Thursday, June 22, 2006

MORE PICS – MURDER-cum-SUICIDE in Penang Island.; THAI WIFE 27 Slashed and Killed by HUSBAND -38 Unemployed who HANGED himself

The couple's Jelutong Flat, 7th Floor, Flat No:7-25

A couple was found dead in their Jelutong Flat in Penang on Wednesday.. The Police have classified the case as Murder-cum-Suicide. The woman, a Thai national Jansom Pajai 27, a waitress in a karaoke lounge, was found dead in one of the room in the flat The victim’s throat was slashed and in a pool of blood with 5 stab wounds to her abdomen. A blood-stained knife was found near her body. The body of her husband Teoh Chee Keong 38, unemployed was found in another room hanging from the ceiling hook with a piece of cloth. Teoh was believed to have committed suicide after murdering his wife.

Neighbors heard the couple quarrelling late Tuesday night. The bodies were discovered by Teoh’s aunt. The couple were married with no children and according to Pathologist, the couple had been dead for 12-16 hour before they were found Their bodies were sent to the GH Penang for post-mortem.

The bodies being taken out of the Flat entrance to the vehicle

Notes on suicide
Sometimes you think of suicide as ignominious and passive, but of war as aggressive and powerful. Both are equally the result of passivity and distorted aggression and of natural pathways of communications not used or understood.
However, suicides and would-be suicides often have such a great literal lust for life that they constantly put it into jeopardy, so that they can experience what it is in heightened form.

Some people might say, I have a right to die, when they are arguing the case for suicide. And while this is true, it is also true that the people on our planet need every bit of help and encouragement they can get from each person alive. In a certain sense, the energy of each individual does keep the world going, and to commit suicide is to refuse a basic, cooperative venture.

Left alone, the self and the body are so entwined that the separation would be smooth. The body would automatically follow the wishes of the inner self. In the case of suicide, for example, the self is to some extent acting out of context with the body, which still has its own will to live.

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