Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MORE PICS - RM300,000 ROBERY at WAH CHAN Jewellery in Jalan 14/20 PETALING JAYA; Despite Being Shot, TWO Escaped on Motorcycle.

For MASS ROBBERY at Podoyo Plastics Industries, Kota Tinggi (see Bottom page)

ABOVE : The Wah Chan Jewellery shop in Jalan 14/20, PJ

PETALING JAYA, Dec 4 (Bernama) -- One was shot on his right rib, the other in the back, but two robbers still managed to get onto their motorcycle and fled with five trays of jewellery worth over RM300,000.

ABOVE & BELOW: Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Mazlan Mansor briefing newsmen "What happened"

According to Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Mazlan Mansor, the two men clad in yellow and white shirts and armed with a revolver, walked into the Wah Chan jewellery store in Seksyen 14/20 here at around 11.45am. "Threatening the staff with the revolver, the suspects gave them an empty bag and speaking in Cantonese, ordered it to be filled with jewellery," he told reporters at the scene. He said as the suspects were about to escape with the loot, two security guards hidden behind a glass door emerged, one of them armed.

ABOVE: No 5 - The bullet that went through the glass panel and BELOW 2 & 3 the positions of the spent bullet cartridge on floor.

"The armed guard released three shots, two of which hit the two suspects on the right rib and in the back," Mazlan said.

He said the armed suspect retaliated by firing a shot but missed. However, splinter from one of the bullets hit a passer-by on the right leg. Despite their injuries, the duo still managed to climb onto their motorcycle and escaped with the jewellery, he said.

ABOVE: Police personnel gathering informtion and BELOW: The shutters were down for the shop

Mazlan said the two customers in the store during the incident were unharmed in the shootout. He said witnesses were unable to make out the age of the men even though they were wearing helmets which were not full-faced. The injured passer-by was sent to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for treatment.

ABOVE: Police preventing the rush of people into he cordoned off area and BELOW: the necklaces in the showcases were untouched.

= = = = = == = = = =

Below is the STAR’s account which differs slightly from the above account. The amount reported is ½ and the manner the jewellery was taken. Did they “do-it-yourself” or handed over a bag to collect the loot?

But the NST account gave a loot figure of RM350,000 and they have more details and win hands down compare to the STAR's report. It can be observed most times, STAR cut down on stories to fit the pages and as "col-cm" is expensive, another ad would bring in better revenue.

Heist at goldsmith’s shop; Tuesday December 5, 2006; By KULDEEP S. JESSY

PETALING JAYA: It was a moment of terror for those near a goldsmith’s shop in Jalan 14/20 here. Two robbers, wearing crash helmets, walked into the shop at 11.45am yesterday and told several workers and customers that it was a robbery. They smashed the showcase with their pistols and scooped jewellery worth RM150,000 from several trays. They were running to their motorcycle when a security guard, who had been watching the heist from a room in the shop, gave chase and opened fire with his shotgun. The robbers, one of whom is believed to have been hit in the chest and the other in the back, returned fire.

In the exchange, a passer-by was shot in the leg while other shots hit two cars parked nearby and the showcase of the goldsmith’s shop. The robbers managed to ride off on their motorcycle. Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mazlan Mansor said police could not find any trace of blood at the scene to indicate that the robbers were wounded. However, he appealed to hospitals, private medical centres, sinsehs and bomohs to contact the police if anyone sought treatment for gunshot wounds. ACP Mazlan said that the footage from the closed circuit television of the shop could provide police with some leads.

= = = = = = == =

NST account

Robbers shot but flee with RM350,000 jewellery

05 Dec 2006; Alang Bendahara and Jed Yoong

PETALING JAYA: It was pandemonium during lunch hour at Jalan 14/20 here when security guards exchanged fire with two gunmen who had robbed a jewellery store. Both gunmen were shot but they still escaped with RM350,000 worth of jewellery. Caught in the crossfire was a Chinese national who was hit just above his right knee. Several cars parked nearby were also hit by stray bullets. The drama unfolded about noon when the robbers, wearing full-faced helmets, walked into the Wah Chan jewellery shop

where three employees were attending to two customers. One of the robbers ordered the staff to empty the trays into a bag. Two security guards stationed at the back noticed what was going on but waited as there were customers and employees in the shop.
As the gunmen were leaving, the security guards came out and fired a warning shot. They then shot at the robbers when they spotted one of the robbers turning towards them. One robber was hit in the back while the other was shot in the chest. Despite their injuries, the robbers fired back and in the shootout, a Chinese national outside the shop was hit. The robbers then got on a motorcycle and escaped. Petaling Jaya district police chief ACP Mazlan Mansor said two cars — a Perodua Kancil and a Hyundai Getz — were also struck by stray pellets. Mazlan said the two robbers were wearing yellow and white T-shirts.
He urged clinics and traditional medicine men to contact police immediately if approached to treat anyone with gunshot wounds. The Chinese national, who declined to be identified, received outpatient treatment at University Malaya Medical Centre’s emergency unit. "It all happened so fast. I heard a shot and collapsed when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. "I then saw a man wearing a helmet running out of the shop," he said at the hospital, adding that he was shopping with a friend when the incident happened.

= = = = = = =UPDATE; 13.12 pm

MASS ROBBERY 1.30am at Factory - Podoyo Plastics Industries, Kota Tinggi ; > 20 Armed ROBBERS came and Robbed >100 Workers, Police informed by Cell phone, 3 Arrested and 2 Cars detained; Losses - jewellery, handphones and cash

20 armed men raid factory, rob 100 workers; 05 Dec 2006; NST

KOTA TINGGI: More than 20 armed men stormed into a factory and robbed some 100 workers at the Bandar Tenggara Industrial Park early yesterday morning. They herded the workers at the Singapore-owned Podoyo Plastics Industries (M) Sdn Bhd into the canteen and ordered them to surrender their valuables. The losses suffered by the workers could not be ascertained. However, the robbers’ failure to round up the whole 140 workers of the night shift proved to be their downfall.

These workers, who managed to hide when the robbers struck, called the police on their handphones. Police who arrived a short while later nabbed three of the robbers, aged between 30 and 36, outside the factory, which manufactures printer ink cartridges, as they tried to make their escape. Two cars used by the robbers were also seized and police found part of the workers’ valuables in it. One of the cars was reported stolen in Kota Tinggi about two months ago. State CID chief Assistant Commissioner Roslan Ahmad said police arrived at the scene 40 minutes after the alarm was raised.

He confirmed they arrested three men and were looking for several others. The incident started at 1.50am when the robbers, who split into several groups, entered the factory after cutting the perimeter fence and disabled the alarm. Five of them, armed with parangs, took control of the guardhouse while the rest herded the workers into the canteen. Security guard Md Razali Md Zan, 26, said there were four of them on duty during the robbery. "A group of armed men ran towards the guardhouse, broke the glass panel and threatened to kill us if we refused to heed their instructions. ”They dragged us to the canteen and made us squat with the other workers," he said. Md Razali said the factory’s CCTV recorded the incident and the tape had been handed over to police. Technician Shahrul Kamal Mazri, 24, said he was alerted to the robbery when he saw a worker running near the production line.

"Initially, I thought someone had hysteria. It was later that I realised it was a robbery when I saw more that 10 parang wielding men entering the factory. "Some workers tried to hide in the surau but the robbers found them and forced them to the canteen. I saw the robbers assaulting at least six workers," he said. It is learnt two workers have been admitted to hospitals — one in Kulai and the other in Kota Tinggi — while several others received outpatient treatment. Podoyo’s management declined to comment. The company has three factories in Kota Tinggi. It is learnt robbers struck at one of the factories last month.


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