Monday, June 26, 2006

GERAKAN President (26 years) Dr Lim K Y tostep down early 2007; enable his Deputy Tan Sri Dr Koh to take over; Datuk Samy Vellu : “NOT YET for ME ”

Dr Lim K Y looking frail at the Beruas delegates meeting
on Sunday 25th June 2006

I believe the time has come for me to step down after being the President of Gerakan for almost 26 years. I hope next year we can find a date for an EGM to enable me to hand over the party leadership to the deputy president “

To empower the party to appoint his successor, the party constitution will be amended at the annual general assembly scheduled on Sept 2. The 67-year-old Dr Lim, who is the Minister of Energy, Water and Communications said the party constitution at the moment did not provide for the posts of president or chairman at state, division or branch levels to be automatically filled by the deputy president or vice chairman if a vacancy occurred. "So we will amend the constitution at the general assembly this year to enable the deputy or vice president to move up should a vacancy occur for whatever reason.

"If that is done, then next year I will hand the leadership of the party to my deputy who will become acting president until the next party election," he said.

Dr Lim said his wish to step down was not something new as he had spoken about it as early as 2000 and he had prepared the party's members to accept the change. Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon the deputy president is to succeed him.

The Gerakan president made the announcement after opening the Beruas delegates election meeting on Sunday. It is long overdue he should step down and the EGM should be convened much earlier otherwise the Gerakan might face a crisis should anything happend to Dr Lim K Y.

Meanwhile when confronted on his "retirement" at the closing of the MIC AGM delegates meeting Datuk Samy Vellu said "When the right time comes, I will announce it". When told that Dr Lim has announced his reitrement next year quiped: " That is his party, that is his view. I can't say anything"

Datuk Samy Vellu confronted by newsmen after the closing of the MIC AGM


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