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MORE PICS & Video – Alarming CRIME PROTEST Demonstration –Menteri Besar Residence, Sunday 17 07; 2 Arrested; MCA Denied Involvement; 250000 Signatures

ABOVE: Protesters gathered outside MB house about 10.45am and BELOW: The police were there earlier and in Control

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ABOVE: Protesters moved close to the fencing and BELOW: Unflurred the Protest Placard. Can anyone translate the full text in English?

Protesters started to gather outside the house of the MB of Johore Datuk Abdul Ghani in Jalan Abdul Rahman Anda at about10.45 am. They shouted Malaysia Boleh and waved the Police “Kita Anti-Rasuah Poster” throughout the 40 min demonstration. It is believed the association is dissatisfied with the police failure to curb the snatch thefts and rapes cases which are worrying which are on the rise in Johor. Yesterday the federation launched a signature campaign to gather 100,000 signatures to express their dissatisfaction over the alarming crime rates in the city. The signatures would be submitted to the state government and the royal Malaysian Police.

Apparently the petition is organized by Tiong Hua Federation. For the news reports about the three gang rape cases mentioned, Go H E R E. ON

Johor Crime: The Public and The Papers Protest

When over 250,000 signatures nation-wide responded to the 100,000-signature campaign launched in JB to restore safety and security, it is a clear message to the police, government, Cabinet and Parliament that the Malaysian public are not prepared to keep silent anymore to be sitting targets and victims of rampant crime and lawlessness, whether in JB or any part of the country.
The Police should commend the Malaysian public for their awareness and public-spirited response to the signature campaign, as well as praise the media, in particular the Chinese media, for their high standards of journalism in reporting the people’s legitimate cries for effective policing to control and reduce crime.– Lim Kit Siang, DAP Opposition leader
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The Police moved in to arrest 2 activists, Nyam Kee Han and See Siew Min.

From Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) Johor Bahru branch, who leafleted there in the morning. Friday, 22 June 2007. Two human rights activists have cried foul over their arrest and detention in connection with a protest outside the Johor menteri besar’s residence during the weekend. The protest was held to call for action against the increasing crime rate in the state. Suaram members See Siew Mun, 27 and Nyam Kee Han, 24, went to the protest to distribute leaflets highlighting the need to form the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). However, the duo were arrested for allegedly participating in an illegal assembly and breaching the Sedition Act. They were then taken to the Johor Selatan police district headquarters for questioning. See and Nyam, who were freed on police bail Tuesday night, said they were told to report at the Johor magistrate’s court next week.
Verbally abused
Siew described their arrest and detention as being unjust and asked for an explanation from Internal Security Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan. The activist also claimed that the police had only recorded her statement one day after her arrest. “I feel hurt over what has happened and my detention had caused undue worries for my husband and parents,” she said in a media statement.
Meanwhile, Nyam claimed that a police officer had verbally abused him and ordered him to strip. “This is an abuse of power. Only with the setting up of the IPCMC can we ensure that such incidents do not recur,” he said. The activist also claimed that the police had raided his house without a warrant and seized his personal belongings, including a computer. Suaram has also criticised the arrest. "We are very disappointed. We feel that the police should focus their efforts on countering criminals instead of people who are trying to uphold justice,” said the rights group in a statement.

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Tuesday June 19, 2007

Chua: We are not involved

JOHOR BARU: MCA has distanced itself from the recent demonstration held outside the Mentri Besar’s official residence and said that it was organised by “irresponsible” parties. Johor MCA chief Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek (ABOVE), who categorically denied the party’s involvement in the demonstration, accused those responsible of “playing with fire.”

“These irresponsible people have turned crime into a racial issue and if they are not careful, it can get out of control,” he said, adding that the entire Chinese community should not be blamed for the actions of a few irresponsible ones. He was speaking to reporters after officiating at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Hospital Permai site in Johor Baru. Dr Chua, who is also party vice-president, said an SMS meant to incite the public was also making the rounds and that he would appeal to the police to investigate where it originated.

Why is the MB so angry about the protest?

PS thanks to Amde Sidik for the correction, the pic of MB of Pahang was used earlier

On Sunday, police stopped an anti-crime demonstration outside the Mentri Besar’s official residence here and picked up two protesters who resisted a police order to disperse. About 100 people had gathered there at 10am to stage their protest in response to two violent rapes reported over the past week, one involving a 19-year-old girl on June 12 and the other a 35-year-old woman the next day. Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said the protestors, aged 24 and 27, have been remanded until today.
“We will investigate their role in the protest,” he said.
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The question is: Do we have the will? Extracted from Hsudarren H E R E

One of the very hot pieces of news in the media, including Malaysiakini , is the crime situation in Johore. It is so bad that few thousand people came out to protest and sign a petition a few days back. A couple of hundred people demonstrated outside the MB house in Johore Baru. One of the basic duties of a government is to protect the security and ensure the safety of its people. It is what governing is about. This worsening crime situation reminds me of the almost lawless days in Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s.

Then, even the top people in the police force were linked to the crime bosses, and the whole administration was then very badly corrupted. To look at the situation in Hong Kong then, I qoute from ICAC website:

The problem of corruption was very serious in the public sector. Vivid examples included ambulance attendants demanding tea money before picking up a sick person and firemen soliciting water money before they would turn on the hoses to put out a fire.

Even hospital amahs asked for “tips” before they gave patients a bedpan or a glass of water. Offering bribes to the right officials was also necessary for the application of public housing, schooling and other public services.

Corruption was particularly serious in the Police Force. Corrupt police officers covered up vice, gambling and drug activities. Social law and order was under threat. Many in the community had fallen victims to corruption. And yet, they swallowed their anger.

Public resentment escalated to new heights when a corrupt expatriate police officer under investigation succeeded in fleeing Hong Kong. The case provided the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Controlling assets of over HK$4.3 million, Peter Godber, a Chief Police Superintendent, was under investigation in 1973. It was suspected that his unearned wealth had been obtained from corrupt means. But Godber managed to slip out of the territory undetected during the week given to him by the Attorney General to explain the source of his assets. Godber’s escape unleashed a public outcry.

Students spearheaded a mass rally in Victoria Park, protesting and condemning the Government for failing to tackle the corruption problem. Demanding prompt government action, protesters with slogans like “Fight Corruption, Arrest Godber” insisted that Godber be extradited to stand trial.

This is how the ICAC in Hong Kong comes about.

The then Governor, Sir Murray MacLehose (later Lord), argued for an independent anti-corruption organization in a speech delivered to the Legislative Council in October 1973.

Sir Murray said, “I think the situation calls for an organization, led by men of high rank and status, which can devote its whole time to the eradication of this evil; a further and conclusive argument is that public confidence is very much involved. Clearly the public would have more confidence in a unit that is entirely independent, and separate from any department of the Government, including the Police.”


Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?Well, our crime and corrupt situation is quite similar, albeit a lesser extent. What can be done here is to follow the example of Hong Kong, which has similar laws like us, being a British colony for a hundred over years.

Set up an ICAC. Or at least an IPCMC. I am very sure, just like what happens in Hong Kong, this institution, if given full power to investigate, arrest and prosecute, will bring about a total change to our police force as well as other aspects of public service. We know we need it, but why aren’t we getting it?

= == = Watch the 42 s Video Clip - Demo In Front of MB House - Jun 17 07

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