Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No TRUTH, No HAPPINESS for Dr Mahathir, who has “an ANSWER for ALL ANSWERS"; not forgotten or abandoned but advised to be cautious

The former premier must be sorely disappointed to find there are no forthcoming new answers to the truths he is seeking and the UMNO people are “unconcerned for his happiness”

Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad stated that the main focus of the government is to explain and not making Tun happy.

" I don't think it is Tun's (Dr Mahathir's) happiness that we should be concerned about.; it is impossible to satisfy him, he has an answer for all answers. There will be no end," he added. What Dr Mahathir wants is his beliefs to be the truths.

What we are witnessing now within our world are individuals who express their truths and their differences in their truths, and there is no bending. For you do not question your own truths, and therefore they must be absolute and all other individuals must accept them, for your truth is THE truth and another individual’s truth is wrong, and it is questioned.

But without the media, Dr Mahathir will be lonely voice in the wilderness.

What we have been witnessing is Dr Mahathir trying very hard to establish the truth to the questions. He is stating his facts, and you believe facts to be true? Therefore, it becomes an absolute, and that moves it into an expression of a truth, his truth.

What is the conflict in identifying truths as absolutes? In that rigidness of the absoluteness there is no expression of acceptance, and as you recognize that truths within our physical reality are not actually truths, they are beliefs. This is not to say that they are not real — they are quite real — but they are not absolutes. They are NOT truths.

You associate them as truths and therefore you generate a perception of absolutes, and in that perception of absolutes, there is NO allowance for differences.

Therefore, when Dr Mahathir spoke for his truth, the conflict is when other people also speak of their truth, that we want their truth to be our truth or vice versa.

There is no absolute, everyone speaks from his or her own truth. The point is you speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs and from the information and “facts” that you have. But facts are changing.. There are truths and there is the definition of a truth. A truth is some expression, which is translatable in every area of consciousness in some manner.

In practical down-to-earth matter, truth should represent accurately your awareness of something. If I were to repeat what someone said, or if I were to explain what I did, then my common definition of it would be that I presented that information as accurately as possible to the person and therefore expressing truth.

But our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah is a pragmatist. There are truths which are unchanging. But pragmatists do not believe in unchanging truths. All things, to the pragmatist, are changing; even truths. Being fully aware of the enormous burden the mega projects would drained the country’s resources he did the proper thing to stop them. So the Mahathir’s “truths”or beliefs are changed and this makes him unhappy. There is no truth within pragmatism! Our PM Abdullah is fully aware of the changing facts and is very much within his focus. If the facts (the cost of the projects) are well presented to him he accepted them in good faith.

Therefore, the pragmatist views the experiences as being true, if they are efficient, temporarily; but once another philosophy introduces itself and they are viewing this as efficient also, they are inclined to be discontinuing in one and moving to another, much as a leaf blowing

Facts are changing. Truths are not. Throughout our history, many facts have changed! Within our present time, facts are changing! Also many elements of our reality are changing; but these are facts! Our scientists incorporate them as fact! We also incorporate them as fact. And we are learning that the facts are not so factual after all.

Update from Bernama:
Abdullah Says Policies Only Changed After Considering Current Factors
By Mohd Nasir Yusoff June 20, 2006 20:21 PM

JAKARTA, June 20 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday any changes to national policies would only be made after taking into account current information and factors.

"Appropriate action is taken by the government after considering all factors," he said at a news conference at the end of a two-day working visit to Indonesia.

He said the government had never changed or replaced national policies on whims.

A state assemblyman in Johor had called for a commission to be set up to prevent national policies from being changed arbitrarily.

Abdullah, who is the chairman of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), was here to give a keynote address at an international Islamic intellectuals conference organised by Nahdatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation.

He also held informal talks with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and met ulamas from several countries. He returned to Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday.

Asked at the news conference which was also attended by foreign reporters about Thai accusations of Malaysian involvement in the recent bombings in southern Thailand, Abdullah said Malaysians had never been involved in the unrest.

"There is peace in Malaysia and there is no reason for Malaysians to create trouble in another country.

"It seems that whenever something happens, people are quick to point fingers at Malaysia as if it is all our doing," he said.

He said Malaysia preferred to see its neighbours having peace because any unrest in a neighbour would cause trouble for Malaysia.

Asked whether dialogue between the Muslim world and the West should continue despite the lack of results, Abdullah said much had been spoken but it was not easy to implement.

"It is easy to talk but not easy to do. However, we must not give up. We must work harder," he said.

On his talks with Susilo, he said it was normal for them to meet whenever there was an opportunity to discuss improving ties between their two countries.--

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