Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More pics - 4 KILLED, 4 INJURED - Fiery 3-Vehicle Collision in Plus Expressway near BANDAR SRI DAMANSARA on Sunday night.

The twisted charred remains of the burnt car
The car caught fire on impact
Th ambulance taking the injured and dead to hospital
The flashing lights attracted and slow down all passing motorists
Car wedged between the divider railings and two fell down to the LDP below

Eye witnesses reported that a Proton Wira was racing against another Proton Wira on the highway at high speed and the accident happened when one of the car grazed a Singapore registered Subaru MPV vehicle with 4 passengers and crashed into the divider barrier railings in the dual carriage way. The driver was killed instantly and his two passengers landed on the LDP highway were crushed by cars. The other car also crashed onto the railings and burst into flames killing the driver and seriously injuring the unidentified passenger.

It was a gruesome sight looking at the wreckage with the burning vehicle and attracted a great number of curious passing motorists who slowed down their vehicles to have a closer look. And a massive traffic snarl up ensured from 9.30 pm onward untill midnight.

Jalan Badanr police identified three of the victims as Suresh Subramanian, Shankar Subramanian 30 and Vijaya Kumar 25. The four injured were in the Subaru vehicle and were admitted to hospital.

For a different more detailed account, read NST

Racing to their deaths: Horrific crash kills four, injures four on expressway


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