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MORE PICS & Video – WOMAN Driver Refusing Compensating Motorcyclist Lost her Life in a 2nd Accident after being Chased by an Armed Group in Car

ABOVE" the crash helmet used to smash up the windows and windscreens of this Kancil car, below, below

There are unreasonable people around and would demand immediate cash compensation rather than the hassle of an insurance claim. So when involved in an accident, if the situation warrants it, make a “money or your life” decision even though you may be in the right provided of course if the amount is not that exorbitant.

This 47 woman, Yek Yow Ngan (ABOVE) lost her life when she refused to compensate in a 2 am minor accident in Puchong and prefer to offer insurance claim. Her windscreens & windows were smashed up and later were chased by a group of men with knives, iron rods & sticks and involved in a 2nd accident which eventually killed her at Batu 8, Puchong. Is this consider as murder?

= = = = the details from NST

Woman tailed by thugs dies By : Fadhal Ilahi Ab Ghani; NST

ABOVE : The wrecked Perodua Kancil which Yek Yow Ngan was driving.

KUALA LUMPUR: A 50-year-old woman died in hospital several hours after she was involved in an accident, which her son believed happened as she tried to flee a group of assailants. Yek Yow Ngan tried to flee a group of assailants

Yek Yow Ngan, a Nanyang Siang Pau employee, was on her way to a grocery shop near her house at 8th Mile Puchong at midnight yesterday when the car she was driving, a Perodua Kancil, was involved in an accident with two men on a motorcycle. Her son, who wanted to be known as Allan, said the duo demanded payment but his mother refused and wanted both parties to lodge a police report. He said after that his mother went to the shop. As she stepped out of the shop, she found her car’s rear windscreen smashed.

Allan, who was at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary waiting for his mother’s body to be released, said his mother rushed home after that but went out again at 3am. "She went to a restaurant and as she was heading towards her car, she found the car’s front and side windscreens smashed. My mother was terrified when she called me. I told her to go home and wait for me." When Allan arrived with his girlfriend and another friend, they found Yek in her car surrounded by five men armed with parang, sticks and iron rods. "Upon seeing us, the men fled in a Datsun. I told my mother to drive to the police station and on the way, I noticed the Datsun tailing us."

Allan believes his mother panicked after seeing the car and sped off. "I lost her in the traffic but several minutes later, I found her car involved in an accident at Taman Bintang in Kinrara, Puchong." Allan said his mother was sent to Assunta Hospital but was transferred to HKL where she succumbed to her injuries at 9.40am. Police are investigating the case and witnesses are urged to contact the nearest police station

= = = = More detailed Update from Malay Mail

Hospital wanted RM10,000 to treat my dying mum'
BY MUZLIZA MUSTAFA Monday May 28, 2007
HOW much is your mother's life worth? For a private hospital in Petaling Jaya, a mere RM10,000, apparently. That was the amount the hospital allegedly demanded from Yek Yong Hon, 21, to treat his dying mother, who was injured after being involved in a horrific traffic accident. She had rammed into another car in her bid to escape from road bullies, who had earlier smashed her vehicle. However, Yek said he was unable to raise RM10,000 and had to wait a full hour before she was eventually transferred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

It proved too late, however, as she died en route to the hospital. Recounting the incident, Yek said his mother, Yek Yow Ngan, 51, a marketing officer with a Chinese daily, had called him at midnight, saying that her car's rear windows had been smashed. Yek, a petty trader, said his mother, who lives in a fl at in Batu 8, Puchong, told him that moments earlier, her car was grazed by a motorcyclist and the biker had demanded payment for the damage. "She said she refused and told him to claim it from the insurance company. She then drove off to her destination, a sundry shop nearby," he said.

She only realised that her rear windows had been smashed after she returned to her car. "I told her not to worry and to return home. I also told her that I'd come by the next day and help her lodge a police report as well as take the car to the workshop," said Yek, who lives in Ampang with his friends. Two hours later, he got another call from his mother. This time, she sounded frantic. "This time, her front windscreen had been smashed. She found this out when she went out to the shops at 2am. "She also spotted the same motorcyclist having a drink with his friends at a restaurant nearby," he said.

At this juncture, Yek realised that the case was more serious than he had thought. After telling his mother to calm down, he rushed to the spot with his girlfriend and a friend, but failed to find the shop. "I then told my mother that I would meet her at her fl at instead." As he pulled up in front of the flat, he spotted his mother's car being blocked by another vehicle. Several men, armed with parangs, alighted from the vehicle, prompting Yek and his friend to rush out and yell at them. He thought it was all over when the men fled. Yek then told his mother to follow him to the police station. However, due to a miscommunication, his mother drove off first. "I followed her car and minutes later, I saw a group of about six men, armed with parangs, waiting along the road.

"I reversed my car while my mother drove in the opposite direction. "The gang then split up and chased both our cars," Yek said. However, Yek's and his mother's cars crossed paths again at another junction. This time, he called his mother on her cell phone and told her to follow him. "However, she must have panicked and failed to follow me. I then lost sight of her," he said, adding that his pursuer eventually backed off. Yek said he lost his way after that and had wanted to ask for directions when his girlfriend pointed to his mother's car. During the chase, her car had apparently rammed into another vehicle.

"My heart was beating so fast. I was praying that she was okay but as I approached the wreckage, I saw that she was bloodied and hanging halfway out of her door. "There was also no sign of her handbag and the car's audio player was missing from its compartment," he said. After bundling his mother into his car, he drove off to the private hospital. The hospital, however, allegedly demanded a deposit of RM10,000. "I told them that I only had a few hundred ringgit on me but they insisted on the full amount. Only after an hour did they decide to transfer my mother to KLH," he claimed. "If only they had treated her sooner, she would probably still be alive," said Yek, tears streaming down his face.

Yek said his mother was to have celebrated her 52nd birthday on June 19."I've got no one now. She's only been gone this morning but I miss her already," he said. Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainal Rashid said police have received two reports on the case. One, he said, was from the car owner whose car was rammed by Yek's mother, while the other was from Yek. He said police are investigating the case under Section 397 of the penal code for robbery. The cause of death has yet to be ascertained, pending the post-mortem scheduled for today.Those with information on the case can contact Subang Jaya district police headquarters at 03-89484822 or the nearest police station.

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====Watch the Video Clip (1 min 12 s) and her son’s account

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