Sunday, December 03, 2006


The report as given in the STAR below is somewhat inaccurate. TWO CARS were involved and the ONE that crashed into the living room belongs to the owner of the house as can be seen in the pictures. The driver Chin Jit Ngoh 45 (with his mother as passenger) was driving the Prooton Iswara car that crashed into the Kancil that caused the messed inside the house. No one is seriously injured.

The NST account is MORE accurate (see bottom)

ABOVE & BELOW: Luckily the impulse impact of the car crashing into the house was absorbed by the glass door and the iron grill

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The Police (ABOVE) came for investigations to assess the damages (BELOW), otherwise the Insurance claims would not be valid

Four hurt as car crashes into house; From Sunday STAR, December 3, 2006

ABOVE & BELOW: The damages to th household goods & furnitures

MALACCA: Three children and an elderly woman were hurt when a Kancil car crashed into a house where a family of seven were watching television at Ayer Keroh Heights here.

ABOVE & BELOW: Further damages to the inside of the house & the mess to clear up

The driver had lost control of his car and hit the gate of the house and then crashed (?????????????) into the glass sliding door at about 11pm on Friday. The car driver escaped unhurt while his 87-year-old mother, who was his passenger, suffered leg injuries. Mohd Shahrul Nizam, 32, said his three children – Mohd Zulfadzi, 10, Nurul Fatin, eight, and Abdul Qanyun, six – were hurt by the shattered glass.

ABOVE: Abdul Malek escaped unhurt, recounted how he "tried" to stop the car with his bare hands

Mohd Shahrul's elder brother Abdul Razak (ABOVE) managed to carry his four-year-old son Mohd Safula to safety. Mohd Shahrul, whose 28-year-old wife Azizah Kassim was unhurt, said Abdul Razak suffered minor injuries. “We were watching television when suddenly, there was a bang and everyone quickly ran from the living room.”

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Crashing in on his dreams; 03 Dec 2006; Jason Gerald John

MALACCA: A man who was sleeping in his living room had a close call with death when his brother’s car parked outside crashed into the house. This happened when another car had rammed into his brother’s car. Abdul Razak Manaf only sustained cuts and bruises on his shoulder and hand after being hit by broken glass fragments. Razak was asleep in his Ayer Keroh Heights house at 10.30pm on Friday while his wife and their four children were watching television in another room. Razak’s brother Mohd Shahirul, who was staying with them, was with his wife and children. "I heard a loud crash in front of the house and immediately went to check.

I was shocked to see my Perodua Kancil (ABOVE) in the living room."I shouted for my sister-in-law to bring the kids to the kitchen but I couldn’t see my brother," said Shahirul. He was shocked to see a Proton Iswara at the back of his car in the living room. "I saw the wall had collapsed and I thought I saw my brother under the car."


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