Monday, March 19, 2007

MORE PICS – ANTI TOLL HIKE PROTEST (5th)-18 Mar 2007; Summit, Subang Jaya; Police use SIRENS to Drown Speeches;More than 200 Protestors; 5 Arrested

In future, protesters must be prepared. If the government and the Police have their way, they can identified each and every protester and arrest them if they want to by applying the Made in Malaysia (MM) Technology - the MM Chip in the form of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices). They are so cheap (few cents) and small that if they sprinkled them on the air & if some get stuck to your garments, you will send back radio signals to detecting devices to identify you. (see previous post on this RFID Chip H E R E).

Samy Vellu is thinking on such lines when he introduced the automatic Gantry Toll Payment. He is suggesting such chips on vehicles and drivers to identify you. BIG Brother is watching in Malaysia (we MUST have MORE protests against such intrusive devices.). Other countries are already saying NO and our leaders want to embrace them. This is real SPYING.

ABOVE: Summit Square in USJ, Subang Jaya where the Anti Toll Action was held and BELOW: The dirty tactic - rows of Police Trucks where the sirens were sounded simultaneously to drown out the speeches of the speakers addressing the rally.= = == = = = == = = == = = = == = == =

ABOVE & BELOW: The protest banners at the start of the Protest rally in front of Summit Square. The traffic in front along Jalan Kewajipan slowed down to see "what was going on"

More than 200 came to Summit Square in Subang Jaya at the scheduled time of 4.00 pm. A new tactic was adopted by the police to disrupt the speeches by the speakers by sounding the Sirens and when they charged in to arrest, they entered the Summit shopping complex disrupting business and a Taekwondo Competition.

This is the 5th in the series of Anti toll protest by the main opposition parties namely, DAP, PAS & PKR and other NGOs under the PROTES umbrella. Protesters start to assemble in front of the Summit Plaza with the urging of some of leaders.

When the protest leaders started to address the rally the Police sounded the sirens from the police vehicles trying to drown out those addressing the crowd. These were annoying to the crowd which began to boo them. Selangor Democratic Action Party Secretary Ronnie Liu in his speech called on the government to implement a transparent toll policy and openly review the contract agreement terms.

ABOVE: Tian Chua addressing the crowd of protesters before the police rushed in to disperse them and BELOW & BELOW: Other leaders resting while speakers delivered their say

Tian Chua (ABOVE, with other leaders) the Information Chief of PKR said monthly protest will continue until the government responds. The next one is scheduled on April 22nd at Leisure Mall Cheras.

About half an hour after the rally elapsed Subang Jaya Police District Chief Jaafar Mohd Said (ABOVE) using an audible loudspeaker ordered the dissolution of the assembly within 10 minutes.

When the time was up, three more warnings were given; police and anti-riot forces immediately surrounded the rally, preparing to capture those who refused to disperse. Police immediately rushed in and arrested some of the outspoken leaders namely En Saari Sungib, Khairul Anwar, Chan Chee Kong, Noor Sairi and Norazimah Mohd Nor Summit Square became chaotic and tense when the protester ran into the Plaza mingling with the shopping crowd.

ABOVE & BELOW: The shuttered shops in Summit in anticipation of unfounded trouble and looting. The shopkeepers blamed the protesters who in turn blamed the police for chasing them inside while they were outside protesting.

The ground floor of the plaza, businesses quickly closed shop to avoid trouble and a Taekwondo Competition was temporarily suspended.

ABOVE: The Taekwon Do Championship was on hold at the height of the protest. BELOW: The participants were ready but sat out the delay in action.

Those arrested were taken to Subang Jaya district headquarters in Section 15. One of the leaders then announced the closed of the rally to avoid further trouble

ABOVE, BELOW and BELOW: The red helmeted Riot Police and the blue uniform personnel were everywhere and the unspotted undercover SB mingled with the crowd.

There were more than 20 trucks and police vehicles with about 100 riot police personnel stationed in front of Summit. A tense atmosphere developed when the protesters reassembled later and PAS treasurer Hatta Ramli led the rally to shout "down, down! Road toll down! (Turun, turun. turun toll). Eventually the crowd went away peacefully. Why didn’t the Police allow the protesters to “just do it and disperse?

ABOVE: Another leader condemning the non-stop hike in tolls across the Klang Valley and BELOW: The tired supporters preferred to sit on the floor whilst other stand
= = = = == == == == = == == = == = == = =

ABOVE & BELOW: Two of the 5 arrested by police and taken in for questioning

= = = == == = = == == = == = = == == = == = ==
BELOW: Have a laugh on this cartoon placard depicting Samy Vellu's all encompassing Toll Booth Legs , laughing all the way to the bank with the operators, talking with a fork tongue on the rates and shitting on all the motorists passing thru.

= = = = = Another 300 Protest in KL, Go H E R E ON

the Lop Sided FTA (in favour of US) in front of American Embassy, Sunday 18 Mar 07; Protest sanctioned by Government? Reported in the electronic media.


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