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MORE PICS – DAP Ronnie Liu Arrested & Released – Obstructing Police & SJ Officers Sealing Hotel; Investigation of Link to Prostitution Syndicate

MORE PICS – DAP Ronnie Liu Arrested & Released Obstructing Police & SJ Officers Sealing Hotel; Ridiculous Investigation of Link to Prostitution Syndicate

Malaysiakini even if alerted would have no time to Record the Arrest of DAP CWC member in

Puchong. And the Current Hot news is still on Temple Demolition

Indian group forum stopped by police Andrew Ong | Nov 3, 07 9:45pm and

Temple row: 12 freed by police Andrew Ong | Nov 3, 07 5:34pm with latest ON Forgotten victims in Kg Rimba Jaya

It is most unfortunate that Ronnie Liu a tireless worker in the DAP and a CWC member in the process of trying to help to right an injustice had himself arrested but he was released in no time. But to add insult they are also investigating the preposterous notion that he is “linked to a prostitution syndicate”.

When he got word that the Hotel was to be sealed he mustered 30 followers to prevent the sealing. The Spa and the restaurant above were in no way related to the vice activities and were most probably run by other operators. Why deny them the right to operate? How many will be jobless in the meantime when their places of work are sealed and closed until further notice? Isn't this grossly unfair to them?

And do you think the BN Lee Hwa Beng (ABOVE) a SJ council member & a "double agent" would help?

Bear in mind, this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and when you bring in too many tourists, you just cannot ask them to visit tourist attractions when the sun has set. And what should they do at night? Watch RTM1 & 2 in the hotel rooms? They must be entertained and the GROs do provide a service to keep tourists and locals busy at night.

The Warlords in Subang Jaya Municipal Council as of late had taken a tough stance against entertainment outlets (see Bottom, "haram" places in their eyes) they have agree now to postpone the chasing away of the pubs to the shopping complexes & hotels. They must be flexible and make adjustments to changing circumstances. How can they impose a quota of 40 only for SJ with the lame excuse that it would be difficult to monitor? When a City develops and expands in numbers, the number of licenses granted must also increase in tandem otherwise the existing places will be overcrowded. How can one enjoy a relaxing drink after a hard day's work in such conjested places?
ABOVE & BELOW: The police & SJ enforcement officers entering the 3-Star Hotel in Puchong Jaya

ABOVE: Officers Entering the Hotel and BELOW personally SJ Municipal Council President Adan Mad Ikhlas was present to see the show

DAP Central Committee Member Ronnie Liu was arrested by Police today for allegedly obstructing them from sealing a hotel during an anti vice operation last night. Police said Liu was questioned for trying to stop Police and enforcement officers from sealing the hotel. According to SJ Police Chief ASP Zainal Abdul Rashid (BELOW):

We have advised and sought his cooperation several times but he refused to move from the spot. We have no choice but to arrest him. He is still in Custody and is being investigated under section 186 of the Penal Code.”
Police released him after questioning and it is not known whether he will be charge. In the incident late last night

ABOVE: The Subang Jaya Police den Headquarters in Section 15?

Ronnne with 30 followers had attempted to stop the Police & Subang Jaya Municipal Jaya officers from sealing a hotel two hours after an anti vice raid at a 3-star Hotel in Puchong Jaya, Selangor. He was detained and Police are investigating whether the DAP CWC is linked to the prostitution syndicate.

Earlier the Police have detained 22 female foreigners who worked as GROs (ABOVE) (Guest Relations Officers) at the Hotel. Police believe the Hotel thrived as a prostitution den based on 2 days of surveillance of the premise.

The joint operation with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council also revealed the GROs secret hideout (BELOW)

SJ Municipal Council President Adnan Mad Ikhlas (ABOVE & BELOW)

We had received information and conducted raids before but did not find anything. The hotel rooms were all empty. We will seal everything in the hotel including the secret compartment (ABOVE) , the Spa and the restaurant on the top floor

Based on the passports seized, the GROs had arrived two months ago using tourist visas.

ABOVE & BELOW: The passports checked, all came in as tourists under VOA (VISA on Arrival), the brainchild of Tengku Adnan, the Tourism Minister?

and More GROs Pics Below, from China & Vietnam

-= == = == = STAR Account

Sunday November 4, 2007
Liu held over obstructing cops and council workers

SUBANG JAYA: DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu allegedly tried to stop enforcement officers from sealing a budget hotel in Puchong Jaya, near here. He was detained at about 6.30pm on Friday and released at 4pm yesterday. Liu, who was arrested for allegedly obstructing the police and Subang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement officers from sealing the place, was questioned at the Subang Jaya district police headquarters. “We will forward our investigation papers to the authorities for further action,” said district police chief Asst Comm Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar.

He said the police had raided the hotel on Thursday and had rounded up 23 women – 19 Chinese nationals and four Vietnamese – who had been hiding in two secret cubicles. “The women are being questioned and will be handed over to the immigration authorities once investigations are completed,” added ACP Zainal Rashid. Twelve men were also picked up. ACP Zainal Rashid said Liu had gone to the place on Friday when the police and council officers were about to seal the premises. He claimed Liu verbally abused the policemen and council workers. ACP Zainal Rashid said police were still looking for the hotel owner.

= == = == = =the further actions of the Warlords in SJMC

Saturday November 3, 2007, STAR
Reprieve for Subang Jaya pubs

LICENSED pubs in Subang Jaya can continue to operate at their current premises, at least until the end of next year. Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) president Adnan Md Ikhsan has confirmed at the latest full board meeting that the pubs can renew their licence and continue with their business in their current premises until the end of next year. Earlier last month, it was ann-ounced that the MPSJ wants to relocate all licensed pubs under its jurisdiction to shopping malls and hotels. Adnan, however, declined to say whether the pubs could continue operating at their existing locations after next year. On the new applicants to start pub business, Adnan said the MPSJ would exercise control, implying that probably no new licence would be issued. He said the existing number of pubs was enough and any new additions would be difficult for the MPSJ to monitor.

Our quota is only for 40 licences,” Adnan said. On why letters to relocate were only issued to licensed pubs and not the unlicensed ones, Adnan said the council had no information on the illegal pubs. “Sometimes, it's just a perception of the public that a pub has no licence. They don't know what the real situation is,” he said. Councillor Dr Kow Cheong Wei said there were occasions he had received tip-off from the public regarding an unlicensed pub, but on entering, he found that the pub was actually modelled as a restaurant hence there was no requirement for the required licences. Adnan said he welcomed people to provide information if they had facts of unlicensed pubs.

He said such that anyone operating a pub without a licence would be fined a maximum compound of RM25,000 and a court order would be taken. “I ask the councillors to support those that are good. As for those that often disregard the rules, the MPSJ would not hesitate to close them and their quota given to another person,” he said.

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MORE PICS – New HONDA STREAM streaming Direct to All Malaysians via Authorized Dealers; launching Nov 07; . A timely blessing and benefit to new owners as the prices would not be much different from current existing model


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Bear in mind, this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and when you bring in too many tourists, you just cannot ask them to visit tourist attractions when the sun has set. And what should they do at night? Watch RTM1 & 2 in the hotel rooms? They must be entertained and the GROs do provide a service to keep tourists and locals busy at night."

Being a Malaysian yourself, would you want to promote Malaysia as a sex haven ? Would you demote Malaysia to the status of Thailand and Philippines ? Would you allow illegal immigrants to keep having the Malaysian dream ? Or let's talk money. Would you want your Malaysia's revenue to come from immoral activities ? Mr. Ronnie Liu does owe many people a very good explanation. It is one thing to sympatise with all the poverty stricken village China Chineses. But if a Malaysian Chinese is to help them, he should give them a lawful start. Not resorting to action that cannot see the daylight. There are many poverty stricken China Chineses who wish to leave their country. If one wishes to help them, one should not get oneself into trouble. Neither get these China Chineses into trouble too. Even if it is not an immoral activity, does that business carry a license ? And people who stay in hotels should not be automatically be thought as doing something fishy. We stay in hotels for various reasons. The most common being because that place is not our home and so we have to stay in the hotel. We do not want to bother friends and relatives that is if we have them in that place. We find it heartbreaking to depart from our sweat and blood money if we stay in some grand hotels and so we stay in some hotels that are known for prostitution. So before the authorities come banging on my door, make very sure they know who that person is behind the door because they can always get sued in return.

2:31 PM  

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