawn and sunk on Samy Vellu and his MIC stalwarts that the recent HINDRAF uprising has greatly affected his ability to deliver the votes in the coming GE which might greatly affect a number of marginal seats in which the Indians votes might hold sway for the BN candidates. The BN think tank is fearful of these “protest votes and the UMNO Youth through its leader Datuk Hishamuddin has advised the MIC youths to do a quick “damage controlexercise and go on a Nation wide tour to correct the change in “loyalty”. The hurt and damage would be difficult to erase now and this is more so with the five Hindraf icons safely locked up in Kamunting. What has been done cannot be so easily undone within a week. They have been hoodwinked far too long and are now fully awakened and enlightened to realize the raw deal they have been given all along.

Samy has now asked the Indians to be given “a bit more” only; yes they are considering a bigger slice of the crumbs that are left over. To his dying days as a Minister, he is still finding excuses and explanation like eating too much “cili padi” curry and getting “hot” for that Hindraf Day and chastising them for being blind (“sightless”) to see the “progress” that the Indians have “achieved” and the “assets and savings” they have accumulated. And Samy is still clinging on to Power. Why Samy? One foot is already stepped in already and what more things you need to settle?. A few more tolls concessionary? Another Mistress? Let go Samy, you are the biggest stumbling block that is hindering the advancement of the Indians in general.

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December 20, 2007 00:29 AM
Samy Vellu Admits Illegal Assemblies Affect Indian Community's Loyalty

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Velly tonight admitted that the recent street demonstrations organised by an illegal group, to a certain extent had affected the loyalty of Indians towards the government. He said based on feedback, there were Indians who began questioning why the issues raised by the community had not been resolved by the government. "There were those who questioned why their applications had not been entertained. So, I have asked the Prime Minister to give a bit more to the Indians (in development programmes) considering their history (in the country).

ABOVE: Samy the juggler would try to fix back everything

The Prime Minister has agreed to consider this," he said. Interviewed in the "60 Minit Bersama Menteri" (60 Minutes with the Minister) programme on RTM1 tonight, Samy Vellu said most of those who were involved in the illegal street demonstrations had regretted their actions. "I've met with many of them and I asked them why did they get themselves involved. They said they were a bit "hot" that day because there were people who made them "hot". But now they have cooled down and have come to realise that street demonstrations are not the best way to ask for something," he said. The Works Minister said he had also explained to them that most of the issues raised had been discussed by the Cabinet over the last several months. In fact, he said, steps were being taken by the government to improve the lot of the Indians in this country.

"But we must remember that we will not get 100 per cent of what we asked for. Where can you find a government that fulfils 100 per cent of the people's requests? "The problems are not just faced by the Indians but also by the Chinese and Malays. They also make demands and they too don't get 100 per cent," he said. Samy Vellu also described the illegal group as "sightless" for not being able to see the progress achieved by the Indians in the last 50 years. "In the old days, 80 per cent of them worked in the estates, just to earn wages, and had no assets or savings. But 50 years later, many of them have become professionals and businessmen with high education, and they now have assets and savings," he said. He also described the group's attempt to claim for compensation for the Indian community from the British government as unrealistic, because from his discussions with several lawyers, it would be impossible for the British to fulfil it.

"These lawyers told me that if their claim is fulfilled because the British brought their forefathers here to work in the estates, then there would be more claims from other countries such as India. The British government could become bankrupt," he said. On the question about unity among the multiracial society, Samy Velly said that it was a bit shaky at the moment and needed to be strengthened like the way it used to be when he was still a child. "I suggest that we develop subjects on unity in schools and we teach our children on the repercussions of disunity, to remind them of history and about how the people could live together as Malaysians," he said.

ABOVE: Samy will not let go of all the opportunities that are still coming his way in the Works Ministry

Samy Velly was also asked whether he was ready to let go his MIC presidency considering his many contributions during his 30 years of leading the party. He said that he would do so "when the time comes". "I shall let it go when the time comes. But I believe at the moment, I still need to settle many things. When I have settled them, I'd give up the post... another person with calibre can then take over," he said.

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December 19, 2007 22:15 PM

MIC Youth To Go On Nationwide Tour From Tomorrow

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- MIC Youth leaders will go on a one-week nationwide tour starting tomorrow to explain to Malaysian Indians, the political situation in the country and issues affecting the community lately.

Its chief S.A. Vigneswaran (ABOVE) said the MIC Youth committee which had its meeting here today, decided that the explanation must begin immediately to inform the community what the government and the MIC were doing to address problems faced by the community. "Although we know that Indians have supported the Barisan Nasional (BN) government since independence, we are not taking things for granted, especially the recent move by the opposition to use certain groups to create instability in the country. "We in the MIC do not want Indians to cast protest votes in the coming general election.

We want the community to continue to support the BN. We will also tell them how the goverment and the MIC have contributed to the well-being of Indians as a whole," he told Bernama when contacted. He said the tour would also address the issues of "disgruntled MIC members" who were not happy with the government and the party. He said the MIC Youth would also print pamphlets to be distributed at the briefings. "It is a proven method of getting our side of the story across. We do not want the community to think that we have not and are not doing anything for the Indians as claimed by some groups," said Vigneswaran, who is also Youth and Sports Ministry Parliamentary Secretary.

He said the tour was under the directive of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and on the advice of BN Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin (ABOVE) Tun Hussein. Asked why this tour was not organised earlier, he said: "We wanted the dust to settle down and we have been talking to groups of Indians in the last three weeks and now the time is right for this kind of tour. "We have also identified some people who are using the current situation for their own political mileage... it is our duty to warn the people of the culprits," he said.

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Dec 19, 2007

KL eyes mediators to soothe race woes

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA will set up panels of mediators across the country from early next year to try to calm racial disputes before they spin out of control, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. After 50 years of independence, race relations remain a thorny issue in a country that has suffered race riots. Last week, the government jailed without trial five ethnic Indian activists from a group that brought more than 10,000 protesters into the streets over claims of race discrimination. The panels of 10 to 15 people, drawn from unity department staff trained in mediation and neighbourhood watch officials, will work with the police and tackle problems on the ground to defuse any racial tension, the New Straits Times said. 'The committees have been given the task of achieving a win-win situation for all the parties concerned,' Azman Amin Hassan, the chief of Malaysia's national unity and integration department, told the paper. The groups will initially be set up in the Malaysian capital and the surrounding state of Selangor, the northern island of Penang and southern Johor on the border with Singapore, it said. 'We are told that these are the states which have the most racial problems,' Mr Azman said, quoting federal police data. Once informed by police of a clash or argument that might take on racial overtones, panel members would swing into action and try to resolve matters, he added. Eventually, the government planned to widen the district-level panels to include grassroots leaders, local authorities and members of the police as well, Mr Azman said. – REUTERS

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Jeffrey Kitingan seriously injured in car crash


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan was seriously injured in a road accident near Pekan Nabalu, about 60km from here, early today on his way back to the state capital from the party’s roadshow in the east coast. The 60-year-old Jeffrey, who received head and spine injuries, has been warded at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

His political secretary, Kanul Gindul, said Jeffrey was travelling in a four-wheel drive when the vehicle went out of control at the hilly Pekan Nabalu at about 4am. “Dr Jeffrey was the only one who was injured and was rushed to the Sabah Medical Centre for a scan before being transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. “He received 10 stitches on his forehead and thankfully he is conscious and alert. His wife and driver are all right. They were on their way back from Semporna after completing a four-day roadshow,” Kanul said when contacted, here. Kanul said Jeffrey’s older brother, Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who is Sabah Deputy Chief Minister and Huguan Siou (Paramount leader of the Kadazandusun community), visited him at 10am. State PKR leaders also visited Jeffrey.

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Wednesday December 19, 2007; MYT 5:45:36 PM

Jeffrey Kitingan injured in accident

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan was injured when a four-wheel-drive pick up truck he was travelling in overturned near Pekan Nabalu some 60km from here early Wednesday. Dr Jeffrey, PKR’s Sabah and Sarawak liaison chief, suffered cuts in the forehead in the accident and was rushed to the Tuaran district hospital and later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital. PKR's central committee member Evelyn Gobile who travelling in another vehicle said doctors were trying to find out whether Dr Jeffrey had sustained spinal injuries. "For now he is conscious," she said, adding that Dr Jeffrey's wife Cecilia and his driver identified only as Elaiser, suffered minor cuts and bruises in the accident and were given out patient treatment at the hospital. She said Dr Jeffrey had been laying down on the back seat of the truck when the vehicle hit a slippery patch on the road. The truck skidded and overturned several times before stopping


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Samy no Value Vellu.
Well past his useful date, this hypocrite has already lost, so he may as well step aside before he gets kicked out.
He needs to be investigated and charged, tried, and if found guilty, (highly likely) sentenced, and locked away for a long long time for all his crimes. This needs to be done fast before he gets to hide behind a "Tun" title.

11:19 AM  

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