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MORE PICS & Video – Tioman Ferry Engine Fire 13 Oct 07; 4 Killed 5 Injured; Fire due to overloading and overheating; Ferry with more than 100; max 75

Update: ABOVE: A video Clip snapshot of the burning ferry, MORE pics in the next post & the video. Tioman ferry fire: Passengers 'jumped after crew left them'
ABOVE: a stunning shot by a survivor using his mobile phone of the Burning Ferry which eventually sank.

KUALA LUMPUR - PASSENGERS on a holiday ferry that burst into flames on Saturday, killing four, claim they had to jump into the sea with their children after the crew abandoned them.

MORE PICS & Video – Tioman Ferry Engine Fire 13 Oct 07; 4 Killed 5 Injured; Fire due to overloading and overheating; Ferry with more than 100; max 75

Malaysiakini yesterday had a brief news report On
Four dead in Hari Raya's Tioman ferry fire and a latest UPDATE on

Tourists describe terror on burning ferry Oct 14, 07 11:56am
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FERRY FIRE - (Pulau Tioman - Mersing) Engine caught fire; possibly due to overloading and overheating. At the start of the Raya Holidays, local tourists were making a beeline to Pulau Tioman for a break. Mostly families with small children tagging along as seen in the coming pictures. Not only is the engine overloaded, the boat capacity is also. According to Police its limit is 75 passengers and on that fateful journey, more than 100 were there. Now it is fear there may be a few other missing person.
Survivors with badly burned hands were seating at the back near to the engine room. When the disaster started, it was announced as an emergency and all the passengers panic, there were insufficient life jackets to go around and the engine oil fueled fire spread very quickly. Everyone rushed to the front and those with jackets jumped into the sea. Luckily, other nearby boats & ferries came to fish them out but 4 older people drowned.
ABOVE & BELOW: The Seagull express is the owner of the Ferry whose engine caught fire and spread quickly because of the presence of diesel in the engine compartment

UPDATE Tioman Ferry Fire in ENGINE: The dead are all Malaysian Chinese and the police revealed that the Ferry was overloaded with more than 100 Paks when it has a maximum of 75 only. The following are the victims 4 dead and another two injured cannot be identified.

October 13, 2007 21:37 PM

4 Dead, Four Injured In Ferry Tragedy
MERSING, Oct 13 (Bernama) -- Four holidaymakers are confirmed dead and four others are injured after suffering injuries when they jumped off a ferry on fire while cruising to
Tioman Island from Mersing at about noon today. When the fire broke at about 12.30pm, the ferry was about seven nautical miles or about 30 minutes from Tioman Island, near Rompin, Pahang. Mersing OCPD DSP Harun Arshad said marine police, fishing and tourist boats sent to the scene for search and rescue operations following a distress call managed to pluck from the sea 94 of the 98 passengers. Four bodies were retrieved from the sea, he told Bernama.

The dead are Hoo Lee Lan, 67, from Kuala Lumpur, Hong See Tiew, 53, The Siew Lian, 52, both from Klang, and Tee Moi @ Haw Lee Maoi, 68, from Batu Pahat. The injured including three women -- Lee Zsi Winn from Johor Baharu, Yong Sait Yoon from Kuala Lumpur, Ngow Lee Ling from Batu Pahat and a boy, Choong Wing Yi, from Kuala Lumpur -- have been admitted to the
Mersing Hospital.

BELOW: The lucky and fortunate who survived the ordeal.

Harun said police are recording statements from survivors to gather information on how and where the fire started as well as the actual number of people on board the ill-fated "Seagull" ferry before the incident. All the survivors have been brought to the Mersing district police headquarters, he said. He said police believe the pilot of the ferry, owned by a Mersing-based company, was missing. A search and rescue team was scouring the area for the missing pilot and possible survivors as police believe there could be more passengers on board the ferry, he said, adding that there was no passenger manifest. The bodies have yet to be claimed by their next-of-kin

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ABOVE & BELOW: This man, Fok Chong recounting his ordeal with a severely burned left hand

= == = = == earlier news story

= == = == == =Oct 12 2007
Four dead in M'sian ferry fire

KUALA LUMPUR - FOUR people died and four were injured on Saturday when a fire broke out on a ferry travelling from the popular Malaysian tourist island of Pulau Tioman, the state Bernama news agency said. The ferry was bound for Mersing, a port town on Malaysia's east coast which is the main gateway for trips to the holiday island.

Bernama said the ferry carrying 100 passengers was seven nautical miles from Tioman when the fire occurred.It cited a Mersing police spokesman as saying the dead and injured had been taken to a local hospital and that they were gathering information on the victims.It did not say whether the victims were Malaysians or foreigners. -- AFP

= == = the lure of Pulau Tioman - still rated as one of the world's most beautiful islands?

Tioman was discovered as a holiday destination quite some time ago. It was the setting for the supposedly mythical magical island of Bali Hai from the 1958 Hollywood movie 'South Pacific'. In the 70s the Time magazine selected Tioman as one of the world's most beautiful islands. It presents itself as a paradise island in the tropics. For foreign tourist and visitors, they have to search for this paradise off the beaten track. But the locals who have been there spread the word and many go there for a lifetime visit.

ABOVE: A concise map of Tioman's attractions and BELOW: the Sea separating it from the Mainland

= == = == = == = == = == = ==

ABOVE: Warning for the Muslims to partake in Liquor - RM5000 fine and BELOW: Some of its sceneries

= == = == == = == = == == = == == = == =

ABOVE: Its clear water with beaches around the island and BELOW: Penlumba Inn Resorts with the hill slope chalets

= == = == = == = == = == = ==

ABOVE: One of the ferry in service.

Many ferry operators operate boats and ferries between Mersing and Tioman several times a day. Amongst the most reliable, Blue Water Speedboats operates its first speedboats from Mersing at 7.30 a.m. and its last ones at about 4.30 p.m. depending on tides. Tickets cost RM35 one way. From Tioman, the first boat leaves at 8.00 a.m and the last at about 4.30 p.m. daily

BELOW: Tioman Airport accessible by small planes faster but more costly of course

= = == and from Bernama
October 13, 2007 17:59 PM

Ferry Catches Fire Near Pulau Tioman: Four Dead, Four Others Injured

JOHOR BAHARU, Oct 13 (Bernama) -- Four people died and four others were injured when a ferry cruising from the Genting Jetty in Pulau Tioman to the Mersing Jetty caught fire past noon Saturday. The ferry carrying 100 passengers was seven nautical miles from the Genting Jetty when the fire occurred at 12.30pm.A Mersing police spokesman confirmed the incident. He said the dead and the injured passengers had been taken to the Mersing Hospital. Police were now gathering information on the victims, he added.

= = == Watch Video Clio (3.17 mins) - Tioman Ferry Survivals - the Aftermath

= = = == == == = == == = == = =

= == == = == = =and another sad Raya news

MORE PICS - Hari Raya Suicide & Murder; Man & 2 Children Died of Poisonings; Taman Ria, PJ; Quarreled with Wife who left & came back to find the Deaths

When a couple quarreled, there is this anger and hatred towards each other. Emotions like energy, they flow through you; you feel them and then they disappear. When you try to hold them back they build up and exploded into shouting matches with hurtful words.

The wife in this case tried to cool things over by walking out but too late this time. They might have rows after rows before and this must have been the last straw for the man to take the easy way out and also to end the sufferings of the children.

When we are born into this world we have to undergo all the procedures of a human being. We have to be ignorant again, we have to be a baby, a child, a adult and relearn all the things again and gain more experience in other things we lacked in our natural development. We have to suffer all these illusionary desires, and then the disappointment of the unfulfilled desires and all those kind of things until one day we have enough of it and end it all. But are the lessons well learned. Otherwise another round trip and an awful experience again for some

A man and his two children were found dead in their house in Taman Ria (ABOVE), Petaling Jaya Saturday, 13th Oct 2007, and the 1st Day of Hari Raya.

Initial police investigation revealed. that they died after drinking poisons. The dead were identified as Shamsul Haji Yaacob 32, Mohd Nisann7 and Mohd Helmi 3. Petaling Jaya police Chief ACP Junaindi said they were trying to identify the type of poisons used.

It was revealed that Shamsul had a quarrel with his wife after which she was said to have left the house. The deaths were discovered when she returned to the house and her calls went unanswered.

The doors then were forced open by damaging the locks at the iron grill and the wooden door


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