Sunday, June 24, 2007

MORE PICS & Video – Night Club Raided - Jalan P Ramlee - Friday, 2 am - 22 Jun 07; Why are the Authorities wasting the time? Bouncers NOT doing job

ABOVE & BELOW: The entrance to the Night Club along Japan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur

As can be seen from the pictures, majority detained are Malays; 165 Screened; 8 Males & 13 Females (between ages14- 20) detained.

Operation of the raid was carried out by Acting Head JPS ASP Ho Kok Chin (ABOVE, Right) and Supt. Ramli Arshad (ABOVE, Left).

There is a Malay social problem in the making. Girls from affluent families with much money to spend are joining the crowd going nightclubbing every weekend. Girls who want to have fun sometimes are also dragging their little brothers and sisters below the age of 21 along and this has worried the authorities who deemed them unfit to enter such premises as they may be easily influenced by undesirable people and get involved with vice activities. This is the 3rd raid on one of these night clubs mushrooming along Jalan P Ramlee . Come weekends, this area is a hive of activities with the noisy motorbikes and many come in flashy cars.

ABOVE & BELOW: The under 21 being singled out and taken away

Those nabbed were taken in to IPK in KL for further questioning and customary urine tests. The parents and guardians of these under aged girls and boys were informed and they were asked to collect them and given some advice.

ABOVE & BELOW: the underaged to enter NIGHT CLUB

Now why are the authorities keep on doing the policing job of keeping those below 21 from going to such places. What are the bouncers doing? Are they not supposed to implement the ruling? Impose a higher fine of say RM1000 for each underage found in such premises, then police can concentrate on other more serious crime problems in the city

ABOVE & BELOW: The girls below 21 who want to have fun were denied
With good food and nourishment they flower early and can easily be passed off as mature adults

= = = == = Watch the Video Clip 1 min Raid in Action

= = == = =


Blogger Avitov said...

I like what you are doing giving a voice for those who have there
right to speak and to live taken away .

Why do people have no compassion?
It is not difficult to look down at the young 28 years old(her only
crime is knowing Razak) business women and interpreter, Sharriibuu
Altantuya. Some one that can not defend her self and had the right to
live taken away. Can some people know or can they ever understand how
one would perform under extreme pressure,stress,depression,fear and
I am dyslexic that means that my spoken English is much better then
my written English and I have two(It was not easy) University
degrees,and there are millions like my self.I know of
professors(mostly from asia)that speak broken English this dose not
mean they do not know English for they can all understand read and
write better then they can speak English.I know people that can
understand speak read English but when come time to write all that
will come out is nothing but broken English.Plus there are others
that are very good with a number of languages but when it comes to
English they only have a working knowledge of English, sufficient for
My point being that when I was in Venezuela.I could not write
Spanish to save my life, but my understanding,reading and speaking of
Spanish is very good and for those individuals that do not know a
word of Spanish my services was worth more then gold!
The 46 years old at the time, Razak (He should know better)”the
politcal analyst” in reality an ARMS DEALER (also a very ruthless and
cowardly man)is a liar and a cheat one that have abused his position
and power this is in it self criminal.

When I think of what was done and what is still being done to
Altantuya it brakes my heart to the core!!!

11:13 PM  

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