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MIC CONTEST for Deputy President - the MOTHER of ALL MIC ELECTIONS - Datuk Subra’s message: Acha Vili.. Archa Vili, Archa Vili; NO FEARS, Vote for ME

Malaysiakini headline on MIC D-DAY- Insert Nehru, 1st PM India

Datuk S Subramaniam, the incumbent Deputy President
allaying fears of delegates

Datuk S Subramanian the incumbent is fighting his political future with the challenger Vice-president Datuk G Palanivel, a journalist and former press secretary to the Party President. This is almost a decade since he became Deputy President in 1981 that he would be challenged for the No 2 post in MIC

"I don’t want to support any team, because whatever team I support will win," said Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu when he was asked which World Cup team he favors. Such is the odds Datuk Subra is fighting.

In an exclusive TV interview recently, he reminded his supporters and delegates;

In Tamil, Archa Vili, Archa Vili, Archa Vili ………… ArchaVili, Archa Vili, Archa Vili” or in English;NO FEAR, NO FEAR, NO FEAR, Even if the Sky Falls down, Thou shall not live in fear”

“I want the delegates to recite this everyday. They shall live without fear. Democracy is about…doing what you think is right, fearless.

I always think that a man should not be thinking of winning and loosing; he should be thinking of accomplishing his objectives in life. If this election can further my objectives of helping the people in my party to call for a change, I will be very happy. I appreciate the fact that change is inevitable. I cannot understand the logic of the change for the Deputy Presidency. So change for what? Change in position? I don’t believe in that. Change to do good for the community, struggle for the community, change new programs to uplift the Indian community. Yes those are important.

For me I have not had any problems working with anybody including Datuk Palanivel, serving the community, working together to serve the community. If we can put the party interest above all, if we can put the interest of the community above all, I think we would have no problem in working with everybody for the common good of the party and the community.”

He also took the opportunity to clarify that he did not make any allegations to the election committee. “I have been writing to the election committee during my round of campaigning with my delegates, I was told by the delegates that they have fears; some others who campaign put their fears into them. That there will be serial numbers and telephones and so on. These are the points I refer to them and I clearly stated that I do not have any doubts in the way the election committee will conduct theses elections”. He also stated that he was pleased with the reply from the chairman of the elections committee.

Meanwhile all Datuk Palanivel can offer is to walk that “extra mile” to provide the dynamic, inspirational and sacrificial leadership if elected.

The birth of MIC was intricately linked to the first PM of India Jawaharlal Nehru who visited Malaya on March 18 1946 (60 years ago) had advised Indian leaders to set up an organization to protect the rights of Indians in Malaya. In April 1955 MIC together with MCA, joined the Alliance and fought for independence.

And here are some of the comments gleaned from the letters sent to Malaysiakini

I would agree to certain extent that Subra told the delegates not to be afraid. I am afraid that he is telling the obvious fact. That doesn’t mean that I am pro-Subra or anti-Samy. I just would like to state that whoever leads the party, please stop taking the members and the community for a ride.

After all, we are getting pressured left, right and centre in this country. Don't blame the party president since he claims that he can't work with his deputy. The solution is very simple - if you can't work with your deputy, you resign. It is as simple as that, you don't need to be an genius to know that.

But then again we have the 'honourable delegates', aka a sack of potatoes, who have voted the president in and to top it, he was not even opposed. Of course, Subra now has to say to all these softies ‘don’t be afraid to vote’.


Obviously, Samy has tried to kill off Subramaniam, at least twice, by not nominating him in the national elections, first in 1989 (this was got around by Subramaniam's appointment to the Senate and then a deputy minister’s post) and then again denying him nomination in 2003 (the Senate route was not available as he had served two terms already there).

Hasn't President Samy, abused his position in denying his deputy such a nomination, not once but twice? So it is ludicrous to suggest that Subramaniam has had "everything handed to him on a golden platter"

Periasamy Bounder

I can understand his reason for nominating his preferred choice for the No 2 post but could not find logic in him acting undemocratically by nominating ‘preferred’ candidate for all positions.

Is the president underestimating the thinking ability of MIC delegates and their wisdom to decide on the party’s future leaders? What is the purpose of holding an AGM and election if one cannot think and vote for one’s own candidate independently?

Holding the AGM costs a huge sum of money and especially with an election. May I suggest that since the party president has made up his mind on who should be elected, why not just hold a CWC meeting, order some cakes, ‘vadai’ and ‘tosai’ from the stall next to the MIC building and finish off the meeting with less than RM1,000 incurred?


Datuk Palanivel has obtained 185 nominations and Datuk S Subra just received 2, but the numbers are not a good gauge of final support from delegates. May the fearless candidate on Saturday 24th June 2006 win.

ELECTED… Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (left) with the newly elected MIC Deputy President Datuk G. Palanivel. Foto: Shahrizan Jeffri Aziz

UPDATE 7, 22.12 pm Jun 24 06

Samy Strengthens Grip In Party; By S. Retnanathan

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has strenghtened his grip on the party as evidenced by the fact that all the president's men except for two, were voted into their respective positions at the just concluded party polls here Saturday.

The MIC supremo's nominee for the deputy president post, Datuk G. Palanivel, beat longtime deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam with a comfortable 438-vote majority.

Samy Vellu's three "preferred" vice-presidents Datuk S. Sothinathan, Datuk S. Veerasingham and Tan Sri K. S. Nijhar also won their posts, brushing aside four other candidates in the polls which was held at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Of the 23 MIC Central Working Committee candidates backed by the president, only two failed to make the cut, in a contest which attracted some 51 contestants.

The two who lost from Samy Vellu's list were Datuk Chandrasekhar Suppiah and Datuk V.Munisamy. They are replaced by R. Ragumoorthy and P. Logeswary.

This election was billed as the most heated in nearly two decades. The last time the MIC had a tough polls was when Subramaniam took on Samy Vellu in 1990 but lost.

Subramaniam, who became the party's deputy president in 1981, had never faced a tough challenge in his entire 25-year tenure as its No 2.

The MIC supremo late last year had announced that he preferred Palanivel to Subramaniam as his deputy. This caused a problem in the party with Samy Vellu and Subramaniam engaging in a war of words.

The win by the president's candidates today proved that he is very much in control of the party and has not lost his "grassroots" support. In fact Samy Vellu showed that his strength in the party has increased with his nominees scoring thumping wins.

Observers say that the win does not only show the support Samy Vellu has, but also the confidence of the 1,428 delegates who voted for the candidates picked by the president.

"The candidates are not blind to vote for anyone supported by the president. They took into account the good track record of the candidates...they had worked well and this is reflected in the votes," said P. Kamalanathan, a MIC Youth council member.

The 438 vote majority in the Subramaniam-Palanivel tussle also showed that the four term vice-president had done his work, especially in trying better the lives of Indians in the country.

While delegates to the assembly had placed their trust in Samy Vellu and his list of candidates, it is now time for the winners to prove their worth.

They have their work cut out for them, especialy with the Ninth Malaysia Plan being implemented from this year.

They need to ensure that the Malaysian Indian community benefits from it and only through this can they be able to stay in power.

UPDATE 6: 21:59 Pm Jun 24 06

Sothinathan Heads Vice President Winning Team

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- Datuk S. Sothinathan, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and MIC secretary-general, emerged with the highest number of votes in the party's vice president contest Saturday.

He garnered 1,153 votes, followed closely by incumbent Datuk S. Veerasingam who retained the post for a third consecutive term with 1,141 votes and another incumbent Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar who was also re-elected for his third consecutive term with 939 votes.

All the three winners were on MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu's "preferred list" of candidates for the party elections.

The four other candidates who lost in the contest were "independents" E. Yohevel, Alex Thiagarajan, V.K.K. Teagarajan and M. Muthupalaniappan.

Teagarajan received 469 votes, Muthupalaniappan 244, Thiagarajan 220 and Yohevel 111.

The victory of Sothinathan was his first for a national elected post in the party.

Speaking to reporters after the results were announced, he thanked the delegates for supporting him and pledged to give his best to serve the party.

"Good contact with the grassroots helped me a lot," he said.

Veerasingam, the Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, said he was thankful the election went smoothly and also promised to work hard for the party and its members.

He said the victory of the "preferred" team was expected.

Nijhar said he was happy to prove wrong the prediction that he was the weakest member of the "preferred" team and would have difficulty retaining his post.

"My nearest opponent was nearly 500 votes away," he said.

Teagarajan, who is the MIC national information chief, said winning and losing was part of the political game.

"You have to take it in your stride. The result shows that I was not popular, so I have to work harder in the future," he said.

Yohevel said he lost to "Samy Vellu's weight" but promised he would "return to fight another day".

UPDATE 5: 21.43pm Jun 24 06

Samy Wants Members To Work Together

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu who further strengthened his grip on the party after his long time estranged deputy Datuk S. Subramaniam failed to retain his post wants members to bury the hatchet and close ranks.

"I think all allegations and campaigns will end tonight. Tomorrow all will be fresh...we will work together and will work for the party. They will put party ahead of any personal interest," he told reporters after the MIC elections at the party's 60th Annual General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre here, Saturday.

At the party elections, all candidates in the party supremo's "preferred" list, except two in the central working committee (CWC), won their respective positions.

The long awaited deputy president's race saw the four term vice-president Datuk G. Palanivel beat Subramaniam with a thumping 438 vote majority.

In the vice-president's race, all off Samy Vellu's men made it. They were Datuk S. Sothinathan, Datuk S. Veerasingham and Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar.

In the CWC race, out of the 23 members listed by the party president only two failed to make the cut. A total 51 candidates contested for the 23 seats.

On the increase in the number of women in the CWC, he said "women power" in the party had made this possible.

"Usually they say man power in the MIC but this time I must say it has changed to women power and I must appreciate that," he added.

He also congratulated Palanivel, the three vice-presidents and the 23 CWC members.

"There are two new comers in the CWC, so I must utilise their experience and their new ideas for the betterment of the party. We must work together as a team and do what ever promised," he added.

Asked on Subramaniam's political future, he said he had nothing much to say since the longtime deputy was now just a member and the head of the Seputeh division.

UPDATE 4: Jun 24 06

Palanivel Wins MIC Deputy President Post

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- Datuk G. Palanivel has been elected the new MIC deputy president, beating long-time incumbent Datuk S. Subramaniam by a thumping 438-vote majority in the party elections Saturday.

The 57-year-old former journalist-turned-politician garnered 933 votes against 495 by Subramaniam who has been at the MIC's No. 2 post since 1981.

The election results were announced at 7.35pm.

A total 1,428 of the 1,441 delegates voted in the elections billed as the most intense in party history after 1989 when Subramaniam took on MIC supremo Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu for the party top post.

Palanivel, a four-term vice-president, and Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister, became MIC Petaling division secretary in 1972 and raised through the ranks to become vice-president in 1997.

In the vice-president race, the president's "preferred candidates" incumbents Datuk S. Veerasingham and Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar and party secretary-general Datuk S. Sothinathan were elected.

Sothinathan emerged top, polling 1,153 votes, Veerasingham 1,141 and Nijhar 939 votes.

The other four vice-president aspirants -- MIC veteran Datuk M. Muthupalaniappan polled 244 votes, Kuala Lumpur MIC chief Datuk V.K.K. Teagarajan (469), former Si Rusa state assemblyman E. Yohevel (111) and P. Tiagarasan (220).

Of the 23 candidates in the president's line-up for the central working committee seats, only two failed to make it.

The two are Datuk Chandrasekhar Suppaiah and Datuk K. Munisamy.

The two "independents" who made it to the CWC, MIC's highest policy-making body, are P. Logeswary, better known as Kajang Ranee, and R. Ragumoorthy.

The results showed the president's men almost made a clean sweep of all the posts contested.

As soon as the results were announced, a teary-eyed Palanivel hugged Samy Vellu in gratitude.

The mood at the announcement by party election steering committee chairman Datuk K. Vijayanathan was one of jubilance.

Shouts of "Long Live Palanivel" reverberated Dewan Merdeka of the Putra World Trade Centre.

UPDATE3 :Jun 24, 06 5:31pm
Palanivel is new MIC deputy president
Newsflash G Palanivel has been elected the new deputy president of the MIC defeating incumbent S Subramaniam. He obtained 939 votes to Subramaniam's 495.

UPDATE 2:June 24, 2006 12:57 PM

Confusion, Raised Tempers Reigned At MIC Polls

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- Confusion and raised tempers reigned at the start of polling in the MIC elections at the Putra World Trade Centre.

The largest Indian-based political party in the country is holding elections for its top leadership positions except for the president's post at the two-day assembly attended by 1,441 delegates.

The confusion began at the start of voting when party president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu announced that only delegates would be allowed into the main hall where the balloting was held.

"All those who are not delegates please leave the hall. If you don't leave, then this election will be considered null and void and we have to conduct another election, so please leave," he told a few hundred observers who was seated in the main hall.

This created uneasiness among those present and confusion reigned at the main entrance of Dewan Merdeka where voting was in progress.

Some dissatisfied observers started to shout back and at the same time blocked delegates who were trying to get into the hall.

This drew the ire of the MIC supremo who had earlier handed the podium to the MIC Election Committee head Datuk K. Vijayanathan.

Taking the podium again, Samy Vellu repeated his call but this time with his trade mark sarcasm, said: "There are delegates outside wanting to come in, allow them in or they will miss the flight. This flight does not fly all the time, only once in three years."

The observers outside the hall calmed down a few minutes later, realising the police special branch personnel had moved in and started clearing the area.

The assembly will elect a deputy president, three vice-presidents and 23 central working committee members.

June 24, 2006 10:41 Bernama report

Listen To Grassroots Voice, Samy Vellu Tells MIC Leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- Being the largest Indian-based political party in the country, the MIC must listen to the voice of the grassroots and be accessible to ordinary Malaysian Indians, party chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said Saturday.

"Party leaders must give their time and provide the occasion for the cries of the poor, displaced workers, single mothers, orphans and grieving elderly to be heard along with those who might be in the upper echelon of society," he said in his presidential address at the 60th MIC General Assembly.

Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi opened the two-day assembly at Dewan Merdeka of the Putra World Trade Centre.

Present were Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and BN component party leaders.

More than 4,000 delegates, observers and guests are also attending the assembly.

The highlight of the assembly is the contest for the deputy president's post, three vice-presidents and 23 central working committee seats.

Samy Vellu said there has been a tremendous desire among party members to hold positions at various levels but it was imperative that whoever wins in the party elections to close ranks and work together for betterment of the community.

He said the MIC needed a dedicated team of men and women who shared a common vision and agenda to see to the effective implementation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan and to lead the community to greater heights.

"We must bear in mind that we need at the national level political leaders who have personal commitment and responsibility, dedication and passion, intellectual ability and education, grassroots touch and compassion towards the poor.

"They must have the well-being of the ordinary people in their hearts. It is this kind of leaders who will be able to lead the party into the future, into the next generation," he said.

Samy Vellu also said the MIC fully backed Abdullah in all his endeavours to restore transparency and good governance in Malaysian society.

The Works Minister said the Indian community must devise creative and innovative programmes for the betterment of the community.

"Over reliance on Government creates dependency and robs us of our scope for human potential and creativity. We need to balance our demands on Government and that of what we initiate for the community.

"As a community, we must strive to stand on our own feet. We need to restore the deep sense of confidence in ourselves and minimise negative and pessimistic outlooks which negate our self worth and dignity," he said.

He said there was much talent and expertise in the community and they must be encouraged to articulate community concerns and map out sustainable socio-economic programmes.

"Indian professionals and the business community must take the lead in filling the gaps and undertake grassroots programmes which can meet the needs, especially of low-income families in the community," Samy Vellu said, adding that the MIC had initiated community-led self-help programmes that have had lasting impact on the lives of ordinary people.

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Blogger Billy said...

What sort of changes are the contenders in the elections hope to bring, I wonder. Such pledges have been made at every MIC election but I don't see any that have bore fruitation. A simple thing like the recent orgy of temple demolitions by city hall, where are the MIC officials especially that "thug" of a MIC president. It was not until public pressure was building that he finally decided to make an appearance. What kind of leader is this and yet the Indians continue to vote him into office as the president. I thought that the Indians would have been smarter than that. Samy, Subra and Palanivel can make all the promises they want, but the bet is on that nothing will happen after the election is over. Come on you guys. Stop all this acting and get real. Many Indians are languishing in our society and you all have yet to lift a finger to help (the temple demolition is a good example). For once, do something if not MIC might as well close shop (which have been said many times before) and let the members join other parties such as DAP, KeAdilan or Gerakan. It makes more sense because these parties do not engage in Tamil dramas.

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