Thursday, April 12, 2007

MORE PICS – RAID on Massage PARLOR; 18 Female Foreigners (15 Chinese, 2Thais & 1 Vietnamese) Detained; RAID on Counterfeit SHOES Distributor in KL

April 12 2007
Kuala Lumpur: Last Tuesday, the anti vise unit carried out a raid on a Massage Parlor in Bandar Sri Damansara during the night.

A special RM128 (for 2 x2hr-sessions) was being promoted at that time. The raid was carried out by Supt Azam Ayub with the assistant of 10 officers.

ABOVE & BELOW: When the camera started rolling, all hands were up shielding their faces; all too shy to be recognized. 15 out of 18 are the China Dolls

The foreigners, all in their early twenties comprises 15 from China, 2 from Thailand and 1 from Vietnam. They were detained for engaging in illegal activities after entering the country on social visit passes..

ABOVE & BELOW: All in their early twenties, after massages, the extra are provided F.O.C? The choice is yours

Two of the foreigners were caught “red handedin sex action behind closed doors after massages.

ABOVE & BELOW: Still hiding but the choice is plenty, in jeans or in shorts (see the leggy one below). But which are the 2 Thais & the odd Vietnamese?

BELOW: Using a cardigan gives better coverage for the right one
= = == = == == = == = == = = = =

ABOVE & BELOW: what are these below the fire hose reel and near the fire extinguisher? Free sweets, chocs or condoms for your protection?

= = == == = =

ABOVE: the Tiruan & Kasut Shoe Boutique (along Jalan Petaling, KL) being raided and BELOW: the Boxes of Counterfeit being spotted

Meanwhile in Jalan Petaling, a raid was carried out on a 4-storey Shoe Boutique suspected of selling counterfeit shoes of popular brands like Puma, Addidas, Reebok, (you name it, they got it) following complaints from the local agents of these branded shoes.

ABOVE & BELOW: Thousands of Boxes of these imitation shoes were confiscated for evidence and in transit, those involved in raid will have shoes to last them for many years

Thousands s boxes of the shoes worth over RM½ Million were confiscated and taken away. Raid was in conjunction with VMY 2007 to protect visitors from buying the counterfeit shoes.

ABOVE & BELOW: "Puma" imitations just like the real ones; you can't spot the difference - made by the SAME factory!

The shoes are imported from a neighboring country for distribution in Jalan Petaling, Bukit Bintang and the night markets in the Klang Valley.

ABOVE & BELOW: More designer branded shoes on display

According to the enforcement officer Osman Awang, the shoe boutique was in operation for two months already and the offences is under 19-72 which carried a fine of RM100,000 or 3 years jail or both.

ABOVE & BELOW: and its loading time, the confiscated shoes were taken away in a lorry in a "night light robbery". It looks like a privatized raid, the lorry is a hired one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RM 128 for a 2-hour session, including "value-added services".
Quite a good deal....hehehe...

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