Saturday, June 24, 2006

WHY is there so much WAR and VIOLENCE in the WORLD? If you want PEACE prepare for PEACE and NOT War.

There will be an END to WAR when all the young men refuse to kill for the sake of PEACE; when all the women forbid their men to kill for the sake of PEACE; when you realize no PEACE will come through killing; that the end does not justify the means and when you grow full and light with thoughts of PEACE.

We make our world. When we populate our world with ideas of PEACE, then PEACE will grow. When you think thoughts of aggression, you attract aggression and you draw it out from others in daily contact, and on the part of nations.

The reality we have in this world is a replica of our thoughts. If you do not like the world, you must change your thoughts. No exterior manipulation will change the face of your experience one iota if you do not change your dreams and your thoughts.

Our own preoccupation with arms, as a country, is received by others and they do the same. Our own thoughts create wars in our minds and these are materialized and must be faced by our own flesh and blood.

Very unfortunately we equate aggression with strength and we are afraid to elect a peaceful man. And all the other countries feel the same and follow suit and are afraid to put into power, by whatever means, peaceful men as leaders. And the present world situation is the result of our individual beliefs, en masse.

The answer is to elect people into power who believe in the active nature of peace and NO longer believe that Good is Weak and Evil is Powerful.

Wars are self-perpetuating because they combine both natural and unnatural guilt, compounded and reinforced by memory. Conscious killing beyond the need of sustenance is a violation. The collection of unrecognized artificial guilt builds up through the centuries has lead to the build up of repressed energy that its release has resulted in violent actions in wars. Thus the hatred of one generation of adults whose parents were killed in a war generates the next one.

Presently we have the condition in which overpopulation is compensated by wars and if not by wars then by diseases. Yet who must die - the young who would be the parents of children? Wars can be likened to illnesses; a war is a small infection and a world war would be a major massive disease.

Wars would finally teach us to revere life and natural catastrophes will remind us that you cannot ignore your planet or our creature hood.
Who will ultimately shoulder the great privilege and joyful responsibility for our behavior, welfare and destiny of mankind but the innate wisdom of our own individual being? If you want PEACE, prepare for PEACE and NOT War. Peace to all.

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