Sunday, May 27, 2007

MORE PICS & Video - Jalan P Ramlee 1 am Raid -Illegal Gaming Premise; 850 (16-20 age) Screened; 35 year Owner Detained + 2 Pilipinos with Expired Pass

UPDATE: May 28 07

The latest info indicates this raided place is one of the TOP Night Club in KL employing over 50 bouncers keeping watch on their patrons whilst in the club. This club is patronized by VIPs and maybe the police backed off and only managed to nab that one bouncer with “illegal gaming” records. A few underage girls were also taken in. So there was NO mass arrest.

More Pics below loading..

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Now what were these 850 youngsters (mainly foreigners, well dressed, see below & the video clip) doing in this “illegal gaming premise”? Are the police harassing them?

Are there other illegal activities going on? Or just a normal Saturday night Disco for some exercise for these foreigners?

According to DSP Mohd Ismail Mohd Yusuf head of the Seventh & Fourth Unit of the KL Police Contingent which carried out the raid at about 1am on Sunday Morning, May 27 2007, 850 males & female between the ages 16 – 20 years were screened for valid documents. Two Filipinos with expired visit passes were taken in for further questioning. The 35 year old owner of the premises was also detained for abusing the use of the premises.

No further details were released. Any witness of this raid can give your views on the nature of the raid and was it done in accordance to proper procedure?. Leave your comments or email to

ABOVE: the 35 year old Owner and organizer was taken in for questioning over the "illegal use" of premises.

= == = = ==Watch the 1 min 6s Video Clip of Raid

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BELOW: the two Filipinos detained with expired travel visit passes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody is envious of the sudden recent success of ALOHA, which is drawing away customers from nearby joint. illegal gambling is bullshit.

12:02 AM  

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