Monday, June 05, 2006

MIC ELECTION HOTS UP- VP challenging incumbent Subramanian; Samy blasted IPF PATHIBAN asking him to step down– “Let the IPF Fall into the Drain”

The MIC Party election on the 24th of June will give the delegates a chance to re-elect incumbent S Subramaniam who has been deputy for nearly 27 years or embrace Palanivel, a newcomer.

He was the first to submit his nomination papers and declared that “My work will the basis of my campaign This is the strongest challenge against Datuk S Subramanian for many years as the boss Samy Vellu has openly endorsed Datuk Palanivel and preferred him as his Deputy. After submitting his nomination papers, Datuk Subramanian said ‘Basically I have to explain the unfounded allegation leveled against me openly as well as behind closed doors

Meanwhile Datuk Pathiban, the president of IPF has called for Samy Vellu to step down as the party leader and give chances for others to lead. In reply, Samy Vellu blasted back at Panthiban (see pic below).

BARADAN KUPPUSAMY is a veteran Malaysian journalist has also written a series of articles in the run up to the elections and here some excerpts from “THE REFERENDUM ON SAMY VELLU” from Malaysiakini
Most delegates avoid Subramaniam like the plague for fear that Samy Vellu will close down their branches on one pretext or another after the election.
Although Samy Vellu credentials in the Indian community are down, his chips in the MIC are up. He enjoys near total support largely because he has fashioned the party to his will and has progressively killed off dissent

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