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MORE PICS – Police Detective Demanded RM1000 to Close case Arrested and Released on RM5000 Bail; Scuffled & Pulled Gun on an ACA Officer

Malaysiakini are short handed (vacancies for journalist & sub-editor which I am interested but I cannot apply as I don't even have a Certificate in Mass Communication from Tar College. But I can read between the printed text & see the great injustices that are going around the place we called Malaysia. Presently jobless so do a few quick clicks anywhere to give me a cup of coffee to stay awake or donate a few cents to Paypal) and they are unable to cover ACA cases out of the Town. And the Hot topic is the Bersih gathering with Suhakam pleading
Suhakam: Abide by laws on public rallies Beh Lih Yi & Kuek Ser Kuang Keng | Nov 2, 07 2:55pm
and with the latest on (Apparently, the MIC settle the temple demolition with MB Mohd Toyo)

MIC to the rescue?
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It is interesting to observe time after time when we see suspects being arrested and produced in courts (for whatever crimes they have been allegedly to have committed) , they would try to cover up and hide their faces. For what?- the Fear & Shame?. And if the suspects are police personnel themselves, they would get the extra help and are properly covered up not to expose the faces. Look at the two hooded accused we see daily in the Altantuya Murder Trial and the cover up of the one below, 4 officers escorting this Police detective with the extra T-shirt thrown in and all making sure it would not drop off to expose his shameful face of asking for RM1000 to settle (kow tim, the Cantonese colloquial dialect) a case.

But surprising the bigger the shots are, they are not too fearful & shameful to cover up (but deep down, the humiliation is there). No way can cover themselves so they have to put up brave faces and try to face the music; good examples our RM27M Top Cop Datuk Ramli and the high profile Abdul Razak Baginda.

Now why is this so? Maybe they have this added confidence, they believe that they have done “nothing wrong and not involved” and were caught only on technicalities. With big ringgit at hand, their lawyers can surely “kow dim” their problems. In cases of murder, it is very simple, just cast some doubts on the evidence, mention the exhibits are exposed, not guarded and opened to “tempering” and the Judge can fix it saying it has not been proved “beyond reasonable doubts and “no concrete evidence” he actually do it. No prima facie case and this is how you can get away with murder in the good old days of the exited CJ and even now.

So fear & shame is a big deterrent and the police & ACA should adopt this Motto.
Take Not for the Fear & Shame” And in our own way, we can adapt it to our properties. In our hand phone, in our possessions and even in books etc, if there spaces available, we can add in “Take not for the Fear & Shame” adding “Return it to the Owner” and don’t forget to include a contact number or in the case of a book evenyou name & address.

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ABOVE & BELOW: Police colleagues "over protection" of the suspect escorting him to the car. Expose & unmask them for the "fear & shame"
In Ipoh a Police detective who was engaged in a tussle with an ACA official on Thursday in which he had to withdraw his pistol was released on bail on Friday. However, Perak ACA deputy Director Noraismi Shaari said the suspect was still being investigated.

ABOVE & BELOW: Police colleagues "over protection" of the suspect escorting him to the car. Expose and unmask them for the "fear & shame"

The case was pertaining to a graft probe where RM1000 was offered to close the case. He was detained late Thursday and was taken to the Ipoh Police station (BELOW: this building is only one of the block; the Main one is oppoiste) for a statement to be recorded. Release at 4pm Friday on RM5000 police bail.

Perak CID chief SAC Ismail Yakim said action can be taken against the suspect according to Section 353 of the penal Code. Suspect can be slapped and charged for using force and preventing a Government employee from carrying out his duty and besides using his firearms.

What happened yesterday

An ACA officer was hurt when a policeman resisted arrest and drew out his gun and a scuffled ensued. In the incident a group of ACA officers went to a petrol Kiok in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh to arrest the Police officer.. He resisted and fled in a motorcycle He was however persuaded to surrender. He is alleged to be involved in corruption when a member of public complained that he asked for money to solve a case

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November 03, 2007 01:29 AM
Individual Who Distributed Nurin's Autopsy Pictures Identified
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- The identity of the individual responsible for distributing the autopsy pictures of murdered Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, eight, has been identified and will be charged in court soon. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan who disclosed this Friday night, said the investigation had been completed. "We have identified the person and he will be charged soon. We will inform the media when we are ready to charge him," he told reporters after a police Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house at the Police Training Centre here. He said the police could not provide more details on the individual as investigations into Nurin's murder case were still ongoing. The autopsy pictures of Nurin, a Year Two pupil of Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Setapak who went missing in August and whose dead body was found stuffed in a sports bag in the PJS area on Sept 20, were widely distributed through the Internet last month.

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Haider: Possibility Lingam Clip Unauthentic; hinted “case may close”; Datuk Nazri concurred; Based on local report by Cyber Security

The analysis of the video clip was made by 2 local experts from Cyber Security Sdn Bhd. lead by its digital forensic head Azmarfidilah Moh Ariffin.

But further checks revealed no such company, the closest is

Yes their services include Audio Video Forensics

But have they done any authenticity checks before as their work and consultancies are mainly on Cyber tracking on internet, virus attacks etc? And what about the test results from HK?

How can Haider based the conclusion from these local boys who are guarding the internet only?

MORE Details before noon in the next Post

and also more Pics

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MORE PICS – New HONDA STREAM streaming Direct to All Malaysians via Authorized Dealers; launching Nov 07; . A timely blessing and benefit to new owners as the prices would not be much different from current existing model


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