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MORE PICS & Video – Day 46 Altantuya Murder Trial; Razak’s DNA profile Not detected in Her Belongings; DNA bloodstains belonged to Altantuya's parents

UPDATE Day 47 Trial Below

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MORE PICS & Video – Day 46 Altantuya Murder Trial; Abdul Razak’s DNA profile Not detected on Her wristwatch, ring and earrings; DNA of the bloodstains on the slippers and jewellery belonged to the biological daughter of Setev Shaariibuu and Altansetseg Sanjaa (Altantuya's parents)

Malaysiakini did not cover Day465 Murder Trial of Altantuya. It latest prime story focuses on

Gerakan to gov't: Consider royal commission Beh Lih Yi | Oct 6, 07 11:14am and

Ex-Anwar's buddy Nalla forms new Indian party Yoges Palaniappan | Oct 6, 07 3:14pm

Malaysiakini-tv on Anwar ACA statement
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DAY 46 – TrialOct 5 2007

Touch and go' cannot reveal DNA presence
R. Surenthira Kumar; theSUN; DAY 46

ABOVE: Dr J.Primulapathi, the director of the Chemist Department’s forensic division

SHAH ALAM (Oct 5, 2007): DNA presence cannot be detected without a person coming into contact with an item, unless it is planted, said a chemist and forensics expert in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder hearing today. J.Primulapathi, the director of the Chemist Department’s forensic division, said someone could extract specimens or samples of blood, sweat, skin scrapings, hair or other things and plant it onto an item. He said in order for the DNA to be present on an item, a person would have had to be in contact with the item for a considerable period of time, and it cannot remain in the particular item in a '"touch and go" situation. Asked if the person who carries out such act needs to have expertise in the field, Primulapathi surprised all present in court: "Even school children can learn to extract DNA samples. In Form Six, they can do it, it’s a simple process which one can learn from the Internet." He was responding to questions posed by Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Noorin Badaruddin, during examination-in-chief, on the 46th day of the trial.

"So you are saying it is impossible, unless it is extracted," said judge Datuk Ahmad Zaki Md Yasin. Primulapathi nodded and said "Yes" to Mohd Zaki’s question. However, the chemist said the person who planned to extract DNA samples from a specimen must have some knowledge about the process. Earlier when the hearing began, Noorin asked Primulapathi to repeat the findings and analysis he carried out on the bones and blood samples taken from Altantuya’s parents, Setev Shaariibuu and Altansetseg Shaariibuu. Primulapathi had yesterday stated the findings but Noorin told Mohd Zaki the chemist will repeat the findings, minus all the alphabet and digits given to the samples sent for the tests. Primulapathi said he made the following findings:
* the tissue specimen and bone matched each other, thus indicating that they are from similar source. Further to this the DNA profile revealed that the source was the biological daughter of the donor of the blood specimen labelled Setev Shaariibuu and Altantsetseg Sanjaa. The possibility of parentage is 99.9999% based on the Malaysian Malay, Chinese and Indian population.
* the mitochondrial DNA (MT-DNA) developed from tissue specimen labelled unknown to match that of blood specimen labelled Altantsetseg, thus indicating that the sources were from the same maternal lineage.
* the MT-DNA sequences developed from the bloodstains on slippers, hairs, and swabs from wristwatch, earrings, ring, and jacket to match each other and with that of tissue specimen labeled "unknown", thus indicating that the sources were from the same maternal lineage.
* the MT-DNA sequences developed from the hair shaft to be different from that the blood specimens labeled "Setev Shaariibuu", "Altansetseg", Sirul Azhar Umar", Abdul Razak", Azilah Hadri" and "Rohaniza Roslan".

Noorin (ABOVE): From your records, the blood specimen of Setev Shaariibuu and Altantsetseg and the the tissue specimen T5, you found from your analysis that the donor of tissue specimen T5 is the biological daughter of Setev Shaariibuu and Aaltantsetseg?
Primulapathi: Yes.
Noorin: You also found that the donor of the blood stains on the slippers and the donor of hairs T12, T13 (tufts of hair) and Z11A (strand of hair) and the swabs from wristwatch, earrings, ring and jacket, match tissue specimen T5?
Primulapathi: Yes.
Noorin: Can you conclude that the donor of the bloodstains on slippers, hairs, and swabs from jewelleries is the same person?

Primulapathi: I can only infer based on the results which I obtained that they could have all come from the same person. As I have said earlier, MT-DNA shows that all these bloodstains on slippers, hairs and swabs from jewelleries and jacket had come from persons of the same maternal lineage. So, based on STR (short tandem report) DNA profile which revealed that tissue specimen T5 was the biological daughter, therefore I can infer that the hair, bloodstains and swabs could have come from the same person too.
Primulapthi was then asked to go into the details of the analsysis he performed on the samples and specimens and also asked to explain the basis of his findings, which was more scientific based.
At one point, the courtroom was again surprised when Primulapathi said there were similarities in the sequence of the blood samples taken from Sirul Azhar and Abdul Razak.

When asked by Noorin, whether the similarities indicated there was a linkage between the two men in the maternal lineage, Primulapathi replied in the affirmative.
"There’s ‘bau-bau bacang’ relationship between them," said Noorin to Mohd Zaki.
Abdul Razak’s lawyer Wong Kian Kheong, during cross-examination, asked if DNA presence of his client was found on the samples of the valuables, believed to belong to Altantuya, Primulapathi said: "There were none."
On the maternal lineage link between Abdul Razak and Sirul Azhar, Primulapthi said it could have resulted due to mutations in the past generations.

ABOVE & BELOW: Abdul Razak arriving in Court on Day 46 of Trial

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Saturday October 6, 2007
DNA link between accused

DNA evidence was intended to link Altantuya Shaariibuu to her murderer but instead a set of results showed a possible family tie between two of the accused. The trial was going through one of its driest phases in the last three days, with a crash course on DNA profiling by chemist J. Primulapathi and the tendering of over 40 exhibits through him, when this evidence hit those in court like a bolt from the blue. It was at this juncture of Day 46 of the trial that prosecutor Noorin Badaruddin pointed out that political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and co-accused Kpl Sirul Azhar appeared to have the same DNA sequence, to which the chemist replied: “This indicates that they are maternally related or they came from the same maternal line.

Primulapathi: ‘It could be far. It may be from a great-great-great grandmother’.
“It may not be immediate. It could be far. It may be from a great-great-great grandmother,” he added.

Abdul Razak and Kpl Sirul Azhar immediately gave each other a surprised look and smiled. The political analyst’s parents, who were seated at the public gallery, also seemed amused with the “discovery”.
With a smile, DPP Noorin interjected, “From the Eve line”, to which the witness nodded in agreement.

Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin frowned and asked: “Sirul Azhar and Abdul Razak?” drawing laughter from the courtroom.
Primulapathi: Yes, my Lord.
DPP Noorin: In Malay, there is a saying that such a relationship is called bau bau bachang (distant relatives).
When the judge asked further whether it was a probability, the chemist firmly replied: “This is not a probability. It is a match.”

During cross-examination, Abdul Razak’s counsel, Wong Kian Kheong, pointed out one difference in the two men’s DNA sequence.
Primulapathi, 54, confirmed that his results did show such a difference in one location.
Asked whether that would indicate that they were not of the same maternal lineage, the prosecution’s 39th witness said: “Mutation possibly may have occurred somewhere down the line.”

The chemist had earlier qualified that the results should not be based solely on sequence derived from one of the two hypervariable regions in a mitochondrial DNA profile. He said that it must take into account the sequence from both regions.

The trial continues on Monday.

= = == = = == = == = == = ==Bernama brief account Day 46

October 05, 2007 20:08 PM
Abdul Razak's DNA Not Detected On Altantuya's Jewellery - Witness

SHAH ALAM, Oct 5 (Bernama) - Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda's DNA profile was not detected on the wristwatch, ring and earrings belonging to murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, the High Court here heard today. K. Primulapathi Jaya, the director of the forensic division at the Chemistry Department in Petaling Jaya, said he also did not detect Abdul Razak`s DNA profile on Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar's slippers but Altantuya's DNA were found on it.
When giving testimony in this high-profile trial yesterday, Primulapathi had said that the DNA of the bloodstains on the slippers and jewellery belonged to the biological daughter of Setev Shaariibuu and Altansetseg Sanjaa (Altantuya's parents). Sirul Azhar, 36, and Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 31, both of whom are from the Police's Special Action Squad (UTK), are charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, at a location between Lots 12843 and 16735, Mukim Bukit Raja, between 10pm on Oct 19 last year and 1am the following day. Abdul Razak, 47, a prominent political analyst, is accused of abetting them.

ABOVE: The hooded ones arriving on Day 46 Trial

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ABOVE: Altantuya's Father Setev Shaariibuu and her friend Uuriintuya Gal-Ochir is back in Malaysia for the trial since Day 45. She testified on Day 7 Trial (Jun 26 07) that she faced problems at the KL International Airport on Nov 24 last year when exiting out of the country to return to Mongolia as there was no record of them entering Malaysia. "There was no record of us (Altantuy,Namiraa Gerelmaa and Uuriintuya) entering Malaysia"

To recap Go H E R E for details

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PREVIEW Next Post - Day 47 Trial - 8th Oct 2007 Monday

MORE PICS & Video – Day 47 – Altantuya Murder Trial; Defense Doubts DNA test Results; Forensic Chemist denied the accusations Tests were not carried according to standards

The focus on today’s trial revolved around the credibility of the witness in carrying out a DNA Test. Defence counsel Kuldip Kuma (ABOVE) disputed the credibility of the DNA based evidence presented by the witness and accused the tests were not carried out appropriately.

In cross-examination Dr J.Primulapathi, the director of the Chemist Department’s forensic division denied the DNA tests were carried out all at once instead was conducted one at a time to ascertain the best possible results. He added the tests were also carried out based on internationally recognized DNA testing procedures.

ABOVE: Abdul Razak arriving on Day 47 Trial with a hooded accused behind and BELOW: His father (white haired man) was spotted outside the Courtroom

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ABOVE & BELOW: the luggages of evidence that were wheeled in on Day 47 Trial
= == = == == = == == = == = ==Below: Counsel K K Wong for Abdul Razak
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PREVIEW Next Post - Mat Rempits on the Run - Saturday Oct 6 2007

MORE PICS & Video – Mat Rempits On the RunChassed and Arrested Saturday 6th Oct 07; Dataran Merderka & Raja Laut Areas

MOre pics coming..

ABOVE: A Mat Rempit was caught with his motorcycle and BELOW he tried to run away but was subdued by two Officers
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ABOVE: Another with Bike pulled down BELOW: did not resist arrest

More pics coming & video clip


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