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MORE PICS –FISH TRADER Shot 6 Times- 6 am KL Wholesale market; MCA TAR College Student 18 nearly Raped by Security Guard After Exam during Heavy Rains

ABOVE: the student(showing the wounds during the press conference) as in the NST report. Those who watched Prima at Astro Channel 8 on 7.30 pm on Wed , there was a video clip on the press conference and the scene at TAR College.

This attempted rape of one of its students shows that this MCA controlled TAR College is unable to response well and quick to an emergency situation just like the Ong Ka Ting led MCA, a mouse within the BN. It was embarrassing for them that the parents of the victim have to go to the rival BN Gerakan toseek help and expose the problem in calling for a press conference.
Why? It was a Saturday, afternoon and all the admin staff had gone back for the week end and only the invigilating staff would still be aroundof its senior admin staff are staying within the campus and most of them are in the PJ & Damansara areas. TAR College as in MCA is highly hand picked and run and almost all the senior staff are MCA members. It is also one of the most “hen-pecked” tertiary Colleges in the whole country. Its Principal, Registrar and Assistant Registrars are all female and hand picked by the former principal Datuk (Mdm) Dr Ng Lay Swee (now promoted the VC of UTAR) and most probably they are wives of senior MCA members jockeying for these key positions. So when the crisis happened, what can they do except to convene a meeting to decide on the next course of action?
The counseling offered must be for “student placements” as these officers are trained in this area. That is why the parents refused to accept them because no such rape cases happened within the” last 38 years” in Campus and they have no experience to handle such a case. Those pioneering senior students would have heard of rape of College students staying outside many times and officially denied by the College authorities.

The TAR College has expanded beyond its capacity to cope with the excessive large student population at its main Setapak campus (opposite Taman Bunga Raya). Its students have been robbed, attacked and even murdered by snatch thieves and this latest incident would leave parents sending children to TAR College in fear. Very soon, there would be a disclaimer that the students at TAR are attending classes "at your own risk" just like you pay a parking ticket and the Car park operator is NOT responsible.

= = = == =
NB: the case mentioned in the comments below is also a well circulated case within the campus amongst the staff and as usual things are hushed up to protect the "image" of the College. And for those not in the know, many TAR graduates are holding grades that do not belong to them as in the early days of computerization, careless mistakes were made in the "data entry"

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ABOVE: The TAR Main Campus in the early days, now all the trees have blocked off the Main Admin Block and the College authorities (all the ladies in charge) could not be bothered to trim, to cut them and plant new ones. All of them are clueless in running a College except perhaps the academic aspects. There is also TOO much "inbreeding". Many of their OWN graduates are employed back to continue the bad habits.

ABOVE: the 18 year old TAR Student who refuses counseling, from STAR

Student refuses counselling

KUALA LUMPUR: The Tunku Abdul Rahman College (Ktar) student who claimed she was nearly raped by a security guard last week has refused counselling. College principal Yoong Lai Thye (ABOVE) said a counsellor had called the victim's father on Sunday, a day after the alleged incident, to try to speak with the 18-year-old girl. “But he did not pick up the phone. So, my officer left an SMS, introducing herself and stating her intention. “We have got no reply from the family,” said Yoong, commenting on claims by the student's father that he was unhappy that college officials had not visited his daughter.

ABOVE: Security Manager, Heng Poh Oyah

Yoong said the alleged victim returned to college with her father on Sunday to meet the college security manager (ABOVE). The victim's father told them that his daughter did not want any counselling from the college. “The father told us that the daughter did not want to see anybody at the moment,” said Yoong, adding that the counsellor and head of the School of Business Studies went to the victim's family house in Jinjang yesterday. They found it locked and nobody was home. “My officers tried to call the father, who again said that the family did not want any counselling service from the college,” she said.

Yoong said the college was concerned about the well-being of the victim and that the door remained open for the girl and her family to get counselling from the college. The victim could not be reached for comment at press time. Meanwhile, Yoong said the college would be installing more closed-circuit TV cameras at the campus to improve security. At the same time, it has terminated the services of the security firm that had been contracted to provide 24-hour service at the campus. We will do everything in our power to provide a safe campus environment,” she said, claiming that there had been no such incident at the campus in the past 38 years.

She said besides the services of the security company, the college has its own in-house security service. The suspect in this case was one of the contract guards, she said. “However, the arrival of a regular in-house patrol guard prevented the suspect from further harming the student.” Expressing regret over the incident, Yoong said the college would provide all assistance and counselling necessary for the student and the family to help overcome the traumatic experience

'Like being in the jaws of death'
TARC student recalls ordeal of rape attempt;
Charles Ramendran Updated: 06:00PM Wed, 25 Apr 2007
KUALA LUMPUR (April 25, 2007): The security firm that hired an 18-year-old guard who attempted to rape an accountancy student in Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) last Saturday (April 21) should have its licence suspended.KL Gerakan assistant secretary K. K. Supramaniam today urged the Internal Security Ministry to suspend the security firm's licence for hiring such an "underaged" and inexperienced guard. Supramaniam made the call in a press confrence in the Gerakan headquarters in Ulu Pudu where the 18-year-old victim related her ordeal which she described as being "in the jaws of death".

"I was taking a sip from a cooler when I was hit in the head from behind. When I turned, he hit me again with the stone. "He hit me repeatedly and dragged me back into the hall (where she had just completed her examination at 5.30pm). I was stripped and he started fondling my private parts. He then pulled down his pants and when he failed to make a penetration, he started to strangle me with a shirt. "I thought I was dying as blood oozed from my head. He fled when the lights were switched on (by another guard on patrol). I picked myself up and ran but I bumped into a classmate (Ng Szeyi) who alerted the security," she said. The assailant, who continued to patrol the campus as if nothing had happened, was then nabbed by his colleagues and handed over to the police an hour after the attack.

"It's such a painful and frightening experience. I am thankful to be (still) alive today but I do not know what kind of future I have. I am too terrified to return to campus," said the first year accountancy student. The victim's father, a blacksmith from Jinjang, said: "I am very disappointed with TARC's officials who had not made any effort to enquire about my daughter's condition except for two telephone calls. "It's a shocking incident to happen in campus grounds. Worse still, the crime was committed by a security guard it hired. TARC needs to give some explanation for its breach in security," he added. TARC's student affairs department could not be reached for comments.

ABOVE: Student Affairs Director, Ung Thean Lim. How can he counsel a raped or nearly raped victim?

= = == =and the NST has a different story .. father suing TARC but they have the best pic.

= =NST Online » Local News

2007/04/26; Student’s family to sue over rape attempt; By :

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of a student who was attacked by a security guard on the college grounds will seek legal redress. The student’s father yesterday accused Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) and its security provider, Full Force Security Service Sdn Bhd, of not ensuring the safety of his 18-year-old daughter.

"We are going to sue," said the businessman. "I thought my daughter would be safe in that college, instead she is suffering emotionally and physically." The student was allegedly hit on the back of the head several times and was molested by a security guard at the college on Saturday evening. She fought him off when he pinned her down and tried to rape her. The first-year business student received eight stitches for a gash on the back of the head. She is also suffering from blurred vision in the right eye. Accompanied by her father, the student related her ordeal at a press conference organised by Gerakan’s branch here yesterday. "I am not going back to that college," said the student who is the oldest of four children. "There was no one there during the attack.It was scary."

College principal Yoong Lai Thye said this is the first attack on a student on the college grounds since it began operations 38 years ago.She said the college had terminated the services of the security company. A director of Full Force Security Service said the company had vetted the suspect before he was hired. The guard is said to be 18 years old.

= = == = == = == =The Murder of the FISH Trader below

ABOVE & BELOW: The scene of the Attack on the fish trader who was shot six times in the head in his car.
Fish Trader Shot six times in the head at the KL wholsale market near Selayang baru. The victim is 37 year old Lee Leong Teck died on the way to Selayang hospital on Wednesday. Initial police investigation ruled out the possibility of being robbed as his personal belongings were not missing.
ABOVE & BELOW: Closed up views of the Car (with smashed up windows from the gun shots) used by the trader; personal belongings intact - so robbery not the motive
Lee married with 3 children aged between 5 and 12 was gunned down at 6am. KL CID Chief SACII Ahmad Ibrahim said that preliminary investigations show that the victim was shot with an automatic pistol.
ABOVE & BELOW: The forensic police were quick at the scene (actually they have nothing much to do in the office waiting for killings and murders to happen) to look for clues and spent bullets and to gather evidence.
The car driven by the victim has been stalked and surrounded by more than 1 person. Police suspect business rivalry.
ABOVE & BELOW: The curious onlookers who have never seen a dead body, killing or murder would wait UNTIL the body is taken away

== = = = = =STAR’s Account, more details

Fishmonger gunned down

KUALA LUMPUR: Housewives and traders at the Selayang wholesale market here were busy buying fresh vegetables and fish at dawn yesterday when they heard six bangs, but they were not too alarmed. It was only seconds later when someone screamed that several people ran out to check what had happened and realised that a murder had taken place.

ABOVE & BELOW: The Police tow truck arrived to impound the car for further investigations

Fishmonger Lee Leong Teck, 37, was driving towards the market when two men in a car blocked him. They got out of their car and gunned him down in a Mafia-style killing before zooming off. A police team from the city serious crimes division rushed to the scene and found six empty shell casings believed to be of 9mm calibre. Police found about RM10,000 kept in a bag in the car. The money was believed to have been the previous day’s takings. Lee had been operating his business at the market for over 20 years. Lee’s wife and family members who were present at the Selayang Hospital yesterday afternoon to claim his body refused to speak to reporters. However, his brother said Lee did not have any enemies. City CID chief SAC II Ahmad Ibrahim said police had ruled out robbery as the motive

= = == == = = == =

Nearly raped at her college

KUALA LUMPUR: An 18-year-old Tunku Abdul Rahman College (Ktar) student has alleged that she was almost raped by the person who was supposed to protect her – a security guard. The victim, who is from Jinjang, claimed at a press conference organised by Federal Territory Gerakan division here yesterday that the guard grabbed a rock and hit her on the head at least 20 times and then dragged her to a slope near the lecture hall last Saturday. She said, “It was 5.30pm and it was raining heavily. I was leaving the college after an examination and used the back entrance as it had a sheltered walkway leading to the main road.

“Near the exit, someone hit my head with a rock. When I turned around to defend myself, I saw that it was the security guard,” the girl said. She said she tried to fight back but was overpowered by the guard who dragged her behind a lecture hall. “He continued to hit me with the stone until I fell to the ground. He then started undressing me. “After that he unzipped his pants and tried to rape me. “I managed to push him away and ran for my life.” Another security guard approached her and took the injured girl to the toilet to clean her wounds.

She said the security guard then captured the suspect. The girl said she called her parents who then took her to the Wangsa Maju police station where she lodged a report. “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else especially my college mates. If I had brought an umbrella along, I would have used the front entrance and would have avoided him. Please carry a pepper spray, an umbrella or something for protection,” she said, explaining why she was relating her horrifying experience. The victim’s father said he was unhappy that college officials had yet to visit his daughter. He said the college owed them an explanation. “This is a very serious crime and my daughter could have been killed.”

In a statement, KTAR said that it had terminated the services of the security company that the suspect worked for and that it regretted what had happened to the victim. “We will provide help and counselling to the student and her family,” it said. City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Ahmad Ibrahim said police are still investigating.

= = = =another RAPE after SMS contacts

Thursday April 26, 2007; STAR Teen alleges first date rape

JOHOR BARU: A 16-year-old girl flirted with a stranger for a month through SMS and finally decided to meet him. He raped her on their first date. The girl, who works at a petrol station, met the 23-year-old man on April 23 in Danga Bay at around 12.30am. After the date, she asked him to drop her off at her home in Skudai, but the man took her on his motorcycle to a shed in Taman Sri Bayu, raped her and then dropped her off near the Lido beach. ACP Shafie said investigations were under way, adding that the suspect had not been apprehended yet.

= = === See the latest H E R E ON

MORE PICS – MORE RAIDS on 5 Red Lights Locations in Jln Thambypillay and surrounding BRICKFIELDS; 68 detained for Suspected Vise & Related Activities;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask the TARC authorities on another case that I know to be true that happened a few months ago. One of the TARC heads of school (now retired) molested the assistant registrar of that school. Ask them whether it's true ot not? There was an investigation and at the end all the board did was send him a reprimand letter. Meanwhile, the assistant registrar was told to keep her mouth shut. Can't stand it any longer, she quit TARC. This is a true story. Go and ask them.

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