Saturday, December 09, 2006

MORE PICS – 5 Minutes RM500000 QUICK Robbery - MAY JEWEL, Perai Mega Mall, 1 pm By THREE Armed Robbers; Just Opened for Business; NO Shots Fired

ABOVE: The shutters of the shop was just opened when the robbers strike when they knew everything was properly laid out and (BELOW) the Guards (in blue) were shocked and related the incident
Three men armed with 3 pistols had a fast robbery in Perai Mega Mall when they held up the employees of MAY JEWELLERY located on the ground floor of the Perai Mega Mall when they just opened their doors for business at It was all over within 5 minutes when they scooped up trays of jewellery at the counter without firing a single shot.

ABOVE & BELOW: The premises was cordoned off for police investigation so that evidence would not be disturbed

I hostage was held at gun-point during the getaway and was dragged almost 50 m before being released. The robbers believed to be from 20 – 25 in ages escaped in motorcycles.

ABOVE & BELOW: What could the Police (Forensic) do but to dust for finger prints and look at the empty trays

As usual, the police came and cordoned off the shop and look for clues and finger prints (if any) but all they took back are footages of the CCTV and tried and look at the images left behind. It will be another robbery unsolved for sure.

ABOVE: And what could the Police investiagtors do but to fold their hands (in front) and (behind) and speculate & discuss on the robbery and the empty trays (BELOW)


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