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MORE PICS & Video – FBI Enhanced CCTV Footages (16 Sep 07) of Nurin Jzalin Killers; Man in Motorcycle & Sports Bag; Woman left with 3 men - Kenari Car

MORE PICS & VideoFBI Enhanced CCTV Footages (16 Sep 07) of Nurin Jzalin Killers; Man in Motorcycle & Sports Bag; Woman left with 3 men in Kenari Car

UPDATE: Oct 11 20:28pm;
October 12, 2007 19:00 PM

Three Men In Kenari Caught On CCTV Footage Contact Police
By B. Hariharasuthan

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 (Bernama) -- The Nurin Jazlin Jazimin murder saga

took a positive turn early today, when the three men caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, contacted the police. They turned up at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters about midnight, to explain their presence outside a three-storey shoplot in PJS 1/48, Petaling Utama on Sept 16.

Federal Criminal Investigations Department director, Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee (ABOVE), confirmed that the trio appeared in the second segment of the CCTV footage which was released by the police yesterday. He said the men, in their 30's, were spotted in the footage, alighting from a silver Kenari on Sept 16. "Our officers have recorded their statements. However, the woman in a red blouse and dark coloured jeans has yet to contact us," Wan told Bernama when contacted today.
Wan said the trio gave their full cooperation to the police in connection with the footage, adding that they would not be detained to facilitate investigations.

The first segment of the CCTV footage shows a man riding a Modenas Kriss motorcycle and carrying a blue-and-black Diadora sports bag. Subsequently, he alights from his machine opposite a stairway of the shoplot, removes his helmet and makes a call from his cell phone.

The man later puts on his helmet, picks up the sports bag which appears heavy and places it at the stairway. On the posting of Nurin's autopsy pictures on the Internet, he said investigations were under way. Eight-year-old Nurin went missing on Aug 20 after going out alone to a night market near her house in Wangsa Maju. Her body was found almost a month later, stuffed in a sports bag, left at the foot of a staircase in Petaling Utama. Police have classified the case as murder.

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ABOVE: Malaysiakini LAST UPDATE on Nurin Jazlin murder was on 21st Sept 07 and now the latest on almost all local media is the released of the FBI enhanced TV footages of the Killers taken on 16 Sept 07, 1- 2pm. They show a man who came in a Modenas Kriss motorcycle and deposing the bag and also a woman seen one hour later entering a silver coloured Kenari and leaving with 3 men.
The police have distributed DVD of the footages to media but are stingy to given them to interested parties.

Nurin's murder: CID director heads probe

Its other main concern is the Men of honour at PKR who ignored ACA threats and are prepared to be jailbirds to keep their promises. We salute them for this stand.

Deadline ends - PKR duo to protect source Soon Li Tsin | Oct 11, 07 1:29pm

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Cops make public CCTV footage of suspected killers

Charles Ramendran; theSUN

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 11, 2007): Police have made public the close-circuit TV footage captured at the scene where the naked body of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin was found stuffed in a sports bag in Petaling Utama, off Old Klang Road, on Sept 17. They hope the public can help identify the characters in the footage who may be able to help track down the killer/s. The footage, retrieved from an automobile workshop next to a stairway where Nurin's body was found, was too blur and grainy. Police then sought help from the US FBI's forensic forensics laboratory in Washington to enhance the video footage. In a press conference in Bukit Aman today, federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee released DVD copies of enhanced CCTV video clip to the media and urged the characters captured in the footages and anyone with information on the characters to help in investigations. He said police are releasing two segments lasting about nine minutes taken from the recording which showed a man on a motorcycle and a sports bag and the other of a woman who leaves in a car with three men.

ABOVE & BELOW: Man came in Modenas Kriss Bike, parked it & started pacing & yakking on the hand phone with his crash helmet on the other hand. Additional inserts shows man enlarged & the Sports bag

The first segment , lasting about two minutes and captured at about 1pm on Sept 16, features a man arriving on a Modenas Kriss motorcycle carrying a blue and black Diadora bag placed in front of him.

He gets off his machine outside the stairway, takes off his helmet before making a call on his handphone. While engrossed in a conversation which lasted about a minute, the man is also seen walking around his motorcycle.

ABOVE : Then cooling took the heavy (Black & Blue Diadora Sports and BELOW: enters the shop house

He then hangs up his phone and puts on his helmet. He picks up the sports bag which appeared to be heavy. He steps into the shophouse verandah which was out of the CCTV's range then reappears again before leaving on his motorcycle.

In the second segment captured on the same day at 2pm, a woman in a red blouse and dark coloured jeans is spotted loitering in the verandah of the shophouse. A blue Perodua Kenari with several people in it pulls up outside the publishing company. Wan said the occupants of the blue Kenari are staff members of the company who had provided police with clues and information. However, minutes after the staff members get off their car carrying bags and boxes, another Kenari believed to be silver or grey coloured stops several metres behind their car.

A man steps out of the front passenger seat and is seen talking on his phone. Minutes later, another man steps out of the backseat of the car and sits in the front passenger seat. The red bloused woman then steps into the backseat with the first passenger who came out of the car. It is believed that the car was driven by a third man. Wan said a photofit of a woman released to the media by police last week was that of the woman who is captured on the CCTV. He said the photofit of a man which was given to the press at the same time was that of a man who had gone to Bangsar in search of a room to rent for himself and his daughter. "Several cars were seen passing the area in the video, including a taxi. I hope they can help us in this probe," he said. On photographs of Nurin's post mortem circulated on the the internet, Wan said full scale investigations are in progress. "Investigators have interviewed several policeman," he said, reminding those who received such visuals to refrain from forwarding the photographs. "Please do not do circulate them. Have some respect for the victim and family," said Wan.

= == = == = Watch the Video Clip (1.17 min) - CCTV Footages of Nurin Jazlin Killers

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the CCTV video of suspects in Nurin's murder,there's one more important scene which many did not emphasize. The driver of the car opens his door and gestures to the girl who then looks at him briefly before resuming her mobile phone conversation. That proves that the 3 guys or at least the driver knew the girl. The Star, 13th Oct, reported that the guys said they do not know the girl.Could someone let the police know of this important point?

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