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MORE Clips & Video – Day 5-Altantuya Murder Trial; Mazlinda dismissed Shaariibuu‘s Claims (Harassment &Punching); Namiraa disputes Police Report

ABOVE: The "abusive" woman (a former magistrate) on the 5th Day in court with her daughter. Why is she venting her anger & hatred on these people she perceives as the ultimate cause of her present difficulties?

But there is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. The reaction in anger can be the most arousing and therapeutic emotion under these circumstances.
A plausible explanation. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adultered. In our society, the natural communication of aggression has broken down. We have confused violence with aggression and restrain the communicative elements of aggression while ignoring its many positive values, until its natural power becomes dammed up, naturally exploding into violence. Violence is therefore a distortion of aggression. Behind them you will almost always find an inhibited impulse, or many of them, that motivated you to move in some ideal direction—to seek love or understanding so idealized in your mind that it seemed impossible to achieve. Then you are left with the impulse to strike out
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Update: Jun 25 07;from, related by honorary consul to S’pore The Newspaper; Details of harassment & other Verbal Abuse: Calling them Mongolians Parasites Wife of accused allegedly tells victim's dad: You people are parasites;

She also denies kicking & punching him;
By Tan May Ping in Kuala Lumpur; June 24, 2007;

ABOVE: The man who lost his daughter was a dejected man who could not stand this verbal & physical abuse any further complained in court.
These were allegedly what MrShaariibuu Setev has to take from the wife of Abdul Razak Baginda. Yesterday, the 57-year-old man had enough of it. And reported the alleged incidents to the Malaysian court. However, Abdul Razak's wife, MsMazlinda Makhzan, has denied the allegations. Mr Shaariibuu's daughter Altantuya, a 28-year-old model, was the former lover of Abdul Razak, 47, who is accused of abetting her murder.


ABOVE: The Mongolians are labeled "parasites" by Ms Mazlinda, wife of Abdul Razak

Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi (ABOVE), the honorary consul for Mongolia, told The New Paper: 'She has been verbally abusing him in the witness room since Monday. I know, I was there.' Among her verbal abuses, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman claimed: 'She said to him, 'Malaysia is not a welfare country, you Mongolians are parasites causing problems for us.' These abuses, he alleged, happened outside the courtroom where all witnesses wait during the proceedings. The tension between the feuding families is high, and Mr Shaariibuu claimed he could not tolerate MsMazlinda any longer. Before the start of the trial yesterday, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman said Ms Mazlinda even kicked MrShaariibuu in the leg in the witness room when he walked past her.

'She sat at the front of the room. We had to pass her. That's when she kicked him in the leg,' he alleged. He added that Mr Shaariibuu did not retaliate. Later, Ms Mazlinda also allegedly hit Mr Shaariibuu at the start of a 30-minute recess, causing a slight commotion. When the trial commenced, MrShaariibuu asked to speak. He is the prosecution's second witness.

He then complained that he had been harassed by Ms Mazlinda since the trialstarted on Monday. 'The last incident was just now, before the break, she hit my body,' MrShaariibuu said in Mongolian through a translator. His comment drew loud protests from Abdul Razak's family members, who were in court. Ms Mazlinda later told reporters: 'I kicked and punched him? It's a lie.' (see below, her EXACT words, in the video clip.

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Mr Karpal Singh (ABOVE), Mr Shaariibuu's lawyer, said her actions can amount to contempt of court and intimidation of a witness. He told AFP: 'The harassment was in the form of an attack - by way of a punch in the stomach with a fist and a kick in the shin. A fair trial includes protection for witnesses.' Mr Shaariibuu, a professor in psychology, told Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin that the harassment had placed him under stress. The judge then asked the prosecution to separate the two families, with the Mongolian family now given a room on another floor. On Monday, Ms Mazlinda had gone up to Mr Shaariibuu defiantly to introduce herself. 'I'm Mrs Razak Baginda,' she said, while holding out her hand.

When Mr Shaariibuu refused to shake it, she said, 'And I'm proud of it' before stomping off. (see above) That day, five of Abdul Razak's family members turned up in identical white T-shirts, proclaiming they were proud to be related to the accused. Since the start of the trial, the families of the former lovers have been avoiding each other. They arrive at different times to court; Abdul Razak's family arrives an hour early, while the Mongolian entourage usually just make it on time. During lunch, both groups sit at the furthest ends, away from each other.It's no doubt an emotionally- and politically-charged case.Abdul Razak has admitted having an affair with Ms Altantuya from 2004 to early 2005. He also has close ties to Malaysian deputy prime minister Najib Razak. Yesterday, the judge told Mr Wong Kian Kheong, who is representing Abdul Razak, to speak with MsMazlinda. He had earlier ordered the recess to allow Mr Shaariibuu to compose himself.

Deputy public prosecutor Manoj Kurup had showed him a photo and asked him toidentify the woman in it. Mr Shaariibuu said that many people had reported his daughter as 'a Mongolian woman', 'but if you want me to mention her name, I will'. 'She is Altantuya,' he said, and immediately took off his spectacles to wipe his tears. Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman said that Mr Shaariibuu has been tolerating Ms Mazlinda's antics, and felt relieved to have brought it up in court.

'He has been telling me, 'This woman is too much. I'm not sure how long moreI can tolerate this'. But I told him to be patient.' As a precaution, five bodyguards follow the Mongolian entourage everywhere they go, even to the toilet. Besides Mr Shaariibuu, another witness took the stand yesterday. Ms Altantuya's cousin, Ms Namiraa Gerelmaa, told the court that she had accompanied Ms Altantuya to Malaysia to look for Abdul Razak. Ms Altantuya did not return to their hotel after going out alone to look for Abdul Razak at his house, she said. Ms Namiraa, 26, said her cousin called to inform her that she had arrived at the house in Damansara, but she could not contact her an hour later.

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Video loaded Day 5 Trial
ABOVE & BELOW:Highlights in Day 5 of Trial

Cousin: I lost phone contact with Altantuya who was outside Razak's house
R.Surenthira Kumar and S.Tamarai Chelvi, from SUN

Day 5

SHAH ALAM (June 22, 2007): Namiraa Gerelmaa (ABOVE)testified in the High Court here today that she lost phone contact with Altantuya Shaariibuu an hour after the latter called her from outside Abdul Razak Baginda's house on Oct 18. Namira, 23, who is Altantuya's cousin, was called to the witness stand by the prosecution as its third witness on the fifth day of the high profile murder hearing this afternoon. Replying to Deputy Public Prosecutor Manoj Kurup, when the court resumed hearing after lunch break, Namira said Altantuya went alone to (try and) meet the political anlayst (Abdul Razak).
Namiraa said earlier in the day, she, Altantuya and a friend Uurintuya Gal Ochir took a taxi to Abdul Razak's office (on Jalan Ampang) but they turned back after private investigator .Balasubramaniam told them the political analyst was not in. Speaking through a Mongolian interpreter, Namiraa said they wanted to accompany Altantuya when she planned to go a second time to meet Abdul Razak's wife. She said Altantuya told them, she had a better chance of meeting Abdul Razak if she went alone and that she wanted to see the political analyst to wish him "Happy Deepavali".

Manoj: What happened next?
Namiraa: Altantuya phoned us at Hotel Malaya to inform us that she was waiting in front of Abdul Razak's house. After that the phone was cut-off and that was the last I heard from her.
Namiraa said she attempted to call Altantuya on her handphone after an hour but could not get through.
Namiraa told the hotel manager about not being able to get in touch with Altantuya, and the manager told her to lodge a report with the tourist police the following day.
With the aid of private investigator Ang Chong Beng, the two Mongolian women proceeded to the police station to lodge a report.

Namiraa had also contacted Altantuya's other cousin, Burmaa Oyunchimeg, who was in Hongkong, to help translate to Ang the incident that had taken place and Altantuya's disappearance.
"Altantuya had given me a list containing names and telephone numbers of persons to be contacted in case something untoward happened to her," said Namiraa. However, when asked by Manoj whether she had the list, Namira said she did not as she had given it to Burmaa. She said a report was lodged in a police station which Ang took them to (the Jalan Tun H.S.Lee police station).

Namiraa said Burmaa translated in English to Ang after Namiraa narrated to Burmaa what had occured the previous day and how Altantuya went missing, before the report was taken down by a policewoman.
Manoj then tendered the report as evidence and told Namiraa to go through it.
But there was a slight hitch when Manoj told the court the Mongolian interpreter was not authorised by the court to translate the report, which was in Malay, to Namiraa in Mongolian. Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin then instructed the court interpreter to do so to the Mongolian interpreter. Namiraa surprised the court when she denied stating some of the claims in the report.
"I only told (the policewoman) she (Altantuya) went missing and she didn't come back and why she went. The rest I didn't say," said Namiraa.
Among the sentences, Namiraa said she did not report were:
* it was Oct 8 and not Oct 6 as stated and did not refer to Altantuya as friend but sister;
* on Oct 19, about 7pm in Hotel Malaya, Altantuya did not receive a telephone call from an Indian man who said Altantuya's husband had asked the man to pick up Altantuya and take her to his house located at 22, Jalan Setiajaya, Damansara Heights;
* about
8pm, Altantuya had called Namiraa to inform her that she had arrived at her husband's home; and
* for information, Altantuya was married to Abdul Razak Abdullah.

"These are all not my words," said Namiraa who added Altantuya had only told her that she had reached AbdullRazak's house.
To a question from Manoj, Namiraa said the report was not read back to her and that even if it had been so, she could not understand it (because it was in Bahasa
Manoj: Did you know what had happened to Altantuya after you last saw her?
Namiraa: I did not know she was murdered.

Manoj: Until today?
Namiraa: (Now) I know she had been murdered brutally, shot twice and body blown up. Asked when she learnt about it, Namiraa said: From TV (news reports) in Mongolia.

= = More detail from BERNAMA: account; June22, 2007 19:58 PM

Altantuya's Cousin Denies Saying Razak Baginda Husband Of Victim

SHAH ALAM, June 22 (Bernama) -- Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu's second cousin today denied she had stated that Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda was Altantuya's husband when making a police report about Altantuya's missing on Oct 20. Namiraa Gerelmaa, 23, also said she did not say anything about Altantuya having gone to Abdul Razak's house on Oct 19 but only stated that she (Altantuya) was missing as she had not returned to her hotel until the next day.

Abdul Razak, 46, is charged with abetting Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, in murdering Altantuya, 28, at a location between lots 12843 and 16735 in Mukim Bukit Raja between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year.
They face the gallows if convicted.
Namiraa said this when questioned about the police report she had made at the Dang Wangi Police station in Kuala Lumpur that day by Deputy Public Prosecutor Manoj Kurup on Day Five of the high profile murder trial at the High Court here.

The contents of the report were read out inch-by-inch by Mongolian interpreter Enkhjargal Tsetsgee (ABOVE) after it had been translated from Bahasa Malaysia to English by the court interpreter.

Enkhjargal: (In Mongolian ) On Oct 6, 2006, I and my friend Altantuya, aged 28 years, came to Malaysia and stayed at room number 821 of Hotel Malaya in Jalan Lekir, Kuala Lumpur.
Namiraa: The date is Oct 8 and I referred to her as sister, not friend.

Enkhjargal: The rest of the first sentence, is it ok?
Namiraa: Yes.

Enkhjargal: Second sentence. On 19.10.06 at 7pm while at Hotel Malaya, my friend Altantuya received a telephone call from an Indian man saying her husband had asked him to bring her (Altantuya) to No. 22 Jalan Setiajaya, Damansara Heights.
Namiraa: I never said those words.

Enkhjargal: Third sentence. Then at 8pm my friend called me to say she had arrived at the house of her husband by the name of Abdul Razak Baginda at address No. 22 Jalan Setia Jaya, Damansara Heights
Namiraa: These are not my words. She only told me she had reached there.

Enkhjargal: Fourth sentence. For your information my friend had married Abdul Razak bin Abdullah.
Namiraa: No, these are not my words.

Enkhjargal: Fifth sentence. Until now I have been trying to contact my friend but her telephone cannot be reached.
Namiraa: Those are my words.

Enkhjargal: Sixth sentence. The reason I am making this report is because I fear something might have happened to my friend.
Namiraa: Yes, I said those words. But not the word friend. It is sister.

Following the discrepancies in the report, the court did not mark it as an exhibit until the officer who took it down was called to testify.
When Manoj asked Namiraa if the report was read back to her at the police station, she said: "Even if read back to me I would not have understood. Nobody told me."

Manoj: Did you find out what happened to Altantuya?
Namiraa: No.

Manoj: Until today?
Namiraa: I know today she had been murdered brutally, shot twice, and body blown up.

Manoj: When were you told?
Namiraa: I saw on TV in Mongolia.

Hearing continues on Monday (June 25).

= = ==

The ritual between wife & hubby; ABOVE: she would wait for him (BELOW) for a wave

ABOVE: Mark, Roweena and Mazlinda would catch up behind with Abdul Razak and BELOW; the father and brother of Abdul Razak sizing up the situation so far

Shaariibuu weeps in court
SHAH ALAM (June 22, 2007): Altantuya Shaariibuu's father Shaariibuu Setev wept in the High Court here today after a photograph of Altantuya was shown to him by the prosecution for identification. During the examination-in-chief, DPP Manoj Kurup asked whether DSP Gan Teck Seng informed him that there were bones, which belonged to his daughter and Shaariibuu said "he did so".
Q: It will be fair to say that this was the moment you knew that your daughter was dead?
A: I was praying that she was alive but since the DNA matched, I knew that she was dead.
(At this point, Shaariibuu lowered his head and was composed.)

Q: You have another daughter?
A: Yes, Altanzul

Q: Where is Altanzul?
A: In
Ulaan Bator, Mongolia.
(At this juncture, Shaariibuu took off his glasses and started to wipe his tears and covered his face for a while.) Then, Manoj showed him a photograph of the deceased, in which she had very short hair. The passport size photograph was enlarged and given to him to identify Altantuya.

Manoj then proceeded to ask him: "Is this your daughter?" - Shaariibuu broke down in tears.

He covered his face with his left hand. He continued wiping his tears. Then he replied in Mongolian: "Yes, this is my daughter."
"Can you say the name of your daughter?" asked Manoj. Shaariibuu, who was still wiping his tears, said: "In Mongolia, the deceased person's name cannot be called, we call the deceased, deceased’. But if you want me to tell, I can tell.
Manoj replied: "Yes, I'm sorry but I require you to say for the record purposes. "Then, teary eyed Shaariibuu answered softly: "Altantuya."
[from NST: Shaariibuu: Yes, that is Altantuya. We call her Tuya, for short, while her friends call her ‘Amina’, which means light.}

After that, J.Kuldeep Kumar, representing Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, cross-examined him about his flight from Mongolia to Malaysia on Nov 9, 2006 after learning about her murder. However, Shaariibuu could not control his emotions and continued wiping his tears. Noticing this, Kuldeep asked judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin for a short adjournment to allow the witness to regain his composure and the judge allowed 30 minutes recess. When the court resumed at about 11am, watching brief counsel for Altantuya's family and the Mongolian government, Karpal Singh, said Shaariibuu wanted to address the court with regards to Mazlinda Makhzan's harassment.

Shaariibuu stood up and said: "Razak murdered my daughter but the wife of Razak is always harassing me. Every time she passes, she kicks me. Just now, she hit me. Every time, she is pressuring, harassing and cursing me."It is very hard for me to tolerate. But I'm an educated man. I won't do anything against it. Thank you."

When the judge asked Tun Majid Hamzah, he said he had no idea.

He said he and his colleagues are not aware of it until Karpal raised the matter.

The judge then asked: "Since when the harassment has been taking place?"

Shaariibuu said: "Since the first day of the trial."

The judge also asked in what language Mazlinda Makhsan spoke the abusive words. Shaariibuu said he does not speak English but he knows through her body language and that she kept mentioning "Mongolia". He added that he did not do any wrong. He also said Mazlinda hit him (in his abdomen) half and hour before the court resumed.

The judge asked Majid where the witnesses were placed and he said all witnesses, including victim's family and the accused family, who are prosecution witnesses are placed in one room. He said he will suggest to the officer in charge of court to separate them. He said he will ask Razak's lawyer, Wong Kian Kheong, to advise Mazlinda. Karpal said Mazlinda should be cautioned if what had been alleged took place while Wong said Shaariibuu could lodge a complaint with the police and that said, he would advice Mazlinda. Judge said he will take note of the incident and told Wong to advice Mazlinda and said they should be placed separately.

During the examination-in chief today, Shaariibuu said Altantuya is also known as "Amina", pronounced Amna. He said "Amina" means life in Mongolia. He also said Altantuya told him that she met Abdul Razak in Hongkong. He said maybe in 2004.

Did she tell you anything else?, to which Shaariibuu answered: "She told me a lot of things but he does not know where to begin. It will take some time."

During cross examination by Ahmad Zaidi Zainal, Shaariibuu said he did not have any son. He said his wife fell sick often but he did not know whether she had cancer. He also said he is the biological father. When asked whether she had another father, who had passed away, he said: "No." Manoj told the court that re-examination would not be conducted. Karpal then asked permission from the court to ask two questions; whether he was told the manner she was murdered and whether "Amina" was a pet name and whether she had converted.

Shaariibuu said he was not told the manner in which she was murdered and that he found out in the media. "I do not know Altantuya's religion but I am a Buddhist." When Karpal continued to ask a follow up question he was interjected by Majid who told the court he had asked Karpal to put forward his question but he did not. At this point, Karpal said he has options to put his questions through the judge or the prosecution and he chose to ask the questions through the court. He said the prosecution is unfriendly towards him.

ABOVE: Karpal Singh clashed with lead Prosecutor Tun Majid (BELOW)

Karpal said Majid was being arrogant and told him to sit down. But Majid replied that Karpal can't tell him to sit; only the court has the right to ask him to sit down. At this juncture, both Karpal and Majid were shouting at each other to sit down. The shouting match only ended after the judge interrupted and told both parties: "This is not the place to argue (bertikam lidah), and adjourned the case to 2pm."

Shaariibuu complains of harassment by Abdul Razak’s wife

SHAH ALAM (June 22, 2007): Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu’s father caused a stir in the High Court here when he complained he had been harassed by Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda’s wife, Mazlinda Makhzan, since the murder trial started on Monday (June 18). Shaariibuu Setev, 57, a professor in psychology, said the harassment had placed him under stress. "The last incident was just now, before the break, she hit my body," he said drawing protests from Abdul Razak’s family members who had attended court since the trial began on Monday, reports Bernama.

ABOVE: Her response: I kicked and punched him in court? Is that possible? What a lie,” and BELOW; hurriedly rush down the stairs, to meet her hubby?. But KarpalSingh said this was witnessed by a policeman.

Justice Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin then asked the prosecution to separate the two families and told Abdul Razak’s counsel, Wong Kian Kheong, to advice Mazlinda regarding Shaariibuu’s complaint. Shaariibuu, the prosecution’s second witness, made the complaint when the trial resumed after a 30-minute recess to enable him to compose himself after he broke down and wept when shown Altantuya’s photo.

In the dock are Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, in a location between lots 12843 and 16735 in Mukim Bukit Raja here between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20, while political analyst Abdul Razak, 46, is accused of abetting them.

Shaariibuu weeps when shown photo of daughter

SHAH ALAM (June 22, 2007): Altantuya's father Shaariibuu Setev wept when shown his daughter's photo while testifying in the HighCourt here today. Upon seeing this, Justice Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin allowed a 30-minute recess to enable Shaariibuu to calm down before cross-examination by the defence.

Earlier, when asked by deputy public prosecutor Manoj Kurup who the woman in the photo was, Shaariibuu said many people had reported and called her a Mongolian woman "but if you want me to mention her name, I will. "She is Altantuya", he said in the Mongolian language and immediately took off his spectacles to wipe his tears before his words were interpreted into English, Bernama reported today.

Shaariibuu was the prosecution's second witness in the hearing of Chief Insp Azilah Hadri, 30, and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, in a location between lots 12843 and 16735 in Mukim Bukit Raja here between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 . Political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, 46, is charged with abetting them the previous day

ABOVE: Listen to her, exact words (8 sec slowed down 30% from original 6 sec for clarity!) in the Clip below. Note: his complain was outside courtroom

= = == = =Watch Video Clip 2 min 02s, loaded

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