Thursday, April 26, 2007

MORE PICS – RAIDS on 5 Red Lights Locations in BRICKFIELDS; 68 detained for Suspected Vise & Related Activities; Male Customers & Patrons Also Held

GO H E R E for the
but suing the College
ABOVE & BELOW: A number of foreigners, namely from Myanmar were arrested in the wholesale market area following the murder of a fish trader

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ABOVE: SACII Ahmad Ibrahim who is the Ketua of Jabatan Siasatan Ifnah, KL said the raids were part of an effort to curb crimes and Vice in the Selangor and KL areas.
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ABOVE: Location of Brickfields "Red light" areas; Jalan Thambypillay (3 premises were raided), behind Jalan Tun Sambathan

Kuala Lumpur: On Wednesday night, 68 persons were detained in Brickfields in 5 locations at about 10 pm along Jalan Thambypillay and nearby areas when 150 officers from various enforcement units were involved in the raid on the red lights areas.

ABOVE & BELOW: One by one the "girls" were fished out from the rooms and lined up by the women officers
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ABOVE: Checking for "mosquito" or needle bite marks? and BELOW: must covered up for the cameras

Various people detained include male customers and foreigner patronizing such vise outlets.

ABOVE & BELOW: Some of the "long hair", young and highly demanded ones. No need to see the faces
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ABOVE & BELOW: The floral bedsheets single beds for a quick massage and a "quickie' at no extra with plenty of toilet rolls available?

Those detained were taken for urine tests in IPK KL and for documentation of particulars and further investigations.

ABOVE & BELOW: The unlucky patrons who came after 10 pm were also fished out after being interrupted in their business. They were cussing the raiding party up to hell.
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ABOVE: Some of the JUNIOR officers were just standing around watching and gaining some experienceand BELOW: The ketuas or Bosses in discussion on the next raid? Chow Kit? Not worth it!
= = == = == = == = == = == = == == =

ABOVE: Documentation & particulars checks from ICs or Passports and BELOW: One is not covering up while waiting for their turns at the table

= = == and in P E N A N G Burmah road
STAR, Friday April 27, 2007
Penang police arrest 22 suspected prostitutes from China

PENANG: A pub-cum-brothel, which organised a lucky draw to attract customers, ran out of luck yesterday when police raided the place and arrested 22 suspected prostitutes from China. The women, in their early 20s, together with about 15 of their customers were nabbed during the anti-vice operation at about 10pm on Wednesday. The operator, in his 40s, who was also nabbed, had organised a lucky draw offering a Honda EX5 motorcycle, a Nokia N73 handphone and a LCD television set as the top prizes. Customers, who spent a stipulated amount on women and liquor, were given a ticket for the lucky draw.

ABOVE: Two of the China Dolls seen leaving the Burmah road pub-cum-brothel

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said a check showed that the women had entered the country as tourists several weeks back. “We will recommend to the Home Ministry to have the operator 'banished' under the Restricted Residence Enactment. “Similar action will also be taken against other vice operators,” he said yesterday. A check by The Star showed that this was the second time the premises in Burmah Road had been raided by authorities. On Aug 23 last year, 36 women also from China were picked up.

ABOVE: Another Two seen leaving the brothel

In an unrelated incident, two men were arrested for trying to steal cables from a telecommunications company storeroom in Madras Lane here. A company staff spotted the duo, both aged 30, in the storeroom at about 4pm and quickly locked the door before calling the police.

= = == = == for the latest raid in KL Bukit Bintang, Go H E R E ON

MORE PICS – Raid on BROTHELS in Bukit Bintang; 18 Local Girls, 12 China Dolls & 26 Customers Detained, Questioned & Investigated on Substance Abuse


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