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MORE PICS – HONDA All-New 2nd generation Stream Launched Malaysia -21-Nov-07; 8-litre i-VTEC Engine; Stylish Sporty 7-Seater MPV; RM149,800 - 4 Colors

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd on 21stNov 207 officially launched its long-awaited All-New Honda Stream, the second generation of the stylish sporty 7-seater MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) witnessed by Honda Motor Co representative of automobile development Yutaka Fujiwara (BELOW with 2 of the Honda girls)

Its Managing director and CEO Atsushi Fujimoto (BELOW with another 2 Honda Girls) said Honda Malaysia had already received around 100 bookings since the vehicle's launch and is targeting an annual sales of 600 units.

The latest Stream model re-offers the same 7-seater concept with 2 extra bonuses a lower center of gravity with optimized flat floor design that heightens its sporty performance;

ABOVE & BELOW: Honda has mastered in perfection - low centre of gravity with optimized flat floor design, complemented by the front Macpherson Strut suspension with a new side cancellation spring which improves flat riding comfort.

Achieving Sports Coupes characteristics improving handling over corners & straight roads

ABOVE & BELOW: An even more dynamic exterior that accentuates its stylishness, giving customers the desired improvements in both style and performance without compromising on its functionality as a family car

BELOW: With the additional optional Modulo Accessories (available only in January 2008) it will further enhance its look

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BELOW: Interior wise, the All-New Stream breathes relaxation and quality. The side sill has been redesigned to attain an extra 20mm of width for passengers in the first and second rows 7-seat capability. To round it off, the floor area has been leveled from corner to corner, lending itself to the highest comfort levels for city and highway cruising

The use of a slim fuel tank permits a lower floor in the third row, while the reduced cross section in the rear frame results in more width. The floor tunnel has also been eliminated for a significant gain in leg room
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ABOVE: The seats are trimmed in fine fabrics and can be folded or reclined at just the flick of a lever. And it also allows quick arrangements into multi possible modes. With a single flick of the lever, both seatbacks can be folded down to create more space for storage and gaining access to the rear seats is easy.
BELOW: The luggage area incorporates two separate, lidded compartments on either side that can be used for a variety of reasons. Also, storage compartments of various shapes, volumes and positions have been added for better convenience.

All these results in a driving experience that's comfortable for the driver and the passenger. While aesthetics define the look, high grade materials impart a feeling of solidity in the cabin.
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ABOVE : The dashboard on the front passenger side is beautifully finished, heightening a sense of security and
BELOW: The driver always sits in full command. Tilt & telescopic steering wheel adjusts to the ideal position, while a seat height adjuster optimises the driver's view of the road ahead.

5-Speed Automatic Transmission
On the move, the engine's DBW system brings out the true sporting character of the 5-speed automatic transmission, ensuring an instant surge of performance at the slightest touch. And the 5th gear has an overdrive characteristic for better fuel efficiency and quietness on the engine.

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Climate control system
A powerful climate control system, complemented by upper vents, directs cool air to the driver and all passengers, ensuring cool motoring in the all-new Stream at all times.

= == = == == = == == = =All-new i-VTEC engine

The all-new Stream's 1.8-litre 140PS i-VTEC engine is mated to a (DBW) system to deliver the purest driving experience. At fast cruising, the Valve control is complimented by a DBW (Drive-By-Wire) system that provides optimum throttle valve control, which significantly reducing pumping losses. This allows greater energy efficiency and exceptional fuel economy

Honda places high priority to the safety design in all its vehicles

ABOVE & BELOW: For better protection, the all-new Stream has High Tensile Steel applied to more areas improving structural rigidity and safety.

Driving in one gives you the extra safe feeling as it has built in Active Safety with Advanced active safeguards.

ABOVE: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System with EDB (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and Brake Assist guarantee an exhilarating yet safe driving experience
: The airbags automatically deployed to provide head and torso protection for serious impacts. The Seatbelts with 3-point ELR seatbelts have load limiters and pretensioners

Now get ready to test drive one from any of its authorized dealers. With a Price Tag of RM149,800 (with Insurance, peninsula Malaysia) why would you get a Gray imported one for much more?. This fully imported new Stream came with a 3-year warranty and free maintenance for the first 6 months.

ABOVE, Left to Right in 4 Colours , i.e., premium white pearl, alabaster silver metallic. royal blue pearl and nighthawk black pearl
More details on Specs & pricings in Langkawi, Sabah & Sarawak , from Honda Malaysia's website

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