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MORE PICS Day 59 & 60 - Altantuya Murder Trial; Medical specialist took Blood Samples in Hotel; MAXI Confirms 19 Calls & 14 SMSes –Razak & Azilah

When will Malaysiakini resumes coverage of the Trial is anyone guess. The more pressing issues of the Lingam Saga & the Hindraf demo dominate its headlines
Lingam gives evidence on brother's insanity
with coverage On Lingam gives evidence on brother's insanity
Rumours rife, Hindraf not amused
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The murder Trial is on a slow track with only two days proceedings in one week. The judge seems to be very busy. After 2 days sitting, trial resumes again on Monday 26th 07
DAY 59
Trial – 19th Nov 07
Tuesday November 20, 2007

Doc cannot identify tool used
SHAH ALAM: The doctor who took the blood sample of Altantuya Shaariibuu’s mother had trouble identifying a tool which she had used to collect it. She did not make any markings on the Fast Track Analysis (FTA) card. An FTA card is a tool designed for the collection and storage of biological samples for DNA analysis. Dr Noor Azleen Ayop, an emergency medical specialist, said she placed the FTA card inside an envelope after obtaining the blood sample from Altansetseg Sanjaa in
Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia on March 15. The 53rd prosecution witness, now based in the Seberang Jaya Hospital in Penang, said she placed this envelope inside another envelope upon her return to Malaysia, and sealed it with the Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) seal.

ABOVE & BELOW: Abdul Razak Baginda in his purple shirt on Day 59

(She was previously attached to this hospital). When DPP Manoj Kurup asked her to identify the items, the 36-year-old doctor could only positively identify the two envelopes, which bore her handwriting. As for the FTA card, she could only identify it based on the four drops of dried blood in it. During cross-examination by Datuk Hazman Ahmad and Ahmad Zaidi Zainal, Dr Noor Azleen agreed she did not make any distinguishing markings on the FTA card, and as a result could not positively identify the card. She admitted it was the first time she had used the tool. She added that the conventional way of storing a blood sample in a bottle was not feasible because she had to travel quite a distance. Re-examined by DPP Manoj, the witness said she could only identify the card based on the four drops of blood and the envelope which contained them. She had sealed the envelope when she handed it over to investigating officer Deputy Supt Gan Tack Guan. Earlier, Dr Noor Azleen said she took blood sample from Altantuya Shaariibuu’s father, Dr Shaariibuu Setev, at Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya on Nov 10.

ABOVE: The two hooded accused on Day 59
The trial continues today

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DAY 60

Razak made 19 calls, sent 14 SMSes to Azilah

Bernama via NST Altantuya murder trial:

CyberSecurity Malaysia digital forensic head Aswami Fadillah (ABOVE Right) Mohd Ariffin confirmed the phone numbers belonged to the three accused and several other individuals
Political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda made 19 calls and sent 14 SMSes to Chief Insp Azilah Hadri from the night Altantuya Shaaribuu was allegedly murdered on Oct 19 until Oct 30 last year.Azilah, meanwhile, contacted Razak by phone seven times within the same period. This information was given in the High Court here by Goh Peng Chew, 38, an engineer from Maxis, in the trial of the murder of the Mongolian woman which entered its 60th day esterday.

Azilah, 31, and another operative of the police Special Action Unit -- 36-year-old Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar -- are alleged to have murdered Altantuya in a jungle in Bukit Raja between 10pm on Oct 19 last year and 1am the following day. Razak, 47, is charged with abetting them. Goh said that on Oct 21, 2006, Razak contacted Azilah more than 10 times and they talked for about four minutes between 1.29am and 1.47am. During the examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Noorin Badaruddin, Goh, who is the 55th prosecution witness, said he did not know whose phone numbers he had printed.

In previous proceedings, however, CyberSecurity Malaysia digital forensic head Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin, 36, had confirmed that the phone numbers belonged to the three accused and several other individuals. Goh said that on the night Altantuya was allegedly murdered, the record showed that Azilah called Razak and they talked for about two minutes. Razak also sent an SMS to Azilah at 7.01pm, he added. He said Razak also sent two SMSes to Azilah on Nov 7, 2006, although on that day, according to witnesses' testimonies, Azilah was already under police custody and being taken to the murder scene. Goh added that on Oct 9 last year, Altantuya sent three SMSes to Razak and from Oct 14, 2006, Azilah and Razak communicated with each other. According to the record of transactions on Oct 18, 2005,

Goh said Azilah contacted Razak repeatedly while Razak sent five SMSes and made 11 phone calls. Meanwhile, the 54th prosecution witness -- CyberSecurity Malaysia digital forensic analyst Razana Md Salleh -- said the information and data in the SIM card of a handphone was impossible to be changed by any computer system. The trial before judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin continues on Monday.

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DAY 60 – 20th Nov 07

Wednesday November 21, 2007

Witness tells of contacts between Abdul Razak and Azilah;;

SHAH ALAM: Abdul Razak Baginda and C/Insp Azilah Hadri were constantly in touch with each other around the time of Altantuya Shaariibuu’s disappearance and subsequent murder. Goh: He confirms that the two men had exchanged calls and SMSes from Oct 14 to Nov 7 last year The prosecution, through its 55th witness, established this by scrutinising the phone records of the two accused, on Day 60 of the murder trial yesterday.

In the witness stand was Maxis information services’ billing department principal engineer Goh Peng Chew (ABOVE) , who confirmed to a High Court here that the two had exchanged calls and SMSes from Oct 14 to Nov 7 last year, based on their phone logs. The court was first told of three SMSes sent to Abdul Razak on Oct 9 from the number that Altantuya had used. ccording to Goh’s testimony, the first contact between the two accused was on Oct 14 when the political analyst sent the Unit Tindakan Khas (Special Action Squad) chief inspector a total of four SMSes from 8.48pm to 9.01pm. A minute later, the two had a phone conversation lasting about three-and-a-half minutes. The witness testified that on Oct 18, C/Insp Azilah made seven calls to two different phone numbers used by Abdul Razak at various times throughout the day. The political analyst also called the chief inspector eight times. A number of SMSes were exchanged between them during that time.

ABOVE: Abdul Razak's father could only watch him passed by silently without exchanging any words and has been in the Court since Day 1 for the moral support for his son.

On Oct 19, the night Altantuya was last seen alive, the communication between the two accused began at 7.01pm with an SMS sent by Abdul Razak to C/Insp Azilah, followed immediately by a 41-second call by the latter. From that point onwards, a total of nine calls were recorded between the two, the last one being at 9.41pm. According to the charges, UTK operatives C/Insp Azilah, 31, and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 36, allegedly murdered 28-year-old Altantuya between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year in Mukim Bukit Raja, here, while Abdul Razak, 47, is accused of abetting them in Kuala Lumpur between 9.54am on Oct 18 and 9.45pm on Oct 19. Goh, 38, confirmed that C/Insp Azilah had made a call to Abdul Razak on Oct 20 at 10.41pm, which lasted 33 seconds.

ABOVE: Abdul Razak on Day 60 Trial and BELOW: One of the other accused, hooded as usual

From Oct 21 onwards, the logs appeared to show that the political analyst was the only one making the calls and sending SMSes to the chief inspector. Up till Oct 29, Abdul Razak had sent C/Insp Azilah 13 SMSes and called him 14 times. Each call lasted between 30 and 200 seconds. On Oct 30, the chief inspector made his first call in 10 days to the political analyst at 7.02pm. Four minutes later, the latter called him back. The logs showed that on Nov 7, Abdul Razak sent two final SMSes to C/Insp Azilah. By then, the chief inspector was already in police custody, having been arrested on Nov 1 for investigations into the murder.

The trial continues on Monday. 26th Nov 2007

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Now ACA has reopened 1998 case against Senior lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam and has grilled him for more than seven hours, based on new issues (brought up by his brother) that have cropped up pertaining to a 1998 probe.

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