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ACA DG Vision or Joke? Blind MACA to be Leading Anti-Corruption Learning & Research Asia Pacific Region?; ACA Targets ALL with Wrong Nets?

See Bottom for the Nobel laureate's 85, she's 31...and they're in love
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All is quiet on the Malaysiakini Front Pages up to 6.30pm no new reports on a sleepy Nov 04 07 Sunday. Still the old headings on

Fairuz gone, but crisis remains and

Temple row: 12 freed by police and Forgotten victims in Kg Rimba Jaya on

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The new ACA director-general Datuk Ahmad (ABOVE, the Joker?) Said Hamdan is obviously new in his job and have ambitious vision. He wants MACA (just born less than 2 years old) to be a leading anti-corruption learning and research centre in the Asia-Pacific region. This must be the joke of the year, have a laugh on him.

With its track records and catches he also says ACA is targeting ALL but with the wrong nets, the net hole sizes are very BIG and practically all the fishes escape. Only lately when they change the net they managed to catch that stupid greedy Ramli fish who nearly escaped in the last few months of his service.

And also news came out that Najib only discovered now (all along he must have been dreaming about his Scopede Submarines, you know he waited 20 years before he got it, see details H E R E) that when you supervise the likely corrupted officers, the revenue Collection goes Up. So if ACA implements the idea of an ACA officer for some of the Corrupted Departments with Power to corrupt, the already bloated civil service would be fattened by another 10% perhaps.
All fishes rot from the Top, so if the Top is already rotten, the other fish body parts are similarly affected. Implement the Fear & Shame Policy

Thou shall NOT Take, for the Fear & Shame
Nib them in the buds, exposed and shame them early, no use transferring them out to another department and problems resurface if they have no fear and shame. Sack some as examples and get the message through
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November 03, 2007 18:04 PM

Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Academy To Be Training Hub In Asean

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) director-general Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan has a vision. He wants the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (Maca, which provides in-house training for ACA and local agencies, to be a leading anti-corruption learning and research centre in the Asia-Pacific region. This, Ahmad Said believes, will eventually, help eradicate corruption in the region. "It is the aspiration of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that Maca play a more active global role in helping other countries fight corruption. "Maca is set to forge a partnership with anti-corruption agencies worldwide, to share knowledge and experiences. "We hope our counterparts from Asean nations will utilise the academy as a training hub to enhance integrity programmes for their officers," said Ahmad Said.
Maca was set up in December 2005.

Ahmad Said was speaking at the "Seminar on Public-Private Partnership in Combating Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity" here today. At the seminar, Nguyen Van Chinh of Vietnam said the responsibility of preventing and fighting corruption involved the public and private sectors. "In 2005, the Vietnamese government adopted the Law on Preventing and Combating Corruption. "Therefore, an entire society should play a joint role in combating corruption," said the rector of the Inspector Training College. When combating corruption, Nguyen said, every country should raise awareness and strengthen the political system. This included training courses for public servants and citizens and launching a programme on anti-corruption in newspapers or television at the grassroot level, he added.

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November 04, 2007 01:39 AM
ACA Not Targeting Police Alone, Says Ahmad Said

PENANG, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is not only targeting the police in checking corruption but all government departments and agencies. ACA director-general Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan (ABOVE Left) said it so happened that of late the corruption cases exposed involved police officers or policemen, but this did not mean that they were the only ones targeted by the ACA. He said not all police personnel were corrupted and many of them were honest and carrying out their duties well. "Only a small number of them were involved in corruption and I hope the recent developments would not give a negative perception of the police force," he told reporters after the opening of the Penang ACA Complex by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz here tonight.

Ahmad Said said there were no problems in ACA-police relations and in fact was going on well, and that the success of the ACA in curbing corruption in the police force was the result of good cooperation from the force. "If ACA officers are involved in crime, including corruption, then the police will arrest them and we will cooperate with the force." He was asked to comment on Nazri's recent statement over the claim by Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation director Datuk Ramli Yusuff that the ACA was being unfair by disclosing details of the investigation against him, describing it as burning the bridge between the police and ACA. Ahmad Said regarded Ramli's action as unethical and said it was up to the police to act against him. He admitted that the ACA's reputation was improving by building public confidence in the agency, so much so that members of the public were brave enough to come forward to provide information. "This indeed contributes to checking corruption and it is our responsibility to monitor and assist other departments to enhance integrity and provide efficient service to the people," he said. He said the image of the ACA had also been redeemed by the media, and he wanted the anti-crime activities of the police be given due coverage as they were also doing a good job.

"Without the police, locals and tourists will not be able to move around safely, and there will be no peace and order in this country without their sacrifices." Ahmad Said said ACA's action was not seasonal and following the huge development allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, it was also the agency's duty to monitor the implementation of projects so as to meet the goals set. Meanwhile, Nazri said the ACA's action showed the government's commitment to checking corruption in the country. On housing for ACA personnel, he said the government would try to provide the facilities within the ACA complexes for their safety and protection of their integrity. However, this would depend on the size of the complex sites as not all could accommodate both offices and living quarters, he added.

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November 03, 2007 21:26 PM

Najib: ACA Can Station More Officers At Govt Agencies If Need Be

PEKAN, Nov 3 (Bernama) -- The Anti- Corruption Agency (ACA) can station more officers at the government departments and agencies if required to prevent misappropriation of funds and other irregularities. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said this after he was asked to comment on the statement by ACA deputy director-general Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed yesterday that there were agencies that collected a huge amount of revenue within a short time after the ACA stationed its officers there for monitoring. Najib was confident that the close monitoring by the ACA at the government departments and agencies including government-linked companies (GLCs) could curb irregularities, hence causing a big impact on revenue collection. "This monitoring should continue. But it is up to the ACA to decide on increasing the number of its officers to do the job," he told reporters here today after handing over contributions to Muslims in the Pekan constituency going on this year's Haj pilgrimage. Asked whether ACA officers should be placed at all GLCs, Najib, said:

"We should look at it from certain perspectives, as not all GLCs have dealings with the public. "But if by stationing two or three (ACA) officers, the revenue shoots up, then it's obviously a good investment." On a report that no local university had reached world-class status, Najib said the findings of the Academic Reputation Survey of Public Higher Education Institutions by the National Accreditation Board should be taken as a challenge for Malaysian universities to reach a higher level. "I see this as a challenge as the ranking is done objectively. "The universities concerned should accept the evaluation positively and not deny or dispute it." According to the survey, none of the 17 public universities were categorised as outstanding internationally. Only Universiti Sains Malaysia made it into the second category of "Excellent" in the country's first-ever university perception exercise. It received a five-star ranking. Earlier, in his speech at the function, Najib who is also Pekan Member of Parliament, said the people should be thankful that besides ensuring peace and prosperity, the government had systematic, efficient management of pilgrims through Tabung Haji. "And Malaysian pilgrims are reportedly among the best as a result of the prevailing good conditions back home," he said.

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==== =and some OFF Beat News, the Spirit is willing and so is the Flesh for Prof Yang Chen Ning & Ms Weng Fan.

Nobel laureate's 85, she's 31...and they're in love

Nov 4, 2007
Nobel laureate's 85, she's 31...and they're in love; By Mavis Toh, STS

THERE is no denying the striking age gap. Her husband's children from an earlier marriage are at least 15 years older than she is and when her hubby holds her hand, it's as much for support as affection. But such things did not stop Ms Weng Fan, 31, from marrying Nobel laureate Yang Chen Ning, 85, when he proposed by phone three years ago. Professor Yang, co-winner of the 1957 Nobel Prize in Physics, is here with his wife for a conference organised by the Nanyang Technological University. And despite the 54-year age gap, the couple painted a picture of marital bliss as they gave The Sunday Times a glimpse of their life together. Midway through the interview with Prof Yang at a restaurant, Ms Weng entered and his eyes lit up.

As he stood to hold her hand, she gave him a peck on the cheek. They also addressed each other as 'darling' during the lunch. The age gap constantly invites stares from strangers and the media cannot resist asking about their relationship. But the Beijing-based couple saw it all coming from day one and are now used to it. There's even talk of trying for a baby. 'We've thought of having kids; it's possible,' said Prof Yang. The marriage was the second for both. Prof Yang's wife died in 2003 while Ms Weng was divorced. Prof Yang, a China-born American, said their relationship is like any other. When they aren't flying around for his conferences, they spend their free time watching DVDs and, like any couple, argue over what to watch. While he introduces her to Cary Grant movies, she gets him to watch 90s blockbusters.

'The movies I watch, sometimes she hasn't even heard of before,' said Prof Yang. 'But this difference is good; it makes us communicate more and brings us closer.' Ms Weng also cooks him his favourite grilled lamb chops and prepares nourishing tonic soups. When they head out to a museum or park, they hold hands like a young couple. But while many see it as a romantic gesture, Prof Yang said it is more of a practical move: 'The elderly are more prone to falls and holding my wife's hand gives me a sense of security.'

The couple met in 1995, at a physics seminar at Shantou University in China where Ms Weng, a freshman, was assigned as the guide for Prof Yang and his then wife. '(We) liked her a lot and felt that she was a very sincere person,' said Prof Yang, whose wife died from an illness in October 2003. Two months later, Ms Weng sent him a Christmas card, he gave her a call and sparks flew. Her parents were surprised when she told them of his proposal but gave their blessings, as did his three children, who all live in the United States. Prof Yang knows their marriage might not last long because of his age. He said: 'I told her that she can remarry when I leave this world. But right now, we're enjoying our sweet marriage.'

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Sexuality & Old AgeBelieves Play a BIG Part

The Prof may be old for his age but his desires are still intact. The spirit is willing and so is his body.

Excessive sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved by those most afraid of their sensual natures. But for young adults if you believe sex is GOOD but old age is BAD, then you will find it impossible to consider exuberant sexuality as a portion of an older person's experience. Trust yourself for greater self-understanding and you will need not project repressed tendencies upon others

As humans we are all animals, if not what are we, vegetables? We are here - our spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body with sex.

In the dream state the child and the old man or woman (in you) can exits simultaneously and the individual is made quite aware of the full range of creature hood at all ages.

= == = == = = == Enjoy yourself at all ages


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