Thursday, March 15, 2007

New FDA Approved Breast Cancer Pill Tykerb – New Hope for Late Stage Cancer when other Treatment Fails; HEALING Yourself in Co-Operation with DOCTORS

Since "war on cancer," 30 years ago many new treatments have come to market. Patients who had failed everything else got better on tykerb; so successful that the clinical trials were halted early. A drug with life-saving potential. Tykerb would be used in conjunction with Xeloda, a form of chemotherapy. Available in 2 weeks time but cost you a bomb ; US$2009 (RM7031) per month for treatment.

Women with aggressive HER2 breast cancer, which is present in about half of all cases and when other forms of treatment failed gained a new option with the approval of a novel drug. But how much benefit it offers is still not clear.

The Glaxo-Smith new drug Tykerb is taken once daily in pill form and is meant for women who has received prior treatment with the intravenous drug Herceptin and older chemotherapy drugs. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) says it has approved the drug to be used in conjunction with the chemotherapy drug Xeloda. Glaxo said the drugs would be available in 2 weeks and cost US2009 (RM7031)a month.

ABOVE & BELOW: The New GlaxoSmithKline Tykerb Pill to be used in conjunction with Xeloda, a form of chemotherapy from the Swiss drug giant Roche. How many can afford this pill at RM235 per day?
Now, if you decide to leave this world, that is your right; go in joy and vitality, but go because you know you decided to leave, and not as a victim of a disease that has been given a name call CANCER

TYKERB, a small molecule that is administered orally, inhibits the tyrosine kinase components of the EGFR (ErbB1) and HER2 (ErbB2) receptors. Stimulation of EGFR (ErbB1) and HER2 (ErbB2) is associated with cell proliferation and with multiple processes involved in tumor progression, invasion, and metastases. Overexpression of these receptors has been reported in a variety of human tumors and is associated with poor prognosis and reduced overall survival.

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FDA approves Glaxo's breast cancer drug

FDA gives green light to Glaxo's Tykerb for breast cancer; analyst says potential blockbuster's sales could hit $1.5B.; By Aaron Smith, staff writer

March 13 2007: 3:29 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( -- The Food and Drug Administration approved GlaxoSmithKline's breast cancer drug Tykerb, the drug company said Tuesday.

Glaxo's pill was approved for patients who were previously and unsuccessfully treated with Genentech's Herceptin, an intravenous cancer blockbuster that totaled $1.2 billion in the 2006 sales. Tykerb would be used in conjunction with Xeloda, a form of chemotherapy from the Swiss drug giant Roche. Tykerb and Herceptin are both for patients with HER-2 positive breast cancer, which accounts for 20 to 30 percent of all breast cancer patients. Analysts believe that the two drugs could be used as a combination therapy. Tykerb is years away from blockbuster-level sales, analysts say. To expand the use of Tykerb to billion-dollar levels, GlaxoSmithKline is studying the drug for additional types of treatment, which it would eventually file to the FDA for approval.

Christ Schott, analyst for Bank of America, projects that annual Tykerb sales will reach nearly $1 billion by 2011. Gbola Amusa, analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein, believes that sales will peak at $1.5 billion in 2012.

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Glaxo drug may fight early-stage breast cancer; Experimental Tykerb's success against late-stage cancer prompts recommendation for further study. By Aaron Smith, staff writer

December 28 2006: 3:46 PM EST

NEW YORK ( -- Scientists said on Thursday that an experimental drug from GlaxoSmithKline to treat late-stage breast cancer has also shown promise in treating early stages of the disease. Tykerb, a pill also known as lapatinib, is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration and by European regulators as a treatment for women with a specific type of breast cancer. Results of a late-stage study for Tykerb, which is made by the British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline were announced in June and the clinical trials were so successful that they were ended early.
That study focused on the drug's ability to treat late-stage breast cancer in conjunction with the Roche drug Xeloda. It showed that patients who took the Tykerb-Xeloda combination significantly slowed the progression of their breast cancer and reduced the chances of death, compared to patients who took Xeloda alone. The study focused on women who had been previously treated with the Genentech (up $1.04 to $81.04, Charts) drug Herceptin without success.

But scientists involved in the study published new findings on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine saying that Tykerb should be tested as a treatment for early-stage breast cancer. "It's logical to think that Tykerb might also work in earlier stages of disease similar to Herceptin," said Dr. Charles Geyer, co-lead investigator of the Tykerb study and director of breast medical oncology at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. "It's reasonable to think that Tykerb could be an alternative to Herceptin, or it could make it work better in earlier stages of the disease," he said in telephone interview.

GlaxoSmithKline stock was little changed in late afternoon trading.

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The war on cancer, 30 years on

Experimental breast cancer drug from Glaxo, products from Bristol and Pfizer on tap for oncology conference.; By Aaron Smith, staff writer

May 19, 2006: 7:12 AM EDT
NEW YORK ( - More than 30 years have passed since President Richard Nixon declared a "war on cancer," and while no single cure has been found, many new treatments have come to market. And there are more on the way, with some of the newest drugs taking center stage at the annual conference of the America Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), to be held in Atlanta from June 2-6. One experimental drug to be highlighted targets an aggressive form of breast cancer.

British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (Research) plans to release results for tykerb, a potential treatment for women with breast cancer that has spread to the brain. The need for breast cancer therapies cannot be understated: About 275,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. in 2006 and 40,000 women are expected to die from it this year, according to estimates from the National Breast Cancer Coalition. The Glaxo treatment, a pill, is being tested in women with the aggressive HER2 breast cancer, which is present in about half of all cases.

Glaxo spokeswoman Mary Anne Rhyne said tests with tykerb were so successful that the clinical trials were halted early. Her company plans to release data at the conference on patients whose breast cancer did not respond to the drug Herceptin, but then took tykerb in conjunction with a drug from Roche called Xeloda, she said. Tykerb is similar to Herceptin, an injectable drug from Genentech that had sales of about $750 million last year. "We've been investing heavily in oncology research and this is a chance for us to demonstrate progress," said Rhyne, adding the company is conducting more tests to see if tykerb can be used to fight other cancers. Analyst Gbola Amusa at the research firm Sanford C. Bernstein said he expects strong results for tykerb at the conference. "," said Amusa. "This drug, if the data is positive at ASCO, will offer unmet medical needs." Amusa projects that the Food and Drug Administration will approve tykerb and that annual sales will reach $1.5 billion by 2012 and could go higher.

Amusa said tykerb has potential for many different forms of cancer treatment and that many doctors will prescribe it "off label," meaning they will prescribe it for uses that are not approved by the FDA, which could lead to even more sales. The FDA has tykerb on a "fast track" accelerated review the agency reserves for drugs with life-saving potential.

The drug industry for cancer, America's second-biggest killer behind heart disease is growing rapidly. Cancer drug sales are expected to more than double over five years, from $24 billion in 2004 to $55 billion in 2009, according to IMS Health, the healthcare research firm.

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Healing illlness using expressed beliefs in co-operation (with Doctors or Healers) to heal yourself

You can rid yourself of ANY ILLNESS when you realize that you CREATE & DRAW such illness to yourself. What you FEAR MOST, you DRAW TO YOURSELVES. Now, if you decide to leave this world, that is your right; go in joy and vitality, but go because you know you decided to leave, and not as a victim of a disease that has been given a name like CANCER. On the other hand if you decide you want to continue to live, and then live in your full glory and strength.

If you decide to live, then tell yourself you WANT to live and KNOW the reasons, and your body will repair itself in joy and glory. You are not a victim! While such situations as illness are chosen by the personality, the individual is always left to work out its OWN SOLUTION. Complete recovery, illness, or early death is not preordained on the part of the entity [or whole self]. The general situation is set up in response to deep inner involvements. The problem is a challenge set up by the entity for one of its own personalities, but the outcome is up to the personality involved.

One does not choose illness per se for a lifetime situation. The inner self, as distinguished from the more accessible sub consciousness, is aware of the situation and finds release through frequent inner communications where successes are remembered and experienced. The dream state becomes an extremely vivid time, for such experiences assure the personality of its larger nature. It knows it is more than the self that it has for a time chosen to be. You need to LEARN the power of thought and emotion. Once you realize that your thoughts form reality, and then you are no longer a slave to events and to OLD or NEW doctors. True self-knowledge is indispensable for health and vitality.

The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first find out what you think about yourself subconsciously. If it is a good image, build upon it. If it is a poor one, recognize it as only the opinion you have held of yourself and not an 'absolute state.' You are not your emotions. They flow through you, you feel them and then they disappear. When you try to hold them back they build up. You must learn to trust your own spontaneous nature. Your nervous system knows how to react. It reacts spontaneously when you allow it to....In spontaneity there is a discipline that utterly escapes you, and an order beyond any that you know. Spontaneity knows its own order.

We all incorporate expressed beliefs. All that we do, generate and express is filtered through beliefs. They are not our enemy and are not bad but merely are an aspect of the
blueprint of this reality we are creating. Therefore, you express through these beliefs as they influence your perception and you allow yourself to recognize your preferences, which motivate you in certain directions. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs.

As you allow yourself to express those preferred beliefs, you motivate yourself in movements in different directions and in cooperationNOT CO-CREATION — but in cooperation with other individuals (like Doctors or other forms of healers like sinsehs etc) that incorporate similar expressed beliefs.
The individual that incorporates the action of seeking out a physician to be healed of an illness is expressing their beliefs in association with their confidence in another individual (doctor or other healer) to perform that action.

The physician is expressing their beliefs in allowing their abilities to be in cooperation with the individual that incorporates the illness, and in the cooperation of the action. The individual that is incorporating the illness is actually healing himself for no individual may create another individual’s reality — but in that cooperation of actions, in the expressed beliefs of both individuals, they generate certain outcomes.

The expressed beliefs of the physician are not bad. They fit within your societies, within your construct of your reality. The individual that incorporates the illness is also generating expressed beliefs that also fit within the construct of your reality in the official accepted reality. It is C O -O P E R A T I ON.

If you have decide to go and refused cooperation, then even miracle drugs and the BEST Hospital with the BEST doctors would be of no use. That is why you find in so many cancer cases people using alternate medicine and other supplements and methods cured themselves of the illness or prolonged their lives with their so called determination and cooperation and their strong desire to want to live; your body will repair itself spontaneously. So the outcome is decided by the individual inner self. To live or not to live is up to You.


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