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ABOVE: Passerbys looking at a departed soul. Which flat was it that did it in the middle of the night?
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The refrain from the song NOBODY’S CHILD (By Karen Young) echoes the
sadness of an unwanted child trying to live in this world
I'm nobody's child, 
Just like the flowers 
I'm growing wild. 
I got no mummy's kisses 
I got no daddy's smile. 
Nobody wants me, 
I'm nobody's child. 
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Baby thrown down from flat; 01 Dec 2006; V. Shuman and Leslei Kevin

KUALA LUMPUR: The newborn baby may have been still alive when it was placed in a rotting mess of kitchen refuse and hurled down an apartment block in Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, yesterday. When a sweeper found the infant with its umbilical cord still attached at 7.15am, it had been dead for two to three hours. The back of the baby’s head had been crushed, most probably from the impact of the fall. Police are trying to determine the unit from which the baby was thrown. A Cheras police spokesman said although the baby was fair-skinned, its race had not been determined.

Roshayati Tambi Ahmad, 44 (ABOVE) stumbled upon the garbage bag as she was cleaning the area around Block B. "I noticed a stench from a garbage bag on the ground and found it filled with chicken and fish parts. As I picked it up, the body slipped through a hole at the bottom of the bag," she said. She alerted the management office, which called in the police.

ABOVE & BELOW: The police have the responsiblity to send the body for a post mortem

The body was sent to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital for a post- mortem.

ABOVE & BELOW: The curious busybodies looking at a death - which is a night to the soul

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Any difference, dying after being born and aborted before coming full term?

Question: Why do some babies die shortly after birth?

Response: First of all, nothing ever dies - it just changes form. There is a lovely story given in a film -"The Little Buddha" that illustrates this:
Imagine a glass filled with tea. The glass represents your physical body and the tea represents your soul (the portion of your soul that is in the physical body). Break the glass and the tea spills on the table, to the floor, into cracks. And yet, the tea is still tea and the glass is still glass, although its form has changed. The tea moves where it will. This is very close to how people make their transitions.
No one "dies" before their time. When the soul is ready to release the body, when it has accomplished what it came here to do, it moves on, even in the case of infants. What could they accomplish? – You might ask.
They may have come into this life to experience unconditional love, to feel the physical body, to experiment with changing form, to give love or other gifts, to meet a personal karmic situation as self-judgment, a point of view, something that had to be confronted and processed. There are also cases when a soul changes its mind after being born. It may decide to assist the family or a sibling from the other side. It may decide to wait and be reborn into the same, or perhaps another family, sometime down the line.. There is always a reason. To realize that each soul is making these decisions on their own is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

Question: When we die/transition, do we ever lose our personality?

Response: You never lose the unique, divine spark that you are.

In the case of ABORTION

Now what happens when a fetus is aborted or miscarried? Didn’t that being wanted to have life on Earth? Who has the right to determine for a fetus if it lives or dies?We all have choice, can, and do change our minds. Each soul that decides to come into the body is a full being already. Should that soul decide it does not want to be born, to experience life after all, it may choose a variety of ways of stopping the process, which include abortion or miscarriage.There is always a reason. . To realize that each soul is making these decisions on their own is a beautiful, healing and freeing experience.

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Further read from the girlinbombay

"I just found out that this has been declared 'blogging for choice' month. And I want to add my baby blog to all the pro-choice blogs out there.
For all my non-American readers, the word choice here refers to a woman's right to abortion i.e. the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy when they don't want to have a baby. Some Christians believe that abortion is murder of the fetus and must therefore be stopped. Of course this is not just about abortion, which is the thin end of the wedge issue - which is to ensure that women cannot control what happens to her body. Not only do the anti-choice groups oppose abortion but many of them even oppose free sale of contraceptives especially those which can be take after the deed, such as the morning after pill. Pharmacists adhering to this philosophy have refused to sell contraceptives to women with presciptions (see this and this and this) Many of these groups osentsibly believe that sex should be for procreation only which is why they are usually anti-gay and definitely anti-gay marriage. Under the current administration, which completely believes in this philosophy, funding has been withdrawn from programs which work in the poorest parts of the world for the sin of distributing condoms. The overarching theme is that 'sex is bad, sex is a sin and the only good reason to indulge in sex is to produce children'.
Coming from a culture that has a history of celebrating sex, though the past 1000 years has been an excercise in rolling back everything that was enlightened, these ideas seem stupid and ridiculous to me. Even though I practised abstinence till I met the one guy who was right for me, I would never presume to think I could tell other people what to do with their bodies and their personal lives. And even people in monogamous relationships need contraceptives unless we are each to have 10-15 children. This planet cannot support that many people!!
But the weirdest thing is to try and legislate morality. Even if you do think sex simply for pleasure is bad, do you think laws against it will work? If you think abortion is bad, then make sure that everyone has access to contraceptives, especially the morning after pill. Even so, there will be abortions - from a condom that broke to a pill/patch that was supposed to work but did not but they will be far fewer. Try and understand that no woman goes about trying to get pregnant so that she can have an abortion. Having a baby is not easy, read this to see how dangerous it is even with good health care and facilities. It is nonsensical to force women to go through with it, that attitude is no better than Saddam forcing children to walk ahead of the regular army in order to defuse landmines.
But the most important thing of all is to have humility. To be humble enough to say, this is what I think is good but of course other people have the right to their own opinions. Then there would be no conflict because of course no one is forcing you to have an abortion or use contraceptives or be gay. You live life on your own terms and allow others to do the same. Disagree with their choices if you must but do so civilly without trying to bring the state in people's personal lives or bedrooms.
The above paragraph would make no sense to two groups :- the unreconstructed sexists who believe that women should be kept barefoot and pregnant to ensure that they are not taking men's jobs or getting too uppity and the religious crazies. You cannot argue with the religious position, they believe this to be evil because their holy book says so and it must be stopped. All we can do is to hope that the state policy remains secular.
As for abortion, remember that the fetus is like a tumour growing inside a cancer patient, yes eventually fetus will be able to survive without the woman but till such time, she has a perfect right to her body and a right to refuse to host the parasite. Women are not incubators and you have no right to try to enslave our bodies. This is a harsh way to put it but necessarily so, women's rights are trampled on too easily by the patriarchy and it's enablers.
Update: Please read this for a very good blogpost on abortion, Feministe has said much better than I ever could


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