Thursday, May 03, 2007

MORE PICS – FIERY END for 4 Family Relatives; Car Drive Shaft Broke and Crashed into a Bulldozer at KM262 N-S Expressway near Port Dickson Toll Plaza

MORE PICS – Raid on BROTHELS in Bukit Bintang; 18 Local Girls, 12 China Dolls & 26 Customers Detained, Questioned & Investigated on Substance Abuse

Groom-to-be dies in fiery crash

ABOVE: The initial impact against the parked tractor ignited the car and burst into flame which can be seen BELOW, is concentrated at the back of car where the fuel tank is located

SEREMBAN: A trip to distribute wedding invitation cards to friends in Gemas ended tragically for a groom-to-be B. Kathiswaran and three family members died in a fiery accident at Km262 of the North-South Expressway yesterday.

ABOVE: The fire from the rear is slowly spreading to the front part (BELOW)

In the 6.40pm accident near the Port Dickson toll plaza, Kathiswaran, 23, who was driving and his relatives K. Sundar, 23, B. Raja, 21, and Anbaraj, 23, died after the car burst into flames after hitting a bulldozer parked by the side of the road.

ABOVE & BELOW: The lone and futile attempt to douse out the flame using a small fire extinguisher

The bulldozer was being used in a highway upgrading project. Sundar’s brother, Mageswaran, 25, who was sitting in the left passenger seat, survived after he was thrown out of the car following the collision.

ABOVE: The noisy arrival of the fire fighting engine brought cheers to the crowd which saw them putting out the blaze BELOW

"We were on our way back to Kuala Lumpur from Gemas when the car’s drive-shaft broke and Kathiswaran lost control of the vehicle," he said when met at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital where he was treated for minor burns on the head and left hand.

ABOVE: another smaller supporting fir fighting unit and BELOW: What is left of the burnt out cat

Mageswaran said he tried to save the victims but the fire spread too quickly. "All I can remember is hearing them screaming for help."

ABOVE: the sole survival Mageswaran, recounting the horror to a rescue personnel


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