Sunday, June 11, 2006

MORE Pics -RM6 MILLION Heist from VAN; ONLY RM3 Million taken; 4 Guards with HEAD INJURIES; 6.30am incident along PJ and Shah Alam HIGHWAY

The shattered bullet ridden window of the Security van

The van that was robbed along the Highway

The robbery involved 14 bags of CASH worth a total of SIX MILLION Ringgit from the Securico company - Safeguards.

According to Selangor Crime Investigating Department Chief, the robbery occurred at about 6.30 am when the Safeguards security van which was on its way from Petaling Jaya to Shah Alam to deposit cash in ATM machines was stopped. Four of the security guards were attacked and suffered head injuries. The estimated 8 - 10 members in robbery gang shot at the van and forced it to a stop. They wore masks to hide their faces to avoid being identified. See pics AFTER the robbery.

The empty Cash Bags containing RM50 and RM100 notes for ATM machines

But the robbers managed to get away with only seven of the bags estimated to be value some RM3million. Later the Police also found a gun in one of the cars left behind and they were busy dusting for fingerprints in an attempt to identify the robbers. An inside job as usual was not discounted by the police and witnesses of the robbery (if you had not watch Football) were sought.

Police personnel dusting objects for fingerprints at the left behind car

The incrimnating evidence - bullet shell, mask, baton, empty cash bags


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