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Suicide - 14-year old girl for want of a School Uniform; Frustration & Shame to be Poor? Her own Choice with no implying guilt - acting out of context

Suicide - 14-year old girl for want of a School Uniform; Frustration & Shame to be Poor? Her own Choice with no implying guilt with her young body

Malaysiakini (ABOVE) had an appropriate story of the Indians who "have nothing" to match the 14-year old girl who also "have nothing" and preferred to go back to the spiritual comfort in the hands of God for a "celebration of real truth with love" rather than faced the harsh reality of continue existence in earth life. It must have been a well learned lesson for her to enter such a family and experience the difficulties. To wear the same uniform day in day out unwashed and shunned by friends was a humiliating experience not to be cherished for a growing up girl.

Other Malaysiakini story headlined
Nalla’s party dismissed as having no impact Oct 8, 07 3:41pm
is also appropriate in that this new party would have no impact to lift the poor Indians from the clutches of poverty. There are enough parties for the Indians but all parties are using them (with the membership numbers) as bargaining power to get seats and get elected to satisfy their own selfish needs first before others come in. And the others have large numbers and is costly to satisfy so many.

But the reality is once again created by people themselves.

In each life you choose and create your own settings or environments; and in this one you chose your parents and whatever childhood incidents that came within your experience.. You form your experience; you form your past, your present, and your future. You are responsible for each daily moment, individually and en masse. En masse, your beliefs bring about the world conditions that you know. Individually, they form your intimate daily life. You are given the gifts of the gods to create your experiences Your beliefs become reality. What you believe in, it becomes real in your experience. There are no other rules. There is no area in your life to which this does not apply.

You make your own reality: your dreaming reality, your waking reality, and all realities in which you have existence. There are no accidents. Your joys come from you, and your successes, and your failure, or what you think of as failure

No one can help if they do not realize they have committed a basic violation in "over population". When couples get married (to enjoy themselves without responsibility?) and women give birth in a crowded world they also know a violation is involved. And when we are destroying other species and disrupting the natural balance of the environment, consciously we are aware of the violation. When such natural guilt is not faced other mechanisms must be employed

Thou shall not violate against nature, life or the earth and the principle applies to life and death. Overpopulation is a violation. In both war and overgrowth, the human species has ignored its natural guilt. When a man kills another, regardless of his other beliefs, certain portion of his conscious mind is always aware of the violation, justify it though he may.

Presently we have the condition in which overpopulation is compensated by wars and if not by wars then by diseases. Yet who must die - the young who would be the parents of children? A better understanding of the nature of natural guilt integrity would save us from such predicaments.

Take a look at the animal kingdom. They seemed to have a better sense of justice and their instincts and their natural situations kept their numbers in bounds and with unconscious and unknowing courtesy they made room for all others

= == = == == = ==

2007/10/07;NST; Girl found hanged

BUTTERWORTH: Fourteen-year-old G. Sirushini had wanted a new school uniform but her parents needed more time to raise enough money to fulfil her wish. Both parents work as security guards. Frustrated, she decided to play truant and stayed at home for several days last week. On Friday, her younger sister found her hanging from the ceiling fan at their flat in Taman Mak Mandin here. A sarong was tied around her neck. Their parents were working at a factory in Prai when she was found hanged. Police said her body was sent to Seberang Jaya Hospital for a post-mortem.

= == == == = = and the looming cost of “free education” in Malaysia

Parents Still Have To Pay For Children's Education - Education DG

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 8 (Bernama) -- Although the government has decided to scrap school fees effective next year, parents will still have to pay for several additional facilities provided by the schools. The additional payment would include s, Education Director-General Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom toldfor neckties, annual sports and computer reporters here today. Nevertheless, he said, the government would set a ceiling on the additional payment so as not to burden parents. He said schools had been required to apply to the state education director if they wanted to impose additional payments on parents and the money could only be collected after their applications had been approved.

The ceiling would differ according to categories, namely between primary and secondary schools, boarding and day schools, and urban and rural schools, he said. Alimuddin also said that contributions to Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) were not compulsory and they were fixed by the associations themselves during their annual general meetings. He said schools had been advised to keep their PTA contributions at a reasonable level so as not to burden parents. "Parents who cannot afford it can be exempted while the well-offs can contribute more. Parents with many children going to the same school may only pay for one," he said.

On the textbook loan scheme, he said, it would benefit 5.7 million students compared to 4.5 million presently and involve an additional cost of RM128 million. The facility would not be extended to private school students and the ministry had told the publishers to ensure enough supply in the market for them, he said. Alimuddin also said that the ministry had issued a circular in 2000 banning the use of workbooks for Level One students and this directive was still in force. The ministry had also urged the schools to implement flexible timetables to overcome the heavy bag problem, he said. On next year's school term, Alimuddin said Education Minister Datuk Seri ishammuddin Tun Hussein had agreed for it to start on Jan 2 for Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu and Jan 3 for the rest. The details would announced after they had been gazetted, he added.

Meanwhile, Examination Board Director Datuk Mohamed Zakaria Mohd Noor said this year's Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results, involving 511,519 Standard Six students, would be announced on Nov 15.

= == = = and this is SamyVellu "political power" in MIC -

October 07, 2007 13:20 PM
MIC To Strengthen Branches Ahead Of General Election

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 (Bernama) -- MIC will strengthen its branches and probably set up more to beef up the party's machinery ahead of the general election. MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said that with nearly 5,000 branches nationwide and over 650,000 members registered as voters, the party vowed to deliver as many votes for Barisan Nasional (BN). "Division leaders have been instructed to ensure smooth process of these tasks," he told reporters after an interactive session with 146 MIC division leaders here today.

He said divisional leaders must be involved in branch leadership development, manage and monitor the branches effectively and disseminate the party's agenda and notices to branches. "They must also regularly visit the branches, conduct regular divisional meetings and submit regular reports and minutes to the headquarters," Samy Vellu said. He said divisional leaders had to encourage the branches to organize social programmes for the benefit of local communities while those at the branch level, especially, must become community advocates so that the legitimate rights of Malaysian Indians were protected.

"We must not be lukewarm about this duty to make a public stand for language and culture, for Tamil school education and for ensuring the constitutional right for the freedom of religion," he said. He said the MIC was part of the BN which recognised the rights of minority groups as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. "The BN framework of collective decision-making and community participation makes Malaysia a land for all its communities. "Where we have problems in the practical realisation of these, we must work with the BN leadership and relevant authorities in solving them in an amicable way," he added. Samy Vellu said the MIC needed "leaders who have the people in their hearts and could feel for them, leaders who are action-oriented and ready to serve the people, leaders who can articulate the issues of the people and are dynamic in advocating on behalf of the people."

= == == = == =and survey confirms the risk & cost of having too many children. A campaign must be initiated to advise the lower income to limit the numbers. Enjoy their sex lives in marriage but with repsonsibility

Having children too expensive: Survey

Kimberley Lau

PETALING JAYA (Oct 9, 2007): Almost 50% of Malaysians are not considering having children, citing the cost of raising a child and uncertainties in life, according to a survey by AXA Affin Life Insurance. Other reasons cited for not wanting to have kids included wanting to focus on one’s career and maintaining one’s lifestyle. These findings were part of the AXA Life Outlook Index, a survey conducted to measure optimism and confidence among 2,400 affluent consumers aged between 25 and 50. The survey was conducted in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and India in August through online and face-to-face interviews.

It focused on four core aspects of life - career, family, health and retirement. Of the 300 Malaysians who were surveyed, those with children or who were thinking of starting a family said education was a priority, with 70% stating that education was the only way their children could succeed. Many said they were willing to compromise on their living standards for their children’s education. "While more than half of the Malaysians polled indicated confidence that their financial reserves set aside for healthcare would suffice for the next five years, the survey also shows that an overwhelming 71% believed that medical cost will eventually outstrip these reserves in the same time period," an AXA release also said today. Apart from that, 74% felt that their career was crucial toward realising their retirement plans, and 72% believed it contributed to their self-confidence.

However, 68% said they were are not willing to compromise on their living standards for an early retirement. According to AXA Affin Life Insurance Bhd chief executive officer Vincent Kwo the survey will help the insurance company track levels of life optimism across Asia on a yearly basis. "Consumer insights are always our interest because from the data we get to know our customers better and this allows us to develop financial solutions based on their lifestyle needs and wants," he said at a media briefing today.

Updated: 08:11PM Tue, 09 Oct 2007

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= == = = = Some notes on suicide

Suicide is a matter that should not be taken lightly. Those who take their lives leave a path of destruction. Families despair and feel responsible. Children of suicide victims are scarred and risk poverty if that person financially supported them. Friends lose a companion who could make their lives easier. Businesses must cope with the disappearance of an employer or employee and if debts were unpaid then the economy is adversely affected.

Some cultures believe suicide signifies selfishness. Buddhists state it is morally wrong and will result in negative karma. It might mean being reborn in one of the hells or as an animal or hungry ghost. Christians claim those who kill themselves might be thrown into hell. Hence suicide must be discouraged not encouraged.

No man dies unless he wants to die, and for a much better reason than that you want him to. There is always some conscious recognition, however, though the individual may play tricks with himself and pretend it is not there. Even animals sense their dying ahead of time and on that level man or woman is no different.

Many more human beings are aware of their impending deaths than is generally known. It seems, perhaps, easier to have no conscious idea of the year or time that death might occur. Unconsciously of course each man and woman knows, and yet hides the knowledge.The knowledge is usually hidden for many reasons, but the fact of death, personal death, is never forgotten.
Sometimes you may think that suicide as ignominious and passive, but of war as aggressive and powerful. Both are equally the result of passivity and distorted aggression and of natural pathways of communications not used or understood.

In the case of suicide, for example, the self is to some extent acting out of context with the body, which still has its own will to live.

There is no implying guilt on the part of a person who takes his or her own life. In many cases, a more natural death would have ensued in any event as the result of diseases. The desire for suicide is often the last recourse left to frightened people whose natural impulses toward action have been damned up - intensified on the one hand, and yet denied any practical expression.

Spiritu­ally the death sentence given you is another chance at life, if you are freely able to accept life with all of its conditions and to feel its full dimensions, for that alone will rejuvenate your spiritual and physical self.

What is important is that each soul understands THEIR OWN choices and actions, and the consequences of their actions. However when the moment of enlightenment occurs, it will be a time of great celebration - a celebration of real truth with love.

Some people might say, I have a right to die, when they are arguing the case for suicide. And while this is true, it is also true that the people on our planet need every bit of help and encouragement they can get from each person alive. In a certain sense, the energy of each individual does keep the world going, and to commit suicide is to refuse a basic, cooperative venture.
Left alone, the self and the body are so entwined that the separation would be smooth. The body would automatically follow the wishes of the inner self. In the case of suicide, for example, the self is to some extent acting out of context with the body, which still has its own will to live.

=== = == = =PREVIEW Next post

PREVIEW Next Post - Day 47 Trial - 8th Oct 2007 Monday

MORE PICS & Video – Day 47 – Altantuya Murder Trial; Defense Doubts DNA test Results; Forensic Chemist denied the accusations Tests were not carried according to standards

The focus on today’s trial revolved around the credibility of the witness in carrying out a DNA Test. Defence counsel Kuldip Kuma (ABOVE) disputed the credibility of the DNA based evidence presented by the witness and accused the tests were not carried out appropriately.

In cross-examination Dr J.Primulapathi, the director of the Chemist Department’s forensic division denied the DNA tests were carried out all at once instead was conducted one at a time to ascertain the best possible results. He added the tests were also carried out based on internationally recognized DNA testing procedures.

ABOVE: Abdul Razak arriving on Day 47 Trial with a hooded accused behind and BELOW: His father (white haired man) was spotted outside the Courtroom

= == = == = == = == = == = = = == = =

ABOVE & BELOW: the luggages of evidence that were wheeled in on Day 47 Trial
= == = == == = == == = == = ==Below: Counsel K K Wong for Abdul Razak
= == = == = == = == = == =from STAR, DAY 47

Day 47

Saturday October 6, 2007

DNA link between accused


SHAH ALAM: The DNA evidence was intended to link Altantuya Shaariibuu to her murderer but instead a set of results showed a possible family tie between two of the accused. The trial was going through one of its driest phases in the last three days, with a crash course on DNA profiling by chemist J. Primulapathi and the tendering of over 40 exhibits through him, when this evidence hit those in court like a bolt from the blue. It was at this juncture of Day 46 of the trial that prosecutor Noorin Badaruddin pointed out that political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and co-accused Kpl Sirul Azhar appeared to have the same DNA sequence, to which the chemist replied: “This indicates that they are maternally related or they came from the same maternal line.

Primulapathi: ‘It could be far. It may be from a great-great-great grandmother’.“It may not be immediate. It could be far. It may be from a great-great-great grandmother,” he added.
Abdul Razak and Kpl Sirul Azhar immediately gave each other a surprised look and smiled. The political analyst’s parents, who were seated at the public gallery, also seemed amused with the “discovery”.
With a smile, DPP Noorin interjected, “From the Eve line”, to which the witness nodded in agreement.

Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin frowned and asked: “Sirul Azhar and Abdul Razak?” drawing laughter from the courtroom.
Primulapathi: Yes, my Lord.
DPP Noorin: In Malay, there is a saying that such a relationship is called bau bau bachang (distant relatives).
When the judge asked further whether it was a probability, the chemist firmly replied: “This is not a probability. It is a match.”
During cross-examination,
Abdul Razak’s counsel, Wong Kian Kheong, pointed out one difference in the two men’s DNA sequence.

Primulapathi, 54, confirmed that his results did show such a difference in one location.
Asked whether that would indicate that they were not of the same maternal lineage, the prosecution’s 39th witness said: “Mutation possibly may have occurred somewhere down the line.”
The chemist had earlier qualified that the
results should not be based solely on sequence derived from one of the two hypervariable regions in a mitochondrial DNA profile. He said that it must take into account the sequence from both regions.

The trial continues on Monday.

= == = == = == = == =

PREVIEW Next Post - Mat Rempits on the Run - Saturday Oct 6 2007

MORE PICS & Video – Mat Rempits On the RunChassed and Arrested Saturday 6th Oct 07; Dataran Merderka & Raja Laut Areas

MOre pics coming..

ABOVE: A Mat Rempit was caught with his motorcycle and BELOW he tried to run away but was subdued by two Officers
= == = == = == = == == = == = == = == ==
ABOVE: Another with Bike pulled down BELOW: did not resist arrest

More pics coming & video clip


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