Tuesday, June 06, 2006

TRAGIC DROWNINGS– 2 Lives lost at Latuk Lubak Timah WATERFALL, in Simpang Pulai, south of IPOH

The scenic and cooling surroundings of the water fall

Those of you from Perak or in particular from Ipoh should be familiar with the Latuk Lubak Timah Water fall near Simpang Pulai, 8 km South of Ipoh. It is an ever popular ‘cool place’ to go to during the hot weekends and is always crowded during the School holidays. It is a scenic place to have a picnic and to laze around away from the hot afternoons until late evenings. Some have even camped overnight in that place.
As usual last Sunday, the waterfall was no exception. But tragedy danger was to come. Many unaware of rains in the upper streams would be overwhelmed by a “river tsunami” once the water came roaring down at great speed and volume. And one student was caught and dragged underneath by the strong currents. Three of his friends escaped. The fire and services rescue department were called in to look for his body and it took quite sometime as there were strong currents and presence of boulders.

A few days ago a man in the early twenties was also drowned in the same waterfall and the authorities have temporary closed access to the waterfall.
No one dies under any circumstances or in a disaster who is not prepared to die. The young who died under such conditions may hold the strong belief that old age represents a degradation of the spirit and an insult to the body. Slow death in a hospital or an experience with an illness would be unthinkable to these same people. Some of this has to do with temperament, and with quite normal individual differences and preferences. Remember the choice and time are always yours!.

Searching for the body of Vincent last Sunday


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