Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Audio PROOF against Samy Vellu saying “Nehi” (=”NO” in Hindi or “Did Not Give” in Tamil)

Malaysiakini had another exclusive expose on the controversy over whether Samy Vellu had criticized the former premier Tun Dr Mahathir for letting the Indians down. It had obtained a 150 secs audio clip of his speech in which he said, 'I would give this and that' (for the Indian Malaysian community).
"But in the end, 'nehi'... in pure Hindi, it is to say no...in Tamil...did
not give".

It looks like Samy has painted himself into a tight corner and cannot get out just like his childish remark “I will not go back to KL if BN loses Lunas” election not long ago.

Other independent witness at the Johore meeting confirmed his words. And it looks like the dailies Malaysia Nanban and Makkal Osai were justified in their reports. They have since received legal notices for retraction and an apology.

Now how will Samy extricate himself from such a tight spot?

Read the full account from Malaysiakini by subscription


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