Friday, June 02, 2006

MALAYSIA “PLAYBOY” MAGAZINE and Others BUSTED – False permit used to publish it

Datuk Fu Ah Kiaw, the Deputy Minister of Internal Security announced the banning of the local Malaysian “PLAYBOY published in Malaysia and several local magazines magazine like Getaran Jiwa, Warta Seni and Tras Efektif were given a stern warning, (see pics on the magazines). He stated that the Playboy magazine cannot be published. Mingguan Seni was licensed to publish another magazine but instead used it to print “Playboy”. The permit for Dunia Madani was also cancelled. Anyone publishing without permit can be charged under the Printing Presses and Publication Act.

The furor started when Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said the “Playboy” magazine, known for its adult content, corrupts people’s morality and minds. Selling the magazine “is like distributing poison," the Pas spiritual leader said. The title was that of a magazine "closely associated with sex and eroticism”.
Actually in that controversial issue, the 24-page magazine contains no nudity, erotic stories or articles on sexual subjects, but largely explains the controversy surrounding the publication of the Indonesian Playboy last month.

Apparently these magazines (in Bahasa Malaysia) “had the village elders blushing” the senator was complaining.
Well, can we blame these folks who have no access to the internet? The little they can visualize in these magazines can get them excited. But now with the advent of satellite access, the villagers can be more informed within the privacy and safety of their homes. Read the details from 'Playboy' surfaces in Johor


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