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MORE PICS – THREE Girls Perished - 2.45 am Proton Eswara Crash at KM15.7 Federal Highway, Subang After Celebrating Birthday Bash; Video Clip 1 m 50s

UPDATE: May 24 2007

Believe it or not, Indians in Malaysia are classified as NRIs (Non Resident Indians and are on par with Non-Resident Indian Citizens, see below) See news items of the tragic death of the 3 Malaysians and they are reported as “NRI Girls

What will our MIC Samy Vellu got to say about this organization?

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ABOVE detailed news Item from H E R E

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ABOVE: definition is from H E R E

see video link below

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Tragic end to a birthday celebration;NST; By : V. Shuman; 6.03pm May 1st 07

ABOVE & BELOW: What remains of the Proton Eswara after overturning. The driver must have one too many or sleepy at 2.45 am in the morning to have lost control

KLANG, TUE.: Reshween Sonia Kaur (ABOVE) will never get to fulfil her dreams, get married and have children. Her life ended in the shriek of rending metal just hours after she celebrated her 19th birthday.

ABOVE and BELOW: Further closd-up shots of the wreckage

Her two best friends, Koshelavani Subramaniam and Easwari Mahalinggam, both also 19, died along with her when the car they were travelling in turned turtle after hitting a divider on the Federal Highway early this morning.

ABOVE & BELOW: After 2.45am there are still plenty of people awake who came or stop by to take a gory look at the victims and car

The driver of the Proton Eswara, 19-year-old Jagdeep Singh, was badly injured and has been admitted to Sunway Medical Centre. The four teenagers from Klang were driving to Kuala Lumpur to meet some friends after celebrating Reshween’s birthday at a Klang restaurant. Jagdeep lost control of the vehicle at KM15.7 of the Federal Highway, near the Subang exit, at about 2.45am.

ABOVE & BELOW: the dead girls not properly covered up yet

The three girls, friends since secondary school, died on the spot of head injuries according to police. The girls’ bodies were taken to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah for post-mortem. Reshween was a former student of the Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology, while Koshelavani was doing a foundation course in Mass Communications there.

ABOVE & BELOW: The gory of it all, the splattered blood of the dead girls left on the kerbs and the road bumper. When the blood is let out, there is a transformation and death is just a night to their souls

Reshween’s father, who did not want to be named, said he works outstation and last saw his daughter about three months ago. “I could not believe my ears when my wife called me about 3am and said Reshween had died.

ABOVE & BELOW: The girls in the body bags to be taken away for postmortems

The realisation hit me hard when my wife told me she was at the scene of the accident. She was my only daughter. I don’t know what I’m going to do now without her,” he cried. Easwari’s father, 57-year-old M. Mahalinggam, said his daughter had recently completed a foundation course in Management at University Industri Selangor (Unisel) and was looking forward to furthering her studies. “Just last week, she applied on-line to do her degree in Finance and Banking at the Multimedia University (MMU). She was supposed to go there tomorrow to hand in her documents,” he said.

ABOVE & BELOW: One by one the bodies were taken away

= == == = = = some additional notes for those who have not read this profound knowledge

Our deepest condolences must be to the families for these young souls who called it an earth experience and decided to leave; the grief is great for anyone who cannot fathom these tragic deaths of the younger ones.

Death is greatly misunderstood as being the end of it all, of coming too soon. Death always seems to be something just out of your understanding, responsibility, control and power. This is completely inaccurate. Death is a transformation - from one way of being into another. A death is just a night to your soul.

No man or woman consciously knows for sure which day will be the last for him or her in this particular life, that each calls the present one. Mortality with its birth and death is the framework in which the soul, for now, is expressed in flesh. It seems, perhaps, easier to have no conscious idea of the year or time that death might occur. Unconsciously of course each man and woman knows, and yet hides the knowledge.

The knowledge is usually hidden for many reasons, but the fact of death, personal death, is never forgotten. It seems obvious, but the full enjoyment of life would be impossible in the framework, now, of earthly reality without the knowledge of death.
Life and death are but two faces of your eternal, ever changing existence, however feel and appreciate the joy of your own being. Many who lived into the ripe old age of eighties or their nineties appreciated the extent of the beauty of their being and are seemed to be aware of the withdrawing of life force (energy) and their impending death.

Whether you die today or tomorrow, you have lived before, and will again, and your new life, in your terms, springs out of the old, and is growing in the old and contained within it as the seed is already contained within the flower.

= = === = = and it will bad luck for the person taking this bike, for there will be a “ghost rider”. But most probably, the bike will be cannibalized for parts

Motorcycle goes missing after fatal accident; By : Lau Meisan; 2007/05/01

JOHOR BARU, TUE.: A motorcyclist who lost control of his machine after it skidded died on the way to the hospital last Wednesday. When police went to the scene to investigate, however, they found his motorcycle missing.

Johor Baru (South) traffic police chief Deputy Superintendent Ooi Kok Seong appealed to those who witnessed the 5am accident at Km7 of Jalan Johor Baru-Ayer Hitam to assist the police in their investigation. The victim has been identified as Chew Kim Seong, 34, and the registration number of his motorcycle is JKC 9430. Those with information on the case can call 07-2277566

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MORE PICS & VideoCAR Plunges 6 Floors – Proton Iswara Woman Driver 27 survived the Ordeal in Mutiara Heights Apartment Complex, Jelutong Penang

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Hmmm...they were my sister's friends and friends of friends. All in Klang are still sad for what happened and wishes their families their deepest condolences.

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