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MORE PICS - Another RM30,000 MICROCHIP HEIST in KLIA on TUESDAY; Group of Men Hijacked A Lorry Laden With Microchips On Its Way to Singapore

Go to bottom for link to RM50 Million Microchip Robbery in Penang

UPDATE: Dec 08 06; 11.50 am

MicroChips NOT loss in Transit Within Malaysia but in SINGAPORE? Consignment Records from IPOH (by Trailer) to KLIA Intact and Goods Reshipped to S’PORE By AIR; Loss during delivery in S’PORE by Forwarders

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Microchips not lost or stolen here, say police; 08 Dec 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: The missing RM30,000 Singapore- bound consignment of microchips was neither lost nor stolen in Malaysia. Federal Police CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said there was no indication that the consignment went missing during its journey in the country. "We have checked with the microchips company and the forwarder here, as well as with the Kuala Lumpur International Airport cargo handlers. "The handling system and its record are very much intact," he said yesterday. Wan also confirmed that there was no connection between the missing microchips and the RM50 million microchips heist in Penang. Based on police investigations, he said the 32 boxes of microchips were transported in a trailer from a local company in Ipoh on Nov 17.

The trailer arrived at the KLIA cargo complex on Nov 18 and the microchips were then shipped into a plane leaving for Singapore. Upon arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport on the same day, the consignment made a couple of stops — believed to be forwarding companies — before reaching the company which ordered the goods. The company only discovered one of the boxes missing after its staff checked the consignment on Nov 20. The company then informed the microchips company in Ipoh which lodged a police report on Wednesday. Wan said they were working closely with their Singaporean counterparts to find the culprits.

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Security boost at KLIA cargo centre; 08 Dec 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Only commercial vehicles with a transponder and sticker can drive through to the Advanced Cargo Centre at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. From today, those without a transponder and sticker would be required to register at the Traffic Management System office before being allowed into the centre. Malaysia Airlines Cargo Sdn Bhd (MASkargo) announced this as part of its move to enhance security in line with the government’s call to protect key cargo facilities in the country. MAS general manager of cargo operations Mohd Yunus Idris said the air freight industry had been informed of this new ruling. "All commercial vehicles will be required to adhere to this new ruling.

"We will require full co-operation from the forwarders for the benefit of all, and we believe this will help project a better image of KLIA as being a secure cargo facility," he said in a statement yesterday. The move follows the RM50 million microchip robbery on Nov 20 at the Batu Maung Free Commercial Zone in Penang where 20 robbers forced their victims to consume chloroform-laced drinks and escaped with 585 cartridges of microchips and computer parts. With this new ruling, drivers will have to provide identification and documents to prove they had bona fide transactions to conduct at the complex.

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UPDATE: Dec 07 06; 13.00 pm

Up to press time there is NO further news released by the Police or from Bukit Aman. It looks like the chips were “MIT – Missing in Transit” from Ipoh to Singapore. There are TWO big chips manufacturers in IpohCarsem & Unisem.

As there is NO Air Services between IPOH & Singapore, most probably the transit from IPOH to KLIA must be by lorry and then by AIR Courier to Singapore. So where has the Box of Chips disappeared? Cannot be into thin air?

After the heist in Penang, on Dec 02 Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy announced Tightened Airport Security Among Immediate Measures (See previous post H E R E). The Transport ministry can ONLY do vertical thinking and suggested measures to strengthen security within the Cargo Complex but unable to foresee the lack of security in the transfer of Chips from Factory to Cargo Complex and within the highways. The ministry might argue that this is beyond their terms of reference (MASCargo Complex) and highway security should come under another ministry.

What they should propose NOW is to RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) all the transit boxes with chips for quick checking and ALL lorries or trailers transporting EXPENSIVE consignments be FITTED with surveillance systems as being fitted to some expensive cars to monitor their movements across the highways by Satellite Global positioning systems.


Another chip heist?; 07 Dec 2006, from NST

SEPANG: Barely a month after the RM50 million heist in Penang, part of a Singapore-bound consignment of microchips has gone missing. The microchips were sent to Changi International Airport in Singapore yesterday at 3pm and it was then that they were found to be missing. A general report was sent to the Selangor police and the Federal headquarters was also alerted about the missing microchips. Sources revealed that the consignment had begun its journey from Ipoh on Tuesday morning on a trailer lorry. During the journey, it is learnt that the consignment exchanged hands several times before reaching the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is unclear as to when part of the consignment went missing. Police have yet to ascertain whether the microchips were stolen, misplaced or was an inside job? As at Press time, police have not recorded any statements yet.

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Missing microchips; SEPANG: A box of microchips, believed to be part of a consignment of 30 boxes from the KL International Airport (KLIA) to Singapore, has been reported missing. The shipment was initially sent from Ipoh by several parties to the MASKargo complex in KLIA before it was flown out to Singapore. On arrival in Singapore, one of the boxes was missing. The contents of the box were valued at RM30,000. A police report was lodged with the KLIA yesterday. Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Ismail Omar said police were investigating if the missing box had been misplaced or stolen.

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17 days after the RM50 Microchip heist in Batu Maung,
Penang Mas Cargo Complex, another microchip hijack took place somewhere near KLIA. What a SHAME!

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Ismail Omar announced that a group of men hijacked a lorry laden with microchips at about 2 pm on Tuesday. It cannot be established whether the robbery took place within KLIA complex or outside the MasCargo area. The consignment of electronic goods worth RM30,000 was on its way to Singapore. Bukit Aman has taken over the investigation.

ABOVE: Road 13km to the MASCargo Complex and LCC (Low Cost Carrier). Did the hijack occur along this road or KLIA-Johore Highway or IPOH/KLIA Highway? Or it could have disappeared at the KLIA Transit MAS Cargo Complex? Surely NOT at the SIA end in Singapore!

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Following are additional views on KLIA/LCC (Low Cost Carrier) Terminal

ABOVE: The approach road to the KLIA Terminal (Departure/Arriival) - the Car Parks are on the Right (park usually at C & D); BELOW: The boast you can see

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ABOVE: AirAsia Display Board; BELOW: AirAsia Logo - Now Everyone can fly as C A R GO - Cheaper and that is why AirAsia is Located near the Cargo Complex - Passengers are treated as Cargo - No frills (no need food & drinks)

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ABOVE: A parked AirAsia Plane just behind the Departure Hall (BELOW). When it does NOT rain you have to walk under the sun to the Plane and when it rains (maybe) they provide you with umbrellas

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ABOVE: The Domestic Arrival Hall & BELOW: The International Arrival Hall

BELOW: The overview of the Departure Halls in LCC (for AirAsia) Only

See & Read the UNSOLVED RM50 Million Microship Heist at Penang H E R E


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