Monday, April 30, 2007

MORE PICS – TAXI Driver & Son Pushing Stalled Vehicle Killed 261 Km N-S High Way; Nilai: 3 men killed – Chicken Lorry Rammed Stalled lorry 277 KM

It is most unfortunate that these mishaps happened and the cause seems to be stalled vehicles. Drivers of vehicles traveling at high speed would always assume the vehicles they “see” in front are moving and would just follow them “blindly” resulting in these so called accidents. If the speed is moderate at least there is reaction time. The highway authorities must come up with “flashing lights” system to give better warnings to moving fast vehicles on the highway to alert them of stalled vehicles.

The present practice of using reflective cones is just insufficient. So if you are a frequent highway traveler, maybe you can design something like a bank of flashing lights on a diversion arrow (but then again, if your battery runs out, you still come back to square one} But there are once again no accidents. The choice and manner you need to transform yourself from one form to another (life to death) is your choice for the experience.= == = == = = == =

A Taxi Driver and his son were killed when an expresss bus crashed into them at 261 Km N-S Expressway on Sunday. The accident happened as they were pushing their stalled taxi near the Rasah Toll Plaza near Seremban. They died on the spot and involved two more vehicles.

However his 48 year wife V. Paravathy and 8 year old grandson escape unhurt when they remained inside the taxi. The taxi was traveling north when the taxi stalled in the middle of the highway. A car trailing the Taxi was knocked by another vehicle when it swerved to the left to avoid the taxi. Shortly after, an express bus knocked both victims when they alighted from the taxi.

= == = == = from NST – report; 2007/04/30

Two killed after getting out of taxi
SEREMBAN: A father and son were killed when they were hit by a car after alighting from their taxi on the North-South Expressway near the Port Dickson toll plaza yesterday. It is believed they wanted to confront the driver of a Ford Ranger travelling behind them over a disagreement when the accident happened at 3.45pm.

The victims have been identified as taxi driver G. Selvam, 58, of Cheras, and Ganesan, 27. Selvam’s wife, V. Paravathy, 48, and his 8-year-old grandson were inside the taxi at the time of the incident. When the Ford Ranger(BELOW) moved to the left, it was hit by a Proton Wira before an express bus crashed into the latter.

The impact caused the Proton Wira to spin wildly before hitting the two men. The occupants of the car, a couple and their three children, escaped with minor injuries and were taken to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital. The driver of the Ford Ranger, who suffered minor injuries, left the scene. A witness, a passenger of an express bus who wanted to be known only as Wan, said he saw a taxi stopping in the middle of the highway.

Two men got out of the taxi and rushed towards a Ford Ranger behind it. "The Ford Ranger veered to the left and it was hit by a car. "A bus then hit the Proton Wira, which spun and struck the men." Paravathy, however, claimed her husband got out of the taxi after it stalled in the middle of the highway. "My husband and Ganesan were trying to push the taxi to the side of the highway when the Ford Ranger rammed them," she said. They were on their way home to Kajang after visiting her sister in Bandar Seremban Selatan. A police spokesman said statements from several witnesses had been taken.

ABOVE & BELOW: The covered bodies of the father & son were lying on the road waiting for the police to send them for the compulsory postmortem

= = = = == and in another accident

ABOVE: the chicken lorry was well embedded into the stationary lorry for rescue work by firemen

In Nilai, rescue workers took almost 10 hours to extricate the bodies of three men killed in an accident involving two lorries at Km277 of the North-South Expressway on Saturday about 10.15pm. The three, all foreigners, were in a lorry transporting chickens when it rammed into the rear of another lorry which had stopped after it stalled. The victims were Zainal Mahyuddin, an Indonesian in his 40s with permanent resident status, Nepalese Rishitrasad and Myanmar national Kobek, both in their 20s.

The lorry was on its way to the Selayang wholesale market to deliver the chickens. A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said an engineering unit from the Senawang fire station separated the two vehicles. The cabin of the lorry carrying chickens was stuck under the other lorry, hampering rescue efforts. The spokesman said the bodies were extricated at 8am yesterday. They were taken to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital for a post-mortem


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