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MORE PICS – MURDERED & BURNED-26 years Saleswoman; Toyota Avanza Car & BODY (Hands Tied at Back) Found in Felda OIL PALM Estate-Ulu Langat, Tuesday

ABOVE: Picture of Tee when she was in her teens

UPDATE: March 15 2007

The 26 year-old women whose charred remains found in the oil Palm estate could have been a “hostage” and Police confirmed Tee was not sexually abused. Selangor Police are investigating various links concerning her murder and a robbery involving a woman 200 m from the location she was killed. Selangor Police chief Datuk Ismail Omar said police are questioning several nearly residents who heard and explosion the night before.

Datuk Ismail added that at least 3 men in their thirties are believed to be involved with the murder. Her ex-husband would be among family members to be called for questioning.. Tee leaves behind a one-year-old daughter (BELOW) looked after by the mother. She was separated from her husband a welder

= = == =
Police: Woman found in charred vehicle victim of abduction

15 Mar 2007; NST

KUALA LUMPUR: The woman whose charred body was found in a burnt MPV at an oil palm plantation in Tanjung Malim on Tuesday is believed to have been abducted before being killed. "We believe this because Tee Ah Kuai’s hands were bound with a rope," said Selangor police chief Datuk Ismail Omar. "We are still investigating the motive for the killing," he said, adding that a task force headed by Selangor deputy CID chief ACP Chee Cheng Wan was investigating the case. Tee’s body was found in the back seat of a burnt Toyota Unser in Felda Suharto, Tanjong Malim. Tee, 26, a supervisor of an electronics outlet in Klang, has a one-year-old daughter.

Police believe she could have been abducted while driving back alone after dropping off three workers in Batu Arang about noon on Tuesday. She was supposed to pick them up later the same day. But she did not turn up in the evening and calls to her mobile phone went unanswered. After failing to find her, the trio lodged a missing person’s report. Tee’s family will have to wait for at least 10 more days to claim her remains to allow police to conduct DNA tests to confirm her identity. Blood samples from her parents were taken at the hospital yesterday. The family is hoping DNA tests would be negative and Tee is still alive.

Tee’s 30-year-old husband, who wanted to be known only as Yong, said he last met her about a month ago. The couple has been separated for about a year. "She told me nothing about having problems," said the welder. She stayed in Klang which is near to her workplace and visited her daughter at her parent’s home in Jenjarom, Banting, every week.

= = = a brief mention from the STAR; Thursday March 15, 2007

Cops quiz woman’s colleagues

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have questioned the employer and colleagues of a woman whose charred remains were found in a burnt multi-purpose vehicle at a palm oil estate near Tanjung Malim on Tuesday. Kuala Kubu Baru OCPD Supt Hud Abdul Rahman said yesterday a post-mortem would ascertain how Tee Ah Kuai died. The vehicle belonged to her employer.

ABOVE: The road through the Felda Oil Palm Estate in Ulu Selangor and BELOW: the burned car with the charred remains was spotted on a side road
Selangor police have found the remains of a sales woman in a burnt out car in an Oil Palm estate in Ulu Selangor on Tuesday. Police believe the woman was murdered before her car was set on fire.

ABOVE: Closed-up of the burnt-out Toyota Avanza car, traces of kerosene were found and BELOW , the curious onlookers before the area was cordoned off

The woman Tey 26 (from Banting) was missing Monday evening when she was supposed to pick up a colleague at 5 pm to work for a direct selling company in Batu Arang. Suspecting something amiss when she failed to turn up, her employer was contacted and a search was mounted at Batu Arang but the effort failed.

ABOVE & BELOW: Area cordoned off; the Forensic experts arrived and took over detailed investigation

Meanwhile on Tuesday morning at 8 am someone spotted a burned car at the oil palm estate and reported to the police. Residents nearby also heard a loud explosion the previous night at about 8.00 pm.

ABOVE & BELOW: Closed-up views of the investigators

Police found her charred remains at the rear passenger seat of the car with her hands tied to the back. Traces or kerosene stains were found at the sight which suggested the cause of the fire.

A team from the Forensic Medical Institute was dispatched to the scene to facilitate investigation. Police have classified the case as murder under section 302 of the penal code.


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Quite a number of women earn a living in direct sales, whether full or part-time. The have to move around a lot, often alone. And they deal with a lot of different people whom they may know slightly, but can never really know if they have nasty intentions. This incident will be a shock to many people

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