Saturday, June 03, 2006

BIRD FLU explodes in Indonesia, M’SIAN Police, Customs Entry Points Alert; WHAT ABOUT OUR AIR SPACE. Can infected Birds FLY IN and drop their BOMBS?

Vaccination was preferred but now Indonesia begins slaughtering poultry

WHO’s worry: “The virus is in animals almost everywhere and the lack of effective attention that's being addressed to the problem. In Indonesia the process has been haphazard and funding and policy decisions are often at the whim of inexperienced officials, mayors and village heads”
Indonesia has logged at least 36 human deaths in the past year - 25 since January - and is expected to soon eclipse Vietnam's 42 fatalities. The two countries make up the bulk of the world's 127 total deaths since the virus began spreading in Asian poultry stocks in late 2003.
Scientists believe human-to-human transmission has occurred in a few other smaller family clusters, all involving blood relatives. Expert’s fear the virus will mutate into a highly contagious form that passes easily among people, possible sparking a pandemic. (Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population).

Our Malaysia authorities response is “the police and Customs Department to ensure no Indonesian birds and eggs are brought into the country via ports and other entry points”. Then what about our OPEN AIR SPACE? Are there any birds migrating over here from Indonesia? The infected bird's droppings would be lethal. And this is why ONLY free ranging chickens have caught the HN51 virus. The recent scarce in Setapak, KL (near the Zoo Negara) is a possibility as the Zoo attarcted a number of migratory birds. Have we heard of any poultry farms being hit? These chickens are reared in well protected coops shielded from "air attack" of the droppings

Would it be a great idea if the RMAF (Royal Malaysia Air Force) be mobilized to “shoo” away all the birds flying in from the south.

This huge task is beyond the scoop of the RMAF as they are still busy training their pilots and searching for lost planes in the South China Sea.

And Check out more details from the Sun Test the system before bird flu strikes
and channelnewsasia 54 people in Indonesian bird flu quarantined: WHO

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for those who wants better protection get this e-book

How to Beat the Bird Flu


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