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MORE PICS & Videos – Man Drove MITSUBISHI SUV through Augusta Mall, Georgia; Another Red Mitsubishi Crashed into Altamonte Mall Fell to Floor Below

A 47 year old man Stephen Scott Lowe after a quarrel with his wife decided to take a drive with his Mitsubishi Outlander SUV in the Augusta Mall. Apparently he was under the influence of probably alcohol.

ABOVE and BELOW: The Mitsubishi Outlander SUV crashing in through the double -sided glass door

He drove his SUV straight through the building's glass doors. .Surveillance video shows the driver ramming his vehicle into the mall's entrance and then casually taking a drive around several stores, as well as the food court. When he drove out the Mall, he was stopped, searched and took a swing at the Richmond County deputies and fought with them.
He was quite pissed at the officer’s ad try to run away but in the end he was subdued after pepper sprayed, handcuffed and arrested.

In the other incident (in Dec 06), a suicidal man drove into the Altamonte Mall in Seminole County, crashed through a second-floor entrance slamming into a perfume store kiosk and falling to the floor below near the escalator. The driver didn't hit anybody and was trying to hurt himself, a suicide attempt.

= == = =
Man Drives SUV Through Georgia Mall; Thursday, March 8, 2007
From online edition of The Augusta Chronicle

A 47-year-old Augusta man (ABOVE mug-shots taken by police) is in jail after driving his sport utility vehicle through Augusta Mall and fighting with a Richmond County sheriff's deputy Wednesday night, according to Lt. Tony Walden.

ABOVE: The SUV (right at the end, not very clear; the Video shows the car moving left to right) on the 2nd Floor.

Stephen Scott Lowe, of 1109 Sadie Drive, is charged with criminal damage to property in the first degree, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and driving under the influence. Police said he rammed the locked doors on the eastern side of the mall near the American Cafe with his SUV and drove across almost the entire second floor of the mall.

ABOVE and BELOW: cruising along the walk-way

He was boxed in by deputies as he broke a second set of doors near the food court and proceeded to punch and elbow a sheriff's deputy before being subdued with pepper spray and a baton, a sheriff's report said.

ABOVE: The SUV spotted turning left

Police say the man had just had an argument with his wife.

ABOVE & BELOW: Coming through walk-way of the closed food court and turning left exit

= == = ==

ABOVE and BELOW: The Mitsubishi Outlander SUV exit again by crashing out through the double -sided glass door

= = = == = == = == = == = == = == = == = =

ABOVE: At the exit he was stopped, surrendered and BELOW: Searched

= = == = == == = == = == = = == = =

ABOVE: He took a swing at the officer, punching and ran away being chased and BELOW was subdued after pepper sprayed

= = == == = = == = = == = = and BELOW, hand-cuffed at the back, was arrrested and taken to the police station.

Now for the videos; choice of TWO,

1. Original Security video of a vehicle being driven inside the Augusta Mall.

[2 min. 42 sec.] Go H E R E; a great deal of buffering if connection is slow:

2. Re-recorded & Shortened (clarity not so good) Go H E R E; [1 min. 35 sec.]

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Police: Suicidal Man Drives Into Mall; Official: 'It Could Have Been Very Catastrophic'; POSTED: 11:49 pm EST December 11, 2006

UPDATED: 2:48 pm EST December 12, 2006

ABOVE & BELOW: The severely damaged RED Mitsubishi car after crashing thru and falling down. The psycho Driver had to be cut out of his car, and police said he may have been targeting a mall employee, possibly a woman who worked at the perfume kiosk. She had already gone home for the night.

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. -- A 19-year-old man attempted to commit suicide Monday night by intentionally ramming his car through the front doors of the Altamonte Mall in Seminole County Monday night, driving toward a food court area and then crashing while speeding down an escalator, police told Local 6 News.

Police said Adam Soloman Kahim, of Longwood, Fla., was in serious condition after being extricated from his red Mitsubishi and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

ABOVE: The security video shots of the car crashing through the glass doors And BELOW: Proceeding to the food courts

The person apparently drove through the entrance here in between Dillards and Macy's," Seminole County fire-rescue spokesman Alan Harris said.

ABOVE: He crashed through the Perfume Kiosk (where his girlfriend was working) and (BELOW) the car fell one floor below

"He went all the way down toward the food court area but didn't make it to the food court because, of course, the escalators there.

ABOVE: The vehicle fell through and landed on its side (BELOW)
= = == =and BELOW, people rushing in to help. Kahin had to be cut out of his car, and police said he may have been targeting a mall employee, possibly a woman who worked at the perfume kiosk

It fell to the first floor, and the vehicle was on its side. Luckily, we had a special operations team that happens to have a fire station right next to the mall."

Kahin had to be cut out of his car, and police said he may have been targeting a mall employee, possibly a woman who worked at the perfume kiosk. She had already gone home for the night. "The whole perfume case was shattered, and the car came in," said witness Diva Jefferson. "And the car fell down and nosedived into the escalator and then fell right down on the floor and flipped over." Court records show Kahin was ordered to have an involuntary psychiatric exam in 2002. He is being held now for psychiatric evaluation.

There were no other injuries, but the mall suffered approximately $100,000 in damages, including $5,000 in damages to Ero's Perfume. The mall was closed at the time of the incident."If this had been two hours earlier, full of Christmas shoppers and other holiday shoppers, it could have been very catastrophic," Harris said. The Altamonte Mall opened Tuesday for regular business hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The second-level food-court mall entrance will remain closed until further notice.

the 20 sec Video is at You-ube, Go H E R E

= = = = == = and BELOW, more pics of the RM100,000 damages caused at Altamonte Mall crash

= = == == = Continue read H E R E ON

MORE PICS – MURDER & BURNT: 26 years old Saleswoman in; Burnt Toyota Avanza Car & Charred BODY (Hands Tied at Back) Found in Felda OIL PALM Estate - Ulu Langat, Tuesday.


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